Ron Paul Tops One Million Votes

Ron Paul finished third in the Indiana and North Carolina primaries tonight, but it looks like those showings of 8% and 7% respectively will be enough to push him past the one million vote mark.

As of this moment, Paul has added 60,757 votes to his total… with 15% of the votes still to be counted in each state. Dave Leip’s Atlas of Election Results shows Ron Paul with 990,043 primary votes and another 44,003 caucus votes… well over one million. By the time every vote is counted tonight, Paul will probably top a million primary votes without even considering caucuses in the equation.

Alan Keyes and Mike Gravel also had “good” nights in terms of their vote counts. Keyes had his best showing of the primary season with 3% in North Carolina. That translates to about 14,000 new votes… bringing his total past 50,000 for the primary season. Keyes has finally leaped ahead of Duncan Hunter in raw popular vote, though Hunter did manage to win a delegate and Keyes has yet to do the same.

Gravel, now running as a Libertarian, was still on the Democratic ballot in North Carolina. He added 12,000 votes (1%) to bring his total past 35,000 for the whole primary season. That means fully one-third of Gravel’s support for President came in today’s primary. But at least he’s now finally pulled ahead of Chris Dodd in the popular vote… it only took him an extra 3 or 4 months.

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  1. Mike Theodore Says:

    Well this is delightful. How in sweet hell does Keyes find 50,000 votes?! Rawr!
    Gravel>Dodd. Make that a bumper sticker.

  2. Sean Says:

    And Hunter dropped out 4 months ago… So it took a me too candidate 5 months to topple in terms of votes a candidate that dropped out 3.5 weeks into voting. Let me now when he raises more than 1 million dollars. That will be a feat!

  3. Austin Cassidy Says:

    I wouldn’t hold my breath. :)

  4. Richie Says:

    One of those votes came from me. :D

  5. Mike Theodore Says:

    You better not be talking about Keyes, Richie.

  6. Stefan Says:

    Austin, thanks. WHat is more and a good day for “libertarian Republicans” is that
    congressman Walter B Jones, who endorsed Ron Paul and faced a pro-Iraq war competitor Joe McLaughlin, won his primary 58-16 in NC and “Ron Paul Jr”, Dr. B. J. Lawson won his GOP pro-war opponent Augustus Cho (who attacked Lawson viciously on his libertarianism) resoundingly 71-29% in the NC primary. They were also endorsed by the RLC.

    This is a huge win for pro-peace, pro-civil libertarian, pro-diplomacy libertarian Republicans and a HUGE BLOW and DISAPPOINTMENT for the pro-war, pro-Patriot Act and military commissions act, pro-Bush doctrine of going it alone (leading to isolationism) libertine Republicans such as Eric Dondero.

  7. Jerry Baner Says:

    Pro patriot act? Sounds a bit like Bob Barr.

    Drumroll please.

  8. Richie Says:

    Don’t worry, Mike. I would never vote for Keyes. I voted for Paul!

  9. Mike Theodore Says:

    Richie, A-OK in my book. The Book of Mike, if you haven’t read it.

  10. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Congratulations to Gravel and Paul. I also congratulate Walter Jones, whom I’ve liked for some reason during this last couple years. However, don’t get too excited about Lawson. He’s in a heavily Democratic district, and is running against Congressman David Price, who will win easily.

    Also, North Carolina should be congratulated for giving the next President of the United States, Barack Obama, a major victory. Indiana is heading for a very, very, narrow win for the anti-revolutionary conspiracy. However, I have heard that Obama did well at the great Catholic institution Notre Dame, where I will probably be attending soon.

  11. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    It also looks like Huckabee still has some popularity. Interesting.

  12. Mike Theodore Says:

    “It also looks like Huckabee still has some popularity. Interesting.”

    It makes me want to kick a teddy bear.

  13. disinter Says:

    Good news! Ron Paul Republican B.J. Lawson overwhelmingly won his primary race tonight, defeating his neocon opponent with over 70% of the vote. That makes 9 Ron Paul Republicans that that have won their primaries so far. Woo Hoo!

  14. Jerry Baner Says:


    How many of those 9 are in solid R districts? One, two maybe?

