Is the California AIP breaking from the Constitution Party?

According to the website of the American Independent Party, which claims to be the California affiliate of the Constitution Party, Chuck Baldwin is not their presidential nominee. From their website:

Our candidates for 2008 are:
Don Grundmann—President - -

You can get more info about them from their webpages.

Edward C. Noonan
State Party Chairman - American Independent Party

UPDATE: The AIP webpage has now been updated.

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  1. Kevin Thompson Says:

    I thought I had heard the Grundman was a Baldwin supporter, working against this split.

  2. Eric Garris Says:

    Actually, the AIP webpage has not been updated since the primary. Grundmann ran in the AIP primary for President and ran for the Constitution Party nomination for Vice President. Grundmann is an ally of Noonan and he was supporting Grundmann until Keyes entered the race.

    When the elements of the CP tried to expel the Nevada IAP over the abortion issue, Grundmann was the only California delegate to vote for the expulsion. The late party leader, William Shearer, opposed the expulsion.

    I don’t believe this note on the website is an indicator of the faction fight to come.

    However, I believe that the AIP will break with the CP and put Keyes on their ballot.

    Noonan is in firm control of the party structure. The AIP operates under the old Democratic Party rules, the same rules that allowed the libertarian faction of the Peace and Freedom Party to take over the PFP state committee in 1974. We were able to accomplish this by running several candidates for office and by convincing the state chair to give us hundreds of appointments to vacancies. I arrived at the PFP state convention with 150 proxies in my pocket, close to a majority of the votes at the convention.

    This year, the AIP has no candidates for state legislature and only one candidate for Congress, no there is no reason to expect a change in the party leadership. Noonan can make a slew of appointments. These appointed members don’t even have to show up to the convention, since the rules allow the chair to walk in with multiple proxies. I know that the pro-CP activists plan to mobilize for the convention next month, but it is doubtful most of them will have voting power.

    I certainly hope I am wrong in my prediction.

  3. SovereignMN Says:

    According to some individuals at the national convention the real reason Noonan is upset with Baldwin is that he feels slighted that Baldwin didn’t allow his name to appear on the ballot for the AIP’s Presidential Primary. Whether that is true or not is another story. I don’t see why that would be a big deal since Baldwin wasn’t a candidate at that time. Keyes didn’t appear on the ballot either.

  4. citizen1 Says:

    The site only lists candidate that are from California because it has not been updated. I do not believe that Don Grundman is supporting the Keyes campaign. In all honestly Keyes probably cost Grundman the nomination. If Keyes had not got into the race Baldwin would not have. The ticket may have been Grundman/Riekse.

  5. NewFederalist Says:

    Trent… Trent Hill… we need an update from someone in the know, please.

  6. Trent Hill Says:


    This is no indicator of anything. The site has said this since Feb 6th, right after the AIP-primary. Before that, Grundmann, Riekse, and Templin were all listed.

    I’ll repeat,this indicates nothing. Grundmann is on our side on this. He voted for Baldwin and was strongly backing him at the Convention.

    I also suspect Eric is wrong about Noonan being in firm control. The appointments to the central committee will be a handful—Keyes just isnt that strong and cant mobilize that many people. Meanwhile, all of the old-time AIPers are coming out of the woodwork to oppose this.
    If it were someone like Breazeale or Don Grundmann running this, we’d probably be in real trouble. Fortunately, Noonan isnt that bright.

  7. NewFederalist Says:

    Thanks, Trent! It would be a terrible shame for Baldwin NOT to have ballot status in CA!

  8. Alicia Says:

    Tom is promising a different story over the next two days.

  9. Eric Garris Says:

    To Trent,

    Check the Elections Code. The AIP operates using the old Democratic Party rules (pre-1976).

    It doesn’t require any mobilization. Noonan can walk into the convention with 200 proxies if he does the paperwork right.

    My faction took over the legal control of the California Peace and Freedom Party in 1974 using the same rules. We only had about 20% of the attendees, but I had 40% of the delegate proxies in my pocket. I was able to convince the state chair to side with us, and he gave me 150 appointments. These people didn’t have to show up, only had to register PFP and assign me their proxies.

    Noonan can do it on his own if he handles it right.

    On a personal note to Trent (or anyone else actually involved in the process), I would like to discuss this further, since I might be able to offer advice to help prevent this. Please write me at [email protected]

  10. Trent Hill Says:


    Noonan probably cant FIND that many people to register into the AIP. Tom Hoefling was only able to mobilize about 20 people to attend the National Convention, so im not sure he could rope very many in with this. Furthermore, I believe appointments to the Central Committee must be confirmed by that same committee.

  11. Red Phillips Says:

    Eric, thanks for the offer of assistance. I’ll pass it on.

  12. Gene Berkman Says:

    I just clicked on the Link. and the AIP now lists Chuck Baldwin as the candidate for President. Try it again.

  13. Eric Garris Says:

    It appears that the AIP has changed their home page due to all this buzz.

  14. Douglas Strother Says:

    In California, ‘Decline to State’ voters are the third largest political party according to the voter registration statistics collected by the Secretary of State at . It is unfortunate that the leadership of the AIP is not encouraging more efforts to connect with this voting bloc, but going sideways with ideas to disaffiliate the AIP from the CP.

  15. DaveC Says:

    Jesus spoke to his disciples in a parable telling them, “There was a woman who had two suitors. The first suitor was a diligent man who had courted her for many years. At the harvest he was always to be found in the fields helping her father to bring in the wheat. The second suitor was a wanderer who appeared suddenly with promises that he woud make her the queen of the entire land. After pondering all these things the woman chose the first suitor and they were betrothed. The second suitor was sore aggrieved. Encountering the woman one day as she gathered firewood he berated her with these words, ‘Because you have chosen poorly now I am going to take what is rightfully mine.’ So saying he dragged her into the woods and raped her. Who now can tell me the interpretation of this parable?” All of the disciples were silent so after a moment Jesus continued, “The second suitor is like unto a politician who covets the ballot access of a political party. And having failed to win the nomination of that party he seeks to tear it asunder for his own purposes. Truly I say to you, that politician and all who follow him will be sorely accursed. He who has ears let him hear.”

