Michael Medved doesn’t like third party candidates very much

From Townhall:

There’s scant prospect of any viable third party, however, when potential fringe contenders have an air of “round-up-the-usual suspects”—Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, Mike Gravel, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin. Soaring turnout in primaries shows no mass desertion from the two-party system, and the Gallup Poll of under-30 voters notes a scant 8%—unchanged from four years ago—who consider themselves “independents.”

It’s alright that Medved doesn’t like third party candidates. I doubt any of them like Medved very much, either.

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  1. Paulie Says:

    It’s alright that Medved doesn’t like third party candidates. I doubt any of them like Medved very much, either.

    And neither do I.

  2. Steve Rankin Says:

    Medved was an early supporter of McCain… McCain was his first choice for the Republican nomination.

    Just because voters participate in party primaries doesn’t mean they’re in love with the 2-party system. In most cases, the Democratic and Republican primaries are the only games in town.

    Medved is apparently convinced that McCain will “win” the Iraq war.

  3. Red Phillips Says:

    Medved is a GOP shill.

  4. Daniel N. Adams Says:

    Medved is an ASS!

    Sorry Yank for stepping on your line… but this time it rings true

  5. jre Says:

    I think that what Medved is missing here is the number of people who voted in the republican primaries for RP who will now turn to a third party in the general election. BTW, the LP presidential candidate should stay as far away from medved as possible….he is NO friend of the Libertarian Party.

  6. SovereignMN Says:

    Medved is a tool but unfortunately his comments regarding 3rd party efforts this year is probably true. Look at the percentage of 3rd party votes in the last 4 presidential elections. The popularity of Perot/Nader have forced the 2 parties to close up ranks effectively. Unfortunately one of the few people who could lead a 3rd party charge like Perot/Nader is staying in the GOP.

    1992: 19.54%
    1996: 10.05%
    2000: 3.75%
    2004: 1.0%

  7. Paulie Says:

    This year feels more like 1992 to me. That’s just a subjective sense I get from talking to hundreds of people a day.

  8. Lidia Seebeck Says:

    I’d agree Paulie—this is the first time in a generation that we don’t have an incumbent or vice incumbent in the race. It’s a perfect storm.

  9. Gene Trosper Says:

    Medved may not like third parties….funny enough, I don’t like him very much either!

  10. Gene Trosper Says:

    Lidia: and what a storm it’s turning out to be!

  11. Glenn Brown Says:

    England has six political parties on the ballot from Far Right to far Left and the voter get a real choice. In USA 5 parties and one independent, so what thats the problem with the American News media ?

    Send me you e-mail address and I will send you Baldwin/Castle political Button proof’s. Glenn
    [email protected]

  12. Reform Party Member /Don Lake Says:

    Red Phillips: Misguided Movie Critic “Schervid” is worse than that, he is a long term establishment shill! [The same establishment that has taken us down the rocky road to Haydes in a tattered hand basket!] He’s the guy whose film [AND POLITICAL] advice is to be ignored for the narrow, biased reporting it is! [Fox News any one?]

    SovereignMN: Same trend after 1892 Populist Party, 1912 Bull Moose, and 1980 National Unity Party surges! The establishment duopoly protected their shared turf1 [And the 1992 twenty percent of Arkansas, Texas, ‘shorty’ was after the establishment threat to he and his family and his in-now, out-now, in-again behavior prior to November. Some polls [which are JUST POLLS, after all] showed 60 milllion votes or a popular win…

  13. Laura Says:

    I tell everyone to pick a third party and vote for it. I tell them that I don’t care which third party it is. The most important thing voters can do is withhold their votes from the two major parties. Voting for the two major parties gives them support to do evil.

  14. Robert Milnes Says:

    Medved has a point. Nader also ran…might cancel out Barr. Paul sticks with GOP into oblivion. Nader takes votes from Green/McKinney. Obama is getting the progressive enthusiasm. There is no significant change in the general dynamic. EXCEPT, maybe, if the LP delegates have the wherewithall to try it, the REAL progressive option.

  15. Michael Thompson Says:

    Medved had a series of independent Presidential candidate interviews/ debates on his radio show last year in an attempt by him to make these candidates look bad. One of our Presidential candidates at the time (New American Independent Party) participated along with other independents. Clearly Medved wasn’t trying to boost expose to third party / independent candidates. When some of these candidates were doing better than he expected, he clearly began to throw out questions that he thought would catch them off guard.

    He clearly knew that alot of conservatives were unhappy with McCain and he wanted to do his best to show them that their were no other serious alternatives.

    I haven’t listened to him much since then except for a few weeks ago while traveling. Then he was calling the constitution party the ‘constipation party’ and he called Baldwin a nutcase.

  16. John Campbell Says:

    Paulie says: “This year feels more like 1992 to me. That’s just a subjective sense I get from talking to hundreds of people a day.”

    What made 92 special was not that people were especially fed up, but that there was somebody exciting and viable to rally around.