  15. Yank Says:

    One million pieces of beautiful ass. I love Ron Paul and I love ass.

  16. Jerry Baner Says:

    I love Ron Paul’s ass too.

  17. disinter Says:

    He has repeatedly accused Lawson of running as a Libertarian under the guise of the Republican Party.

    “When the voters realize that my primary opponent is only running to support the Ron Paul presidency, then the voters will know that they only have one real Republican,” Cho said.

  18. John Lowell Says:

    Ron Paul is an ass and so is Yank

  19. Andy Says:

    “disinter Says:

    May 6th, 2008 at 11:47 pm
    Good news! Ron Paul Republican B.J. Lawson overwhelmingly won his primary race tonight, defeating his neocon opponent with over 70% of the vote. That makes 9 Ron Paul Republicans that that have won their primaries so far. Woo Hoo!”

    BJ Lawson is probably better than the typical Republican, but I just went to his site and I noticed that he supports the FairTax. After I saw this my excitement over his victory went down.

  20. G.E. Says:

    Did you know that Dodd raised more money than Huckabee?

  21. G.E. Says:

    Walter B Jones, the ex-Democrat and current minimum-wage-raise-supporting “freedom fries” declarer is NOT a “libertarian” Republican.

  22. G.E. Says:

    Andy - I agree, RE: Lawson. There are a lot of such cases. There are many hardcore protectionists running as “Ron Paul” Republicans too.

  23. Stefan Says:

    David Price Price was elected to his 10th term (sixth consecutive) in the 2006 Congressional elections, earning 65% of the popular vote, but in BJ Lawson he faces a formidable candidate given Lawson’s youth and experience and also his anti-Iraq war stance. Apart from the heavily Democratic areas in the disctrict, he was helped in the past with a tremendous get-out-the-vote effort among students at UNC. This time Lawson could get most of the support of the students and young people and he has cross-over appeal to Independents as well as Democrats. With Lawson Price would have no vs Iraq-war advantage at all. So Lawson does have a chance to win, if he can raise a lot of money with help of the NC GOP and moneybombs.

    Andy, you can never get a candidate you are 100% in agreements with, if it is 80%, then very good. The fair tax does pre-suppose that the IRS be abolished, and that is already a step in the right direction and when you have reached that stage, e.g. the govt. much smalller than now, the fair tax may not be needed at all.

    G.E. Walter Jones has severely regretted his support for the Iraq-war and is now a staunch opposer. Yes witht he minimum wage issue he is not libertarian, but otherwise quite so and he is a friend of Paul, who has also raised money for him.

  24. Nota Says:

    ABC News is not showing Gravel’s votes, only 1% for “No Preference”
    What’s up with that? (In the Republican primary ABC does show the Keyes tally)

  25. NewFederalist Says:

    I find it disappointing that Ron Paul came in behind Mike Huckabee in both NC and IN. Tough to come in third in a two way race.

  26. Eric Dondero Says:

    Funny how Stefan is spinning this as a victory for “Ron Paul Republicans” with Lawson’s NC win.

    The guy was endorsed by the thoroughly moderate GOP Log Cabin Clubs. If you know anything about LCC you’d know that they’re essentially Pro-Defense on foreign policy, moderate on Economics, and very Socially Tolerant. Almost the polar opposite of a “Ron Paulist.”

    May show that Mr. Lawson has a wide coalition. Which in case is a good sign for him going into November. But a boneheaded “Ron Paul Republican” he is not.

  27. disinter Says:

    Dumbdero - Ron Paul is pro-defense. So is Lawson. What you don’t seem to understand is that there is a HUGE difference between being pro-defense and pro-OFFENSE. You are an advocate of the latter.

    From Lawson’s issues page:

    “We will accomplish much more through diplomacy, trade, and a strong defense than sanctions, offensive war and occupation.”

    “We need an orderly and immediate military withdrawal from Iraq.”

