Robert Milnes probably won’t be at LP convention

From Robert Milnes:

As it stands, I probably will not be able to make it to the convention. This is most unfortunate as I had hoped to continue on from there to California to help my disabled friend find a new apartment & move in. I’ve had personal problems and financial setbacks. Also I received very little campaign assistance. I would like to submit the Progressive Alliance Strategy for the party’s consideration. In my opinion this strategy coincides very well with Carl Milsted’s “upper left” party.

My understanding is that Milsted has quit the Libertarian party hence will not be at the convention. In my opinion the absence of Milsted and myself from the convention is very unfortunate for the party. So I further request that the Party request Milsted to attend. And that the Party do what it can to assist me in attending. RWM.

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  1. Roscoe Says:

    Yes, the LP needs to pay the way for any member who wishes to run for the presidential nomination. On the other hand, if Mr. Milnes started hitchhiking right now, there’s no doubt he could make Denver by the 22nd.
    And he wouldn’t be the first attendee at a convention to crash in someone else’s hotel room and subsist on hospitality suite munchies and beverages or to sneak into meal events and glom free food.

  2. Geoffrey the Liberator Says:

    Here at the LPUK, we always pay for all candidates to attend our convention and provide accommodations, meals at the best restaurants and girls (perhaps as young as 5 being that we are Libertarian—as long as the 5 year old in question consents to the meeting) from the best clubs for entertainment. NOT! (as my grand children say).

    Good luck Mr. Milnes, but the price you pay to run for President in your country is high, hopefully you raised some campaign funs and if they we’re not misspent, then you should either use these funds to attend or return them to your supporters. Good luck to you sir!

  3. Tom Bryant Says:

    I understand the website’s goal to provide news, and even lower tier candidates deserve to get attention. However…I think that by reproducing Robert Milnes releases may be harmful. As long as he considers himself a candidate for President, he will put off putting back his personal life. Seeing an article that he wrote appear on a news website will reinforce his belief.

    The man suffers from real mental disabilities. He’s not just a werirdo like Imperato, but someone who needs to work with professionals.

    I applauded TPW for not covering Gene Chapman, who also suffers from severe mental disabilities. I think that the same treatment should apply to Robert Milnes.

    Robert…when the LP convention is over and you are not nominated, I hope that you take the time to focus on your personal life. Get yourself in a good condition again. I really hope that you don’t start “campaigning” as an independent or for 2012 immediately after. I want to see you get well.

  4. Steve LaBianca Says:

    I’d be interested in seeing Carl again, and rehashing the old face to face arguments we used to have in Virginia. Come on Carl, you can put your “I’m a pseudo-libertarian” hat on again! Maybe even Jan Helfeld can kick your butt in a one on one debate again too!

  5. BillTX Says:

    Does Robert reailze that the LP is probably the wrong party to ask “assistance” of?

  6. Jason Gatties Says:

    TPW doesn’t cover Gene Chapman cause Gene Chapman dropped out of the race like a year ago.

  7. Carl Says:

    Sorry Steve. I’m burning my bridges now. No more LP conventions for me. I thought the LP wanted to move policy in a libertarian direction by electing Libertarians, but this is not the case for a majority, it would seem. I wish I went straight to the new party option and left the LP to go its own way.

    I do enjoy debating Jan Helfeld and hope to do so at different forums. Jan is an aggressive debater, but scrupulous in avoiding ad hominem attacks.

    Good luck turning the LP into what you really want it to be. Get rid of the mixed message and you’ll get less friction from people who don’t belong.

  8. disinter Says:

    Nooooo! We want Milnes!

  9. Yank Says:

    I won’t get to touch either the asses of Robert or Carl. When will I get some libertarian ass?

  10. Robert Milnes Says:

    Roscoe, I wrote”...I further request that the party…do what it can to assist me in attending.” (the convention). That doesn’t necessarily mean party money direct deposit. Rather, it would require the party to think that 2 of its top election victory possibility theoreticians are alienated & not going to attend. That can’t be good. Libertarians invested their support in Ron Paul, then Bob Barr leaving the advocates of real political advancement, perhaps exponentially, out in the cold. & I note that Barr’s support going by the website meter is slowing dramatically. While I have no problem with availing myself of genuine support & hospitality even charity, I wouldn’t want to rely on that nearly 100% in a cross country misadventure. Besides I have my friend’s dog & she’s old & has congestive heart. I would be willing to endure hardship but not put her through it.

  11. Robert Milnes Says:

    Tom Bryant, No thank you. I do not need to work with professionals. I could run circles around them. It should be me helping them. They are stuck in a sick system. All I need is some slight changes in my circumstances, like maybe not having someone cheat me out of my house. Tom, when the convention is over & you have a politics as usual ticket, I will be glad to tell you “I told you so.” & 2012 would be an interesting campaign slogan-a do-over of Teddy Roosevelt’s run 100 years ago!

  12. NewFederalist Says:

    This thread is just plain sad. TPW is just becoming too messed up to waste time on. Whatever happened to Austin? This place was so much better when he ran it.

