Fox Business Channel Libertarian Debate

From the Root for America campaign:

Libertarian Presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root will be traveling to New York for a Libertarian Presidential debate on Fox Business Channel on Friday May 16th. Former United States Senator Mike Gravel has agreed to debate Root. Former Congressman Barr has also been invited by Fox. Root will appear on other major media while in New York. Details to follow.

25 Responses to “Fox Business Channel Libertarian Debate”

  1. disinter Says:

    So the retard caucus is going to debate each other? What is there to debate?

  2. VTV Says:

    Mike Gravel is going to smash Root.

  3. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Wow, that’s kind of interesting.

  4. Abby Says:

    You can tell who Root is intimidated by and afraid of—-they weren’t invited to the party.

  5. Rob Says:

    Sounds’s not going to be at 3am, is it?

  6. Committee for Clarity Says:

    to be clear
    Only the real candidates as determined by the msm are invited. Be interesting if Barr shows up. One can only hope or not.

    the committee.

  7. NewFederalist Says:

    Interesting choices… no Imperato? Doesn’t FBN know about his worldwide far flung business empire? Cavuto?... Neil? ... call on line one!

  8. Paulie Says:

    Only the real candidates as determined by the msm are invited

    Hence the problem with allowing non-libertarians determine who our “real” candidates are.

  9. BillTx Says:

    I’d watch if Milnes gets invited. Of course, FBC would have to
    provide airfare, lodging, food and dog-sitting.

  10. Kelly Parker Says:

    This is good…I hope Barr shows.

  11. Kelly Parker Says:


  12. Austrian Economist Says:

    Are you yourself that much of an autistic libtard, Disinter?

    Apparently so.

    Gotta love the holier-than-thou libtards, the schtick never gets old. Until… oh wait for it… you’re utterly and totally irrelevant on the national scale. Ouch!

    Quit the bitching about who’s invited and who’s not. You think Fox is going to give an hour to a bunch of faces that no one knows or cares about? It may not be nice, but it’s a reality.

    Root is a media face who used to work for Fox. Gravel has had gobs of national exposure, and even Barr to some extent. GET OVER IT. It’s probably only going to be a 10 minute segment or so. Who knows.

  13. Hugh Jass Says:

    “I’d watch if Milnes gets invited. Of course, FBC would have to
    provide airfare, lodging, food and dog-sitting.”


  14. End the Empire Says:

    I don’t get that channel. Strange I get close to 300, Can someone tell me why? Could it be it doesn’t reach many households ?

  15. rev. wrights anal gerbil Says:

    Austrian Economist Says:
    May 9th, 2008 at 9:41 pm

    naw! naw! naw! dat der be mista G.E.! ain’t no asstrian conmimists up in heuh beotch!

  16. rev. wrights anal gerbil Says:

    whay dat paulie boy at? come suck me outta dis mans ass boy.

  17. Justin Grover Says:


    FBC is fairly new, may not be in your sat/cable package.

  18. disinter Says:

    I don’t get that channel. Strange I get close to 300, Can someone tell me why? Could it be it doesn’t reach many households ?

    Yes, that is why they are inviting the retard caucus to appear. They wouldn’t dare put anyone with a libertarian idea or two on the MSM.

  19. Trollin Inshit Says:

    Wipe from front to back at

  20. Brad Says:

    Why is Fox excluding other top-tier candidates (Ruwart, Phillies, and Kubby, among others) from their debate? Do they really think that the same tactics that they use in the GOP (Ron Paul was excluded from the last debate before voting starting despite being an obviously more credible candidate than Fred Thompson and arguably more credible than Rudy Giuliani at that point in time) will work in the LP? This debate isn’t going to have any impact at all and will basically be a waste of time (I think the chance is 50-50 or better that the eventual LP nominee is being excluded). However, if Root used to work for Fox, that is something that delegates should take into consideration if they’re considering voting for him.

  21. Brainbuz Says:

    I can’t find anything about this debate on the Fox Business News Site. All of the press releases are from Candidates saying they’ll be there, it says nothing about who Fox actually invited. We need more information on this debate. Mary Ruwart should absolutely be in this debate. I also think that there is enough support for Kubby and Phillies that they should have also been invited. Given that it takes 10% of Delegates to get a nomination with floor time, I think anyone holding a Libertarian Candidates Forum or Debate should include all of the candidates likely to reach that threshold, which would be Barr, Ruwart, Root, Gravel, Kubby and Phillies. An MSM event is also very important to see how the candidates fare talking to an audience that aren’t Libertarians—Ruwart, Kubby and Phillies may have a “purer” message but if they can’t deliver it to non-Libertarians and non-identified-Libertarians effectively then they fail as messengers.

  22. Dallas Says:

    This is going to be bad for Gravel. Gravel will start ranting and raving and Root, with his slick-as-oil smile, will parry everything Gravel yells. Root, as evidenced by his call for Ruwart to drop out, is not going to throw punches and will gladly make it a debate about whether or not Gravel’s stances are Libertarian, a debate Gravel will lose. Root will ignore that he is new to the party and diverges at key places as well. As far as Barr goes I saw him on Hannity and Colmes talking about the exploratory committee. Colmes asked him about drugs and Barr’s view. Barr deferred it as a state issue but Colmes asked him what his vote would be if it was him voting and he clammed up as to say “I would vote YES on criminal legislation but I do not want people to know that”. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and has infiltrated the party deeper than I care for. They should have Ruwart, Kubby, Jingozian and/or Phillies on as well, to better represent the heart of the party.

  23. tj Says:

    Is Bob Barr going to be on stage?

  24. Alex Peak Says:

    The “mainstream” media chose for us the Democratic and Republican candidates, now they want to choose our Libertarian candidate for us as well.

    Love them or hate them, Phillies, Kubby, and Ruwart are important contenders.

    Gravel has no shot at the nomination, and neither Root nor Barr have this thing locked up. It’s still a very open race.

  25. Shawn Levasseur Says:

    Doesn’t matter who is invited. There’s next to no publicity. It’d be on too short a notice. It’d be on the Fox BUSINESS Channel. Which, outside of satellite providers, isn’t carried by much of anyone.

    The debate at the convention will at least be on C-SPAN, and of course, be held in front of the delegates. I got to see candidates debate at the Conn. LP convention, and will again at the national convention. Good enough for me.

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