  28. Don Weso Says:

    Huckabee was the Establishment’s man to move the evangelical right away from Ron Paul. Unfortunately, my brethren have not studied the candidates nor delved deeply in the issues. While Huckabee is not just a tax lover, he also favors a Nat’l I.D. card and is in bed with the World Govt folks at the Council Of Foreign Relations. He even favored Feds funding embyonic stem cell research on his official web site as late as Nov ‘07. The irony is that Ron Paul is more pro life than the touted pro life Huckabee. Had the Repub Congress (When they controlled both houses) used their Constitutional authority to limit the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court (Art iii, Sec ii) the abortion rate would be half the current rate. God bless Ron Paul

  29. disinter Says:

    But a boneheaded “Ron Paul Republican” he is not.

    Lawson was endorsed by Ron Paul. For more on Lawson’s support of Ron Paul see here:

  30. disinter Says:

    Huckabee was the Establishment’s man to move the evangelical right away from Ron Paul.

    Among other voters. He was the only one of the stooges that could actually speak convincingly, thus the reason he was even in the race.

  31. Eric Dondero Says:

    Disinter, being Pro-Offense would mean bombing the entire Middle East into oblivion, post 9/11.

    My view, of attacking those who have attacked us for the last two decades - Saddam Hussein and Iraq and the Taliban/Al Qaeda in Afghanistan - is the proper course.

    I’d throw in Somalia in there, and possibly the Sudan and Yemen who are also strong sponsors of terrorism against the US.

    But Morrocco? Tunisia? Egypt? No.

  32. Eric Dondero Says:

    What your foreign policy entails is surrender. You have no plan for avenging the attacks of 9/11 or the killings of 17 sailors on the USS Cole or the 37 who died on the USS Starke, or responding to the assasination attempt of our own POTUS by Saddam Hussein in 1993, or to avenge Iraqi involvement in the OKC bombing.

    Your plan is just to wave the white flage, and let the Islamic Radicals keep attacking us. That’s not Pro-Defense, that’s Pro-Surrender. Which will ultimately lead to all of us Americans carted off to the gas chambers in Islamo-Nazi occupied America.

  33. ew keane Says:

    La Porte county, Indiana…check it out. Thats where i live. stuck lawn signs all over the place, put up bill boards and shouted from street corners. how did hucksterbee and catchers mitt get votes here? i dont know, but we ron paul supporters have some ideas. who lead the huckers and the mitters? that is what we will find out, and use civility and honest persuasion to get some of them on Ron Pauls side before september. the lawn signs stay up until september, at any rate. GO RON PAUL!

  34. Infamous0ne Says:

    Notice Eric Dondero’s completely insane ranting - about us being lead off to gas chambers - is perfectly acceptable, but it’s Ron Paul who is called insane. Enough of the Nazi comparisons, you automatically lose an argument for being a fearmonger with this garbage.

    Just a question Eric - how are these terrorists going to march through the streets of America rounding (armed per 2nd amendment) people up? They have no formal military and hardly enough funding to do something like this. No, the best they could hope for is the US government to spend itself into oblivion chasing them, like the soviet union in the 80’s.

    Your notion of “revenge” is absurd as well. How does one get revenge against a tactic? The only answer to this vague line of thinking IS attacking them all, isnt it Eric? After all, who is a terrorist and who is not?

    Terrorism has been going on since the beginning of time. How strange that these terrorist acts began after the US began meddling in thier affairs, in the interest of stealing thier oil.

    I find it interesting that the other countries of the world consider terrorism a police matter, but America (as usual to appear tough, aka the winning war on drugs) has declared war. Bush saw how much power this fear gave him, and pushed through the illegal patriot act and other police state measures that must be resisted for the sake of our freedom.

  35. dodsworth Says:


    You apparently aren’t aware that (as per your wish) we are heavily involved in Somalia. We installed the current government there via Ethiopian surrogates. Perhaps you don’t want to talk about Somalia because (since this U.S. intervention) is has surpassed Darfur as the number one humanitarian crisis in Africa.

    BTW, it is obvious to everyone here that you are still angry that Ron Paul had the last laugh by beating your guy Peden (despite your bone-headed predictions to the contrary). Face it. The man you love to hate is riding high and will haunt your dreams for at least two more years.

  36. Brian Holtz's Liver Says:


  37. Michael Says:

    Two items I’ve noted. First, I have Alan Keyes at over 58,000 votes. Second, about 25 percent of both Indiana and North Carolina voted against McCain? Trouble In November!!

