Pat Dixon back in office

It looks like Libertarian National Committee member Pat Dixon is holding public office once again. Here’s an e-mail from his campaign:

Marcia Gully 239 votes, 42%
Pat Dixon 336 votes, 58%

Thank you to everyone who supported me. I appreciate the donations you have made to my campaign to get phone surveys, direct mail, newspaper ads, and other campaign materials.

Special thanks to Art DiBianca who spent many hours in 96 degree heat waving signs and greeting people at the poll. Matt Finkle also helped at the poll.

Thanks to Congressman Ron Paul for endorsing my campaign. I am honored to have his support.

I also want to thank my opponent for giving the voters a choice. All the candidates offered an opportunity for voters to elect the best qualified representative. Competition makes us all better.

I will do my best to promote the principles that we share. The postings on my website are going to resume, so if you want to follow along for the next 2 years, check

14 Responses to “Pat Dixon back in office”

  1. Joey Dauben Says:

    Pat Dixon is by far the most prolific campaigner I’ve seen in the LP of Texas. I’ve never met a guy geared towards actually running the race to win.

  2. miche Says:

    Congrats to Pat!

  3. NewFederalist Says:

    What to what office was he elected?

  4. Austin Cassidy Says:

    It was a City Council seat - VERY nice.

  5. Mike Theodore Says:

    Is he dropping out of the LNC race. I know no more about it then the add to my left.

  6. Mike Theodore Says:

    Right. RIGHT! Bahahahaha!
    That way, and a bit down.

  7. ElfNinosMom Says:

    Congratulations to Mr. Dixon! I’ve been looking at his photo on the right-hand side of TPW for a while, wondering who he was. I guess now I know. :-)

  8. Eric Dondero Says:

    I’ve never liked Pat Dixon. He’s a bit of an ass. I’ve always been a Bill Redpath guy. He’s a great organizer and fantastic petitioner.

    But I gotta admit, having Dixon, an elected City Councilman as LP National Chairman would be quite a schtick. He could use that to let the media know that Libertarians actually do get elected to office, and play up the other 400 to 500 or so LPers currently serving in public office.

    Not endorsing him for Chair, truth be known, he’d probably prefer I didn’t, but if he does win, it would be a positive move for elected Libertarians nationwide.

    Doesn’t Bill serve on some local appointted Committee or Commission there in Virginia or something? I seem to remember something about Transportation Advisory Board at one point? If so, he ought to talk about that more.

  9. Andy Says:

    Way to go Pat Dixon!

  10. susan santarini Says:

    Eric Dumbdildo has a lot of nerve showing his face after being exposed as a fraud.

    Apparently, Dumbdildo doesn’t understand that nobody cares anymore what he has to say, because nobody believe any of his bullshit anymore.

  11. Lidia Seebeck Says:

    Hey, congrats—hope you still have time for TrailBusters…. btw I know some great hiking not far at all from Denver.

  12. paulie Says:

    Congrats to Pat Dixon!

    BTW he is not running for LNC chair. He is running for re-election to At Large.

    Bottom of page

  13. disinter Says:

    Ernie Hancock for LNC chair!

  14. disinter Says:

    I used to think Dixon was an ass too, and an in-effective one at that. However I gained respect for him when I ran into him at a Ron Paul fund raiser in San Antonio last year.

    He is the chair of the Texas LP:

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