John Murphy claims he forced Democrat to change positions

From John Murphy for Congress:

John Murphy, the Independent congressional candidate in the 16th district, told his campaign volunteers today that Democrat candidate Bruce Slater had changed his position in the last month on health care as result of the Murphy campaign.

Murphy explained that his campaign brochure, released over a month ago in both hardcopy and on his website, compared his position to that of the Democrat and Republican on several key issues. At that time neither the Republican nor the Democrat were calling for universal single-payer health care nor was either candidate from the corporate owned parties even mentioning any withdrawal of our troops from Iraq.

John Murphy said “unfortunately Slater still doesn’t call for a troop withdrawal within a specified time period; he is merely playing the game Democrat candidates always play; he’s using obscure language that misleads people as to his real intent. On his website he says he wants an ‘immediate, planned exit - a responsible withdrawal, in a timely fashion’. Notice that all he is really calling for is an ‘immediate planned exit’—not an immediate exit! There is a huge difference between an immediate PLANNED exit and EXITING immediately”, Murphy insisted in a loud voice.

Moreover when the corporate candidates deliberately use vague language like ‘timely’ and ‘responsible’ you know they are playing politics as usual”, Murphy quipped to his volunteers. “As far as we know, when a candidate from the corporate owned parties uses that kind of vague language it could mean 10 years”, continued the Independent Congressional candidate who holds a degree in political science as well as an MBA.

“It took us two weeks to march from Kuwait to Baghdad and that’s about how long it should take us to get out of Iraq responsibly. If we can move 60 million Americans coast-to-coast every Thanksgiving weekend, it should be no problem getting 300,000 American troops and mercenaries home from Iraq in two weeks” Murphy explained.

To be certain that the Democrat candidate was not calling for an immediate withdrawal, the nationally known antiwar activist Michael Berg from Chester County, whose son was killed in Iraq, wrote to Slater for clarification - asking if he indeed was calling for an immediate withdrawal of our troops but Michael Berg was not even given the courtesy of a reply from the Democrat candidate.

Murphy concluded “we can at least chalk up one victory already in this campaign. A month ago Slater was only calling for health care reform on his webpage. Now he is calling for universal single-payer health care. Out of the dozens of critical issues in this election cycle, the Democrat candidate is at least taking a responsible position on one of them. He has adopted our position on health care and even modeled his ‘Labor’ webpage on our campaign brochure! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery it’s just a shame that on his Labor page he does not even call for the repeal of Taft-Hartley! Omitting the repeal of that legislation shows he is no friend of organized labor” exclaimed John Murphy whose grandfather was the president of the Central Labor Union in Philadelphia 100 years ago.

“Now Slater could be an interesting candidate”, continued John Murphy, “if we could only get him to take our position on Iraq, Afghanistan, the removal of our troops from 700 military bases in 126 foreign countries, slashing the Pentagon budget by 50%, demanding a tuition free education from daycare through graduate school, eliminating the Federal Income Tax for Americans making under $100,000, taxing wealth not work, creating secure sustainable jobs, calling for Oil Companies to be classified as Public Utilities, ending corporate welfare and corporate personhood, introducing Instant Runoff Voting which would end the two party strangle-hold on America and the return our civil liberties by repealing the USA Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act.

“The trouble is” commented Murphy, “he would still be the Democrat Party candidate—after their performance over the last two years we know what to expect of congressional Democrats” Murphy said, hinting that there were such great expectations when the Democrats retook Congress in 2006 and none of them came to fruition. The Democrats under Nancy Pelosi took everything off the table telling voters that they would have to settle for the crumbs from the corporate table.

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