  38. Michael Says:

    Update: reports Alan Keyes has won two delegates in North Carolina.

  39. Matt Says:

    Dondero, what a tool.

    Americans will not be led off into gas chambers, by Islamofacists or our own government. You truly underestimate the people which you feel need your protection. I don’t want your protection, if someone wants a fight, let them come and fight. All your talk of revenge and vengance is also absurd. Should the people of Japan come after us for using WMD in the form of two nukes on their citizens? No, through thier “surrender” tactics, they have become powerful themselves and a friend to thier once enemy the USA.

    Your ideological viewpoint is the reason there are still wars, you represent all that is weak and scared in humanity. Hamurabi used the eye for an eye code back in ancient sumeria, it is a very old concept and I think humans are ready to evolve past that stage. Though I am not a chirstian, I believe this is what thier Jesus tried to teach people, turn the other cheek. I’m not saying it is the best way to handle all situations, but certainly making war on Iraq who had NOTHING to do with 911 is also not a very evolved idea.

    Go take your fear mongering to people who might actually be afraid of something. Death is just the start of another great journey. The only thing I fear is of being controlled by fear itself.

    P.S. your a loser IMHO

  40. DaveMo Says:

    Ron Paul is coming in third in a race where there are only 2 people running. Yeah, that revolution is amoving right along. lol

  41. Andy Says:

    I’ve got a plan for avenging the 9/11 attack. That is let’s have an open, independent investigation into 9/11 and let’s put the real perpetrators on trial for treason and crimes against humanity. All of the evidence indicates that the perpetrators are sitting in the White House, the CIA, and the Pentagon.

    I wonder what Eric Dondero’s plan is to avenge Israel’s unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty.

  42. Teflon Ron Says:

    Respect and admirations for the great Doctor.
    Love that Constitution!

    Go Ron!

  43. Mike Theodore Says:

    Dondero, do me a favor. For your old buddy Mike. Only take 3 hours of your time. Go on Google Video and watch type in The Power of Nightmares. 3 parts, each an hour long. Don’t watch the ones under 59 minutes. Those are trailers or something. Then tell me that good Christian Americans will be dragged to gas chambers by evil Muslims. It’s worth your time. I was doubtful, but I loved it.

  44. cowbot Says:

    Eric Dondero is a warmonger ziocon insurgent in the libertarian movement. He has lost all credibility by shilling for Imperialism with neocon lies.

  45. Mike Theodore Says:

    He had credibility?! I’m barely involved with the party, and everyone I know in it has heard of Dondero. None of it is positive. NONE.

  46. Yank Says:


  47. Lex Says:

    A million votes? Big deal. Ron Paul could have WON the Republican presidential nomination.

    John McCain has received around eight million votes so far. That sounds like a lot more than Ron Paul, but represents only 4% of the 200 million eligible voters in the United States. Ron Paul has polled above 4% nationally and in most states since last November. If everyone who liked him had actually gone out and registered to vote (as a Republican if necessary) and turned out on election day, he would have the nomination locked up.

    The primary and caucus system is the soft white underbelly (as Boston T. Party called it) of the political ruling class. It is only the apathy of the American people that stops them from regaining control of their government. Ron Paul supporters in Nevada, Missouri, Texas, Minnesota, Washington, and elsewhere are discovering this, as they are nearing critical mass for taking over local Republican Party organizations, despite their relatively small numbers.

    A third party with 5% inherent support is going nowhere, because no one sees a path to victory. Why donate when you can’t win? Why vote when your vote is ignored? Third parties with 5% inherent support get 1% of the vote as a result. But that same 5%, applied strategically in the major party primaries could change history. It almost happened this time, but too many people figured Ron Paul had no chance, so they stayed home.

  48. citizen1 Says:

    Don’t forget that some places they were telling people that Ron Paul had dropped out of the race as early as Superficial Tuesday.

  49. Nick de Cusa Says:

    Lex says:

    “Third parties with 5% inherent support get 1% of the vote as a result. But that same 5%, applied strategically in the major party primaries could change history. It almost happened this time, but too many people figured Ron Paul had no chance, so they stayed home.”

    Hmmm. But when they see you comnig close to pulling this one off, they’ll just change the rules, won’t they?

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