Really, Really Behind the scenes footage of Mike Gravel and Obama Girl

Graphic by anonymous. All in fun, not a real dig at the Senator.

11 Responses to “Really, Really Behind the scenes footage of Mike Gravel and Obama Girl”

  1. Jerry Baner Says:


    I was waiting for the Ruwarchy to affect Gravel vis a vis Photoshop.

    This works just fine for me

  2. Ross Says:

    Remember: Mike Gravel mass donation day May 13th. It’s Mike’s birthday - give him a present!

  3. Anal Libertarian Says:

    With the right approach, Amber could be fisted by the frail but anal Gravel.

  4. Mike Theodore Says:

    I was clicking play for like a minute before I figured out it was a graphic. Anyone else? Anyone….

  5. Richie Says:

    Same here, Mike! I thought my PC froze!

  6. Jason Gatties Says:

    Yeah I’m guilty too. I clicked it.

  7. Hugh Jass Says:

    Make that four.

  8. Angela Keaton Says:


    I’m the last person in a position to judge whether something is pc or not. This is funny. However, not certain that picture of a man choking a woman is where I would go for the LP. That’s just me.

    If you are one of the 5 women who reads Third Party Watch and are interested in the LP Women’s Caucus, please email me at [my first name] at liberatedspace dot com. Put “Women’s Caucus” in the subject line.

  9. Austrian Economist Says:

    It ain’t Gravel choking Amber.

    It’s him closing her jacket so she doesn’t flaunt the Obama t-shirt!

    He’s also being an old-school gentleman and keeping her decent!

  10. Arizona Indie Says:

    The only reason I didn’t click it to play was because my work has youtube (and any videos from it) on the list of banned sites. Although I did wonder for a minute if they changed their mind and youtube was now allowed.

  11. paulie Says:


    Yes, I know.


    Didn’t mean to offend.

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