Independent American Party nominates candidates

The Independent American Party of Nevada just hosted a great state convention in Reno, with nationally known writer Dr. Jerome Corsi as our keynote speaker. Other speakers included, Jim Clymer our national affiliate chairman, and California Eagle Forum President and author, Orlean Koehle, who both addressed the convention and the invited public. We reconfirmed our party’s commitment to restore and protect constitutional freedoms that have been destroyed by the current political powers,” stated newly elected State Chairman Mark Andrews of Las Vegas.

“The Independent American Party of Nevada’s convention nominated the first 30 of our candidates for this fall’s elections, including candidates for all three congressional districts. You’ll see a full slate of Independent American Party candidates this fall, including nationally nominated candidate for President, Chuck Baldwin,” continued Andrews.

“I note that the state Republican Party convention passed the Independent American Party platform planks of repealing the Federal Reserve Act and the Patriot Act, restoring gold and silver-based currency, getting the US out of the UN, and so forth. We thank them for that. It’s not theft of the platform in our eyes - we welcome them to the party at last!” stated Andrews.

“The Independent American Party has been preaching freedom for more than 40 years. And now the party is growing rapidly with more than 50,000 registered voters statewide. Nevadans are returning to their independent principles and saying that they want the socialist party give-aways stopped. Nevadans want the borders secured, jobs restored, self-reliance to be honored and expected,” stated Andrews.

“We call on Nevada voters to join with us in electing candidates who will represent the people and limit government’s intrusion into our lives. We give voters an important choice, so they don’t have to vote for the lesser of TWIN evils.” -concluded Andrews.

The Independent American Party filed its initial list of nominated candidates today with the Secretary of State. Amended lists with additional candidates will be filed with the Secretary of State though out the filing period May 5—May 16.

Here is the current attached list of candidates filed today with the Secretary of State…

= = =

U.S. House of Representatives:

District 2:
John Everhart
1188 Court St #19
Elko, NV 89801
[email protected]

District 3:
Floyd Fitzgibbons
8301 Fawn Brook Court
Las Vegas, NV 89149
(702) 873-1315
[email protected]


    Clark County State Senate:

Clark Senate District 4
Stan Vaughan
3907 Rose Canyon Drive
North Las Vegas, NV 89032
(702) 633-5993

    Other State Senate Districts

Rural Senate District
Janine Hansen
186 Ryndon Unit 12
Elko, NV 89801
[email protected]

Washoe District 3
Gary Feero
P.O. Box 20292
Reno, NV 89515
Fax on request
[email protected]


    Clark Assembly Districts

Assembly District 2
Jon Kamerath
9599 W. Charleston Blvd., #1074
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 252-8411
[email protected]

Assembly District 6
Glenn Brown
1455 North Main Street, #B-105
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Assembly District 13
Leonard Foster
8744 Shady Pines Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89143
(702) 318-1158
[email protected]

    Washoe County Assembly Districts

Assembly District 26
Greg Miller
135 Taurus Circle
Reno, Nevada 89521

Assembly District 27
Dan Joseph
Mailing: Casazza Dr. Suite D
Reno, NV 89502
[email protected]

Assembly District 30
Ruth Gillings
P.O. Box 2948
Sparks, NV 89432

Assembly District 31
Jim Nord
623 Pine Meadows #1
Sparks, NV 89431
[email protected]

    Washoe & Rural Assembly District

Assembly District 32
James Kroshus
10405 Palm Desert Dr.
Sparks, Nevada 89436

    Rural County Assembly Districts

Assembly District 33
Zachary Triggs
533 Ryndon Unit 14
Elko, NV 89801

Assembly District 39
David Schumann
1669 Hyde Street
Minden, Nevada 89423
Cell: 775-220-8497
[email protected]

Clark County Commission District C
Warren Markowitz
5620 Cricket Flat Court
Las Vegas, NV 89131
[email protected]

* Please note that the list is incomplete and more candidates are expected to file before the deadline.

10 Responses to “Independent American Party nominates candidates”

  1. Freelancer Says:

    That sounds super, Cody. The state Republican Party adopted the IAP platform? Really?

  2. Trent Hill Says:

    I see only two members of the Hansen family—Janine and Joshua Triggs.

  3. G.E. Says:

    The Nevada GOP platform calls for the repeal of the Federal Reserve Act, reinstation of honest money, getting out of the UN, and getting rid of the Patriot Act? Wow.

  4. Andy Says:

    “G.E. Says:

    May 7th, 2008 at 2:29 am
    The Nevada GOP platform calls for the repeal of the Federal Reserve Act, reinstation of honest money, getting out of the UN, and getting rid of the Patriot Act? Wow.”

    This is thanks to the work of dedicated Ron Paul Republicans this year. Too bad the majority of the GOP doesn’t follow their lead.

  5. Tom Bryant Says:

    “Nevadans are returning to their independent principles…”

    But there’s absolutely no intential confusion about that “independent” word in the party’s name.

    I believe the Ron Paul folks made up a very large amount of the GOP convention in Nevada. It’s not so much the GOP adopting those planks, but a well-organized Ron Paul that nearly (or did?) took over a GOP convention. Anyone have more info on that convention?

  6. Sean Scallon Says:

    Indeed RP’s forces did have a sizeable turnout at the Nevada GOP convention helped by IAP members who attended precinct caucuses all the way back in January to vote for his delegates to the county conventions and so forth. That’s how it works and it shows the strength of the Nevada IAP to pull a major party in its direction.

    Good work one and all. That’s they things ought to work!

  7. Brian Holtz's Liver Says:


  8. Glenn Brown Says:

    I have Proof’s of Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle buttons for President and Vic President. Send me your E-Mail address and I will send you a copy.
    [email protected]

  9. Cody Quirk Says:

    I see only two members of the Hansen family—Janine and Joshua Triggs.

    = There’s some sort of agreement to not run as many Hansens this time as in past elections, yet there will be more people filing to run.

  10. A_S Says:

    The Accused plagiarizer, Dr. Jerome Corsi, formerly known as a FREEPing HateBreeder in desperate need of a spell-checker, a Swift Boat book author and owner of wintersoldier dot com, who promotes himself as a Vietnam Historian, but cut-and-run from discussing his published falsehoods, when challenged by a Vietnam Historian, who has actually withstood peer review.

    His slanderous portrayal of LtCmd J.F. Kerry’s Vietnam service was a major asset for the 2004 reelection campaign of GW Bush. Corsi defamed the service record of a decorated Vietnam veteran with data now widely discredited. His birth date was August 11, 1946. That birthday was lucky number 11 in the first selective lottery draft drawing of the Vietnam era on December 1, 1969. I’ve never seen any mention of Corsi’s time in the U.S. military. Was he, like the vast majority of Boomer Generation right-sided barking heads, Unfit For Service, classified 4-F and medically deferred, because he was afflicted with weak-knees?

    Now that Corsi has decided to rail against the Bush tyranny, has he also publicly accepted responsibility for what his deceits helped to enable, or is he just another one of those contemporary conservatives, who don’t really believe that accepting personal responsibility for one’s actions is a foundational tenet of their political philosophy?

    {—insert kool-aid joke of your choice here—}

    ah nuts…

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