Ruwart to appear on Antiwar Radio

Mary Ruwart, libertarian speaker, activist, author, and candidate for the 2008 Libertarian Party presidential nomination, and Paul Verkuil, Professor of Law at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law will be the featured guests on the Scott Horton Show at Antiwar Radio, Tuesday, May 6.

Mary Ruwart will be discussing her recent article on, “When Will We Ever Learn? at 12:15PM Eastern.

Paul Verkuil will be discussing his recently released book, Outsourcing Sovereignty: Why Privatization of Government Functions Threatens Democracy and What We Can Do about It at 1:15PM Eastern.

Mary Ruwart is a libertarian speaker, author, activist, and candidate for the 2008 Libertarian Party presidential nomination. She is the author of the bestselling 1992 book Healing Our World: The Other Piece of the Puzzle. Ruwart spent 19 years as a pharmaceutical research scientist for Upjohn Pharmaceuticals, and has written extensively on the subjects of government regulation of the drug industry and on libertarian communication.

5 Responses to “Ruwart to appear on Antiwar Radio”

  1. Mike Theodore Says:

    AntiW.A.R. Radio. HAHAHAHAHAHA! You can’t write that stuff….
    well, on non TPW sites.

  2. Brent Burk Says:

    I don’t get it Mike? Like, Wayne Allen Root? It’s not really that funny :[.

  3. Mike Theodore Says:

    Wayne and his supporters use that acronym all the time. You’d be laughing if you hated Root as much as I do. The ironic thing is, W.A.R. ties into him being a pro-war libertarian.

  4. Steve LaBianca Says:

    W.A.R. had used the initials as an acronym all the time . . . oops that was until he got the idea that Libertarians aren’t supportive of wars, except in true defense.

    In emails I got from W.A.R. as late as October or November 2007, he signed his name as WAR. I’ve even heard reports that he PROUDLY displayed the initials WAR all over his website (though I wouldn’t know as I don’t patronize his website). Now it is simply “Wayne”.

  5. severin Says:

    it is now on the archive:

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