  13. ElfNinosMom Says:

    Robert, on the new Last Free Voice website (still in beta) there is a forum category for those who need or want to share rides, accommodations, etc to the LP convention. You can find the information and link in the new article “Ride and accommodation sharing at the LP Convention”, which I posted today.

    If you register at the forum, you can post there regarding your needs, and perhaps someone will be willing to help. That would be my best advice insofar as getting help to attend the convention.

    I’m confused about someone cheating out of your house, though I’ve seen you mention it before. If you don’t mind my asking, what happened?

  14. chris Says:

    I’m confused about someone cheating out of your house, though I’ve seen you mention it before. If you don’t mind my asking, what happened?

    From what I’ve gathered, Robert’s father owned the house that Robert lived in. Robert was expecting to inherit the house. However, the house caught fire. The insurance company most likely paid Robert’s father for the loss, and obtained the deed to the burned-out shell and land (if, in fact, the land was owned). Robert calls this being “cheated” out of his home, since, I guess he was going to repair it (even though he admittedly has no money). He gives no more details than this.

  15. Robert Milnes Says:

    New Federalist, sorry if I bore you. I had assumed that when I said I came to very similar conclusions from a totally different direction as Milsted & election plurality is very possible, libs would be excited & supportive. & we could essentially dublicate what Teddy Roosevelt did in 1912 only a little better & actually win, libs would jump at the chance. Guess I was wrong.

  16. Tom Bryant Says:

    Robert…let’s start here…

    Why do you think that your idea has not gotten any support?

  17. Mike Theodore Says:

    It’s a shame, Robert. I was hoping you’d be involved at the convention. Good luck to you, sir. Hope you stay on TPW.

  18. Robert Milnes Says:

    Tom Bryant, good point. Clearly my campaign has gotten little support. Not NECESSARILY my idea. & it is not only mine. Tom K. helped. Milsted got to the same idea from a different angle. A few others also are on the same wavelength. A Prof in Auburn longbob something. Email defunct. Ken Bank etc. But generally, Tom, I’ve gone by the negative feedback here at TPW including from Steve G. Just ask G.E. or disinter or myopic physicist Chris or Nigel Watt etc.

  19. Robert Milnes Says:

    Mike Theodore, I’ll stay at TPW at least through the convention. But I’m not completely out yet. “Probably” means probably. as it stands.

  20. Robert Milnes Says:

    Mike Theodore, sure I could ship the dog. & hitchhike & glom at the convention. But I’m getting too old for that.

  21. timothy west Says:

    Let the no forcers and no government anarchists have the LP. I feel sorry for Bill Redpath. Let the reformers and political types have a new startup party that does not suffer from dual personality disorder and knows what it wants to do.

    Best for everyone.

  22. NewFederalist Says:

    Robert Milnes- you do not “bore” me. I feel sorry for you. You bring a lot of this abuse upon yourself. You need to get your shit together and stop tilting at windmills. Leave this third party crap to goof balls who can afford it. Get help.

  23. Mike Theodore Says:

    Robert, did you shut down the campaign site?

  24. Robert Milnes Says:

    Mike Theodore, no. I couldn’t pay the annual domain fee. I’m working on it.

  25. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Robert, I am sorry that you will not be able to attend the convention. As it happens, though I had announced here that I planned to attend the convention, I most likely won’t be able to attend either. Thus, the Fringe Alliance Strategy won’t be mentioned either, though I hope that other delegates reading this will propose it to the party, along with it’s cousin the Progressive Alliance Strategy. It is certainly a loss for the party for now 3 of the greatest national theoreticians not being able to attend the convention.

  26. Andy Says:

    Oh man, I was hoping to vote for Robert Milnes at the convention in Denver.;)

  27. Robert Milnes Says:

    chris, that is actually somewhat close to what happened. Except for the cheated part.

  28. Stefan Says:

    Robert: an idea, why don’t you move to the UK and join the local Libertarian Party. They will pay for your travel accommodation etc. at conventions. They do have a Green Party in the UK too, so you can discuss your alliance strategy with them.

  29. G.E. Says:

    I have a better idea. Why don’t you move to Antarctica, Robert? They need a strong leader there. You can forge a progressive alliance between the polar bears and penguins and depose that odious anti-progressive, Ol’ Saint Nick.

  30. End the Empire Says:

    lol-St.Nick works to redistribute the wealth for cookies and snacks. When did he move south ?

  31. Thomas M. Sipos Says:

    G.E., I don’t think there are any polar bears in Antarctica.

  32. Robert Milnes Says:

    Comedians! Come on now. It wasn’t comedians on the deck of the Titanic. It was an orchestra.

  33. mdh Says:

    There are definitly several species of penguins in antarctica. Lots of seals, too, for that alliance. Not sure on the polar bears.

  34. Robert Milnes Says:

    ENM, thank you for your comment with suggestion. I will check that out.

  35. Robert Milnes Says:

    ENM, here is a brief version of what happened. My father inherited the rental income duplex I was living in from my mother deceased in 1978. I expected to inherit it from him. See:

  36. Robert Milnes Says:

    Having some problems posting the rest.

