Greens introduce a plan for environmental action for a Green President’s first 100 days in office

Greens introduce a plan for environmental action for a Green President’s first 100 days in office


An environmental program for Green presidential candidates—and a challenge to Democrats and Republicans

WASHINGTON, DC—The Green Party’s Eco-Action Committee has announced a set of recommendations for environmental actions for the first 100 days of a Green presidency.

Titled “First 100 Days: Energy and Environmental Policy” and posted online, the recommended executive orders and legislation are addressed to the Green Party’s national candidates. Jesse Johnson, Cynthia McKinney, Kent Mespllay, and Kat Swift are the four contenders for the Green presidential nomination; Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry is seeking the vice-presidential nomination.

The Green Party of the United States will hold its 2008 National Nominating Convention in Chicago, Illinois, July 10-13 (

“We’re not only sending the ‘First 100 Days’ list to Green candidates. The Green Eco-Action recommendations are a challenge to all presidential candidates, regardless of party, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain—with a plea to set aside their promises to corporate contributors for the sake of our children’s lives and our planet’s future,” said Wes Rolley, co-chair of the Eco-Action Committee.

“The Green Party’s concrete proposals stand in sharp contrast to those who would base their election on such short term ideas as a gasoline tax holiday, which they would have to pay for with more borrowing from oil rich sheikdoms,” Mr. Rolley added.

The Eco-Action recommendations also provide guidance on major environmental issues for Green candidates for Congress and other offices.

Summary of major recommendations:

* No new coal fired-power plants; no new nuclear power plants; reduce by 90% the mercury emissions of coal-fired power plants by 2012; protect human health and the the disposal of coal-fired power plant wastes

* Ban mountaintop coal removal; ban the dumping of mountaintop removal wastes in stream beds and valleys

* Reduce CO2 and SO2 emissions by 80% by 2020

* Provide incentives for industry and citizens to reduce energy use through conservation and generate more renewable energy sources; enact a mandatory 25% renewable energy mix in the national grid by 2015; encourage all states to do the same (using oil and nuclear subsidy funds); encouraging local energy generation

* Increase Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards to 60 mpg for cars and 45 mpg for light trucks by 2012

* Set a national phosphorus standard for all US waters that will protect steams from nutrient growth; strengthen bacteria standards to protect human health

* Require labeling of imported foods, foods with growth hormones, and foods produced by Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)

* Stop export of any technology abroad for projects that involve fossil fuel or deforestation

* Require that all federal agencies continue their policy of direct negotiation with Indian tribes on a government to government basis

* Protect the rights of Environmental Justice communities to be free from new proposals for permits that would potentially increase their burden of toxic contamination, and prioritize these communities for cleanup

The Eco-Action Committee credited Earl Hatley of Oklahoma with most of the writing of the recommendations, with significant contributions from Derek Iverson (California) and detailed discussion among all committee members.

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  1. Austrian Economist Says:

    Now THAT is the type of environmental policy I can get behind!

    I would only add a national zero-emission, high-speed maglev rail system for freight and travel, as Mike Gravel has suggested.

    Amtrak is a worldwide joke; we need to resuscitate our rail system or die in the choke of interstate gridlock.

    **The only thing missing is applying all the top secret, hyper-advanced UFO technology to create infrastructure to save and advance society.

    ****I was recently reading how Barry Goldwater was apparently very interested and curious about the existence of UFO’s. If we ever lifted the shroud of government secrecy, I wouldn’t be so surprised:

  2. Trollin Inshit Says:

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  4. susan santarini Says:

    Once again the Greens live up to their reputation as Watermelons: green on the outside, red on the inside.

  5. Susan Hogarth Says:

    What interests me about this statement from the perspective of someone who would like to build the LP and the libertarian movement isn’t so much its content as the fact that it got said at all. The GP’s governing board is obviously able to work together to produce detailed/specific, straightforward and meaty policy statements and prescriptions. In contrast, the Libertarian party’s governing board just recently was able to pass a simple resolution condemning the war in Iraq and calling for removal of U.S. troops. Talk about a day late and dollar short

    As a candidate for the LNC, I would like to see (and will work to see) that body form several issue-oriented committees to work with interested Party members throughout the country to draft policy statements such as these (in strength and scope, not in content of course).

  6. Morgan Wick Says:

    I don’t see any proposal to get people out of their cars entirely. Ethanol and biodiesel drain the world food supply and have their own pollution; hydrogen backers claim “it only emits water” as though there’s no way for water to be a pollutant. To truly make a dent in global warming, we must revive our mass transit system and make all our cities as transit-dependent as New York.

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