  16. Reform Party Member /Don Lake Says:

    At Donald J. Grundmann and Ed Noonan ‘get’ veterans abuse!

  17. SovereignMN Says:

    DaveC…that made me laugh.

  18. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Dave C, that was definitely a great parable. It almost sounds like one that Jesus actually said. Despite my past support of Keyes’s election run, I now hope that Baldwin does have ballot status in California, as this will persuade more people from across the country to vote for him, thus stealing more Republican votes.

  19. End the Empire Says:

    Baldwin supporters must ensure he retains this ballot access. With access in enough states to actually be elected in the electorial college makes a real difference in national credibility.

    A debate/forum package offered to national and international satelite stations this summer will include invitations to all candidates who have legitimate ballot access to enough voters to receive a majority victory in the electorial college. The major candidates will surely decline (however Reagan did debate Anderson in ‘80 before he met Carter) leaving possibly, Nader to face Baldwin, the LP and GP nominees in a series of POTUS candidate forums over several weeks. Gaining much needed publicity for our Third Partys and our candidates and their answers to the major problems the Ds and Rs have got us into. If the major owned and controlled media won’t cover us on TV we need to BYPASS them and try to use the “alternative” television medium.

    Some stations to contact are FSTV (Free Speech TV) and LINK TV, suppling Democracy Now (with their 600 plus radio and low power stations in their audience) with full access to the debate/forums, RFD TV (Rural America’s TV) they now have IMUS in the morning, UCTV, UWTV, BYUTV, NAUHS, are university channels and there are many others, who should be glad to host a POTUS Debate/Forum on their channel. BBC America might even join in, I don’t know who owns and controls them. Not only would we get live coverage of the forum, these stations should replay them a few times before Nov. 4. We will reach millions of additional voters with this plan. Let’s face it most people watch TV for their news. We could guide the general public to watch each one of these making sure we get the maximum benefit from each forum. We would also have plenty of footage of our chosen candidate in action to spread on Youtube the web helping in that way too!

    With gas heading to 4 to $5 a gallon and a never ending foreign war upon us, we need to stop thinking small time. We need to get our message out to the public. They will at least listen this year. I assure each of you they will listen this time! Let’s get our message out there ANYWAY we can. All our federal, state and local candidates need to run their campaigns for REAL and act like WINNERS. The Ds and Rs are the LOSERS who got us in this mess. WE can SOLVE the problems and get us out of this MESS !

  20. Cody Quirk Says:

    All I will say is, Ed isn’t in control as some people think he is. In fact, at the June meeting, he’ll be luckly if he isn’t chased out of the Party…. Literally.

  21. Angela Wittman Says:

    Dear Cody,

    Please keep us updated as the drama unfolds… Thank you.

  22. Neddy Says:
    Keyes is trying to break up the CP starting in Texas
    of course, he fails everywhere at everything, so it will be more amusing than anything else

  23. Porter Rockwell Says:

    Ed Noonan is a Gump, and oughta have the smarts to simply resign. He’s the only clown I’ve met who makes George W. Bush look like a Rhodes Scholar.

  24. Sean Says:

    AIP of Texas is a joke, and not the CP affiliate for the state.

    Also, I wonder how Keyes can (wisely) do that since Texas is one of the states that views its sore loser law as applying to presidential candidates … Oh wait, I forgot, Keyes is not a wise campaigner.

  25. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAFR Says:

    Listen up. The AIP is NOT breaking away from the national Constitution party. It isn’t going to happen. Ed Noonan may be the State Chairman for now but, in June the State AIP will be electing someone else. No one person is in control of anything. Many fellow AIPer’s, from all over the state, many who have been silent for too long, are awakening from their apparent slumber , to rise to this occasion, to stand by our party, and are making plans to converge on Sacramento June 6-7-8 to be heard and counted and included in the process.
    The Alan Keyes misfits , who have a bad case of ‘sour grapes’....just let them rant & rave. We will go on to continue building the party, county by county, state by state, backing our great platform in the process.
    Political parties, especially ‘alternative’ parties, will have an eventual quick death when they surround themselves around ONE man, instead of a principled platform forever adhered to. Remember Perot??
    These ‘misfits’ will continue to draw straws by spreading lies and negative rumors nationwide, to try and create distrust and deceit among the ranks.
    We have seen all of this before, in the long history of the AIP, especially in California, since 1968. I, and Gary Odom and others , long time AIP activists, have seen our share of this kind of nonsense.

    Larry Breazeale, Msgt. (ret.) USAF
    National Veterans Coalition,
    Constitution party…

  26. Ben Says:

    Maybe its just temporary, but Alan Keyes’ website ( is inaccessible.

  27. Alicia Says:

    hmmmm, I wonder why…..... AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  28. Alicia Says:

    It’s back up, he has so few posts going on nobody there noticed it was down. They are essentially dead in the water with Keyes at the helm. Scary thought for anyone wanting to stay afloat.

  29. Cody Quirk Says:

    Please keep us updated as the drama unfolds…

    = If it’s to bash Mormonism in the CP, or bash the CP in general, you can forget it.

  30. Alicia Says:

    Keyes failed their Texas initiative with a pitiful total of nearly 10,000 unverified votes. Probably the majority of those would have not passed the test of the requirement to have not voted in the primary already.
    Keyes FAILS AGAIN!

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