Missouri Viewpoints interviews Gregory Thompson and Travis Maddox

Faith and freedom were the themes of interviews with two Constitution Party candidates recorded at the party’s national convention in Kansas City.

Dr. Gregory Thompson, a former public school superintendent, says the system is failing children, parents and the state and needs reformed. In the interview, he claims “…ninety percent of our children, after going through our education system, are leaving their faith out of Christian homes.”

He calls for giving parents more control over the education of their children via a voucher system, where schools would need to compete for funding.

The second part of the program features CP Congressional candidate Travis Maddox of Springfield.

Maddox is running for Congress in Missouri’s Seventh District and critiques current Congressman Roy Blunt as a “…big spender, big earmarker.”

Addressing some of the top issues of today, Maddox says he feels health care is over regulated now, alternative energy sources should be developed by encouraging free market solutions and the federal government should not be bailing out anyone dealing with the so-called mortgage/ credit crisis.

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