    I don’t see that this year from any of the announced third party candidates even though the mood of the electorate is more primed for an alternative than ever before. The result is that the protest vote will be split at least 4 ways and the 2 major parties will go on with business as usual.

    Ron Paul was the only person this season that could possibly have broken through. Without an LP run from Paul, I’d say we’re heading for 2004, not 1992.

  17. Paulie Says:

    I don’t see that this year from any of the announced third party candidates

    I wouldn’t count them out so early. Any of them may yet catch the wave. It’s out there to be caught, for sure.

  18. Devious David Says:

    Ventura would be the only candidate with a snowballs chance of energizing the electorate, I would say.

  19. Paulie Says:

    Not necessarily. I would not have predicted Ron Paul taking off in the way he did when he first started running. I thought he’d post Kucinich-like numbers.

  20. Kenny Says:

    Does anyone care what Medved says? He is just another war-mongering GOP whore.

  21. Austin Cassidy Says:


  22. Mark Smith Says:

    McCain’s going to get the nomination having won fewer than 10 million votes, out of a voting age population of - what? - maybe 200+ million. So fewer than 5 percent of the voting age population came out to support him during the caucuses and primaries, and Medved thinks this is “soaring turnout”?

  23. Reform Party Member /Don Lake Says:

    David: That would make me a Perot/ Perot/ Nader/ Nader/ Ventura voter…..

  24. citizen1 Says:

    The fact that Medved was calling the CP and Balwin names means he cares. He would not do that if he thought they would not matter. The fact is there is a real choice and e is afraid of what that means for McCain.
    By the we learned at the CP national convention that CP stand for Crazy People.

  25. Douglas Strother Says:

    Dear Michael Medved,


    He fears people who are not sheeple.

  26. Craig Says:

    Note to Medved: “the usual suspects” means people who run all th time, like Nader. Bob Barr hasn’t run for President before, in my recollection.

    2nd note to Medved: Primary turnout was up because two outsider candidates drew enthusiastic crowds—Obama and Ron Paul. Republicans ran Paul out of town, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary steals the Dem nomination from Obama. It doesn’t in any way mean people are happy with the D’s and R’s—quite the contrary, people wanted real change (even if only one of the two was actually offering it.)

  27. Craig Says:

    If Ron Paul accepted the Libertarian nomination, on the heels of writing a New York Times best seller, followed up by a stimulus-check fueled money bomb, Medved might have to reconsider.

    The LP should give Ron Paul the nomination. Make him turn it down, and turn his back on the country when he is needed the most. I don’t think he would.

  28. Trollin Inshit Says:

    Get a golden shower at thirdpottywatch.com.

  29. Michael Seebeck Says:

    It’s just typical junk from Dead-in-the-Head Medved.

    The only highlight I’ve ever heard from his show was when Judge Gray was on there and he got Lil’ Mikey to actually shut up.

    Of course, that’s the only time I’ve ever listened to his waste of radio waves anyway…In L.A. the traffic reports have much better content…

  30. Reform Party Member /Don Lake Says:

    Judge Gray, as in Orange County [California] Libertarian Superior Court Judge Gray, 2004 candidate for Senator?

  31. Trollin Inshit Says:

    Find a dirty needle at www.turdpottywatch.com.

  32. Sean Scallon Says:

    Neocon Medved is terrified Barr/Baldwin is going to do to McCain what Nader did to Gore so he’s getting his shots in early.

    He’s a B-lister at best. He’s not worth commenting on.

  33. Sean Scallon Says:

    If people are looking to the past as a prolouge, compare 2008 to 2000. Disgruntled, anti-globalists leftists, unamused and disatisfied by eight years of Clinton, strike out at his vice-president Al Gore by voting for Ralph Nader. Those votes cost Gore the election.

    In 2008, disgruntled antiwar conservatives and libertarians, disatisified by eight years of Bush II strike out his would-be successor, John McCain and makes sure he doesn’t win the election. And McCain is in a far weaker position than Gore was eight years ago.

    In fact, it may not matter. Obama could very well win comfortably regardless of the Barr (presumably)/Baldwin vote. We’ll have to wait and see. But if McCain looks like a sure loser, it could entice normally Republican voting conservatives and libertarians to vote for the CP and LP.

  34. Bill Says:

    You mean Barr/Baldwin/Keyes, right?

  35. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAFR Says:

    Michael Medved is a “legend in his own mind”. He is just a republican …Bush, McAmnesty-McCain apologist. With him, the GOP or Bush or McAmnesty-McCain can do no wrong. Of course he does not like “third parties”! He and others of his elk are scared to death of us.
    Guess what Mr. Medved, we are NOT impressed with your opinion or the gas that shoots out of your “GOP yes man” mouth.
    -Larry Breazeale, Msgt. (ret.) USAF

    Vietnam/Desert Storm veteran,
    retired deputy sheriff 27 years,
    Chrm. National Veterans Coalition,
    Constitution party…www.nvets.org

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