  37. Robert Milnes Says:

    He was getting ECT treatments & on medication. My uncle was drinking at the time in the 2nd floor 2 BR apt. So we found him a roommate literally off the street. This guy smoked like a chimney, drank like a fish & popped prescription pills like candy & sold some on the side for more booze.

  38. Robert Milnes Says:

    Anyway there was a careless smoking type fire in his room. That was the only room with significant damage. My father was underinsured. My sister hired an insurance adjustor which was unnecessary due to being underinsured. The adjustor’s lawyer, who was a convict, evidently convinced my father to not bother hiring a lawyer; he’ll take care of everything. Meanwhile I had secured a construction loan/mortgage equivalent & a contractor. But I could not afford a lawyer & could not get one via

  39. Robert Milnes Says:

    So I got evicted losing about 1/2 of my possessions including my 66 TBird. I had to move to an old run down trailer with as much of my stuff as possible. Now I’m in that with no room. The duplex has been gutted.

  40. Geoffrey the Liberator Says:

    We have an island near Antartica. They have a bear in the Falkland Zoo in Stanley. Is that close enough?

    They’d love the distraction of Mr. Milnes—it is a very long cold winter there and he’d provide ample entertainment. Perhaps your Mr. Imperato would like to join too, he can make it part of his Global Empire.

    They can start the Libertarian Party of the Falkland Islands (LPFI) and run for President. It is a really nice place, lots of liberty (if you don’t mind the occasional invasion from Argentina).

  41. G.E. Says:

    TMS —Shhh. There are dancing pink polar bears in Milnes’s trailer right now.

  42. Tom Bryant Says:


    I dont understand why you would lose your car from a housefire. That part seems confusing.

    Were you still living in the house after the fire?

    Who evicted you?

  43. Peter Orvetti Says:

    Shades of Kip Lee…

  44. ElfNinosMom Says:

    Robert, how much is the website fee you are trying to raise in order to get your site back online?

  45. ElfNinosMom Says:

    Hi, Robert. I am very sorry to hear of the terrible misfortune you have experienced.

    If I am understanding you correctly, and I hope you will correct me if I am wrong …. the home was rendered a total loss even though it was only partially damaged, since your father was underinsured and didn’t realize he had recourse in the courts. The insurance company paid policy limits to your father, took title to the home, and evicted you?

    Like Tom Bryant, I am confused about your car; did you use it to secure a construction loan to repair the home? A ‘66 T-Bird is one helluva car, and if restored (if it even needed restoration) could be quite valuable. I’m sure you are very upset to have lost it, not to mention your other belongings.

    Either way, this is terrible news, and I am truly very sorry to hear of it.

  46. Robert Milnes Says:

    Tom B., ENM, thank you for your interest/curiousity & questions. I’ll try to answer. ENM, the fee is$20/year. The website is back up. Peter Orvetti, what about Kip Lee? The TBird belonged to my mom. I used to drive it & take her on nerrands etc. Then I bought a van & stopped using it. We had no garage so I parked it in the backyard & double tarped it. But over the years it got vandalized etc. I couldn’t afford storage or to fix it & register as aqntique & couldn’t think of what to do with it. Also I couldn’t bring it with to the trailer park. Only 2 vehicles per trailer strictly enforced. So when the new owner brought in the dumpster they towed away the car evidently. Stripped the yard cut down my apple tree etc. & gutted the interior. It is now boarded up last time I looked.

  47. ElfNinosMom Says:

    Robert, I think it is terrible that you have lost your home and your vehicle. I’m sure that the T-Bird had a lot of sentimental value for you, since it was your mother’s and i’m sure you have memories of transporting her on her errands.

    I am very sorry to hear of all this. It must be very stressful for you.

    Does the person who now owns the house have any connection to the insurance company? Insurance company adjusters are infamous for buying out things they want for themselves. If that is the case, you may still have some legal recourse.

  48. Robert Milnes Says:

    ENM, I am hoping that I have legal recourse. To the best of my knowledge the adjustor skimmed $4000 commission off the top of the 33,000 max insurance. Then the adjustor’s attorney, the convict, paid$10,000 for the duplex. Then I got evicted. Then the house got boarded up & the copper pipes went missing. (it wasn’t boarded up very well) Then the dumpster showed up & everything thrown out, yard cleared ( fence, TBird, apple tree, 2 storage sheds). Then house gutted & boarded up.

  49. Alex Peak Says:

    Mr. West writes, “Let the reformers and political types have a new startup party that does not suffer from dual personality disorder and knows what it wants to do.”

    Worse idea ever. It failed miserably for the Marxists, why in the world would it work for us? No, it’s best if we stick together. We all agree 95% of the way, and spend all of our time bickering on the 5% we disagree with. If we were to focus on the 95% upon which we agree, and simply acknowledge to the public that libertarians do not agree with one another on everything but that we respect one another despite our differences, we’ll continue to have a positive impact upon the system.

    Alex Peak

  50. Alex Peak Says:

    P.S. You should rejoin the party.

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