Ed Thompson in the news

From a great article about one of my favorite elected Libertarians:

I couldn’t convince likeable libertarian Ed Thompson on Friday to run for the Legislature this fall.

Too bad.

The Tomah mayor and bar owner would be a refreshing voice at the Capitol—not to mention a whole lot of fun.

Thompson, the younger brother of former Gov. Tommy Thompson, told me Friday he won ‘t seek western Wisconsin ’s 92nd Assembly District seat even if Rep. Terry Musser retires this fall. (I couldn ‘t reach Musser on Friday to find out if speculation over his future is true.)

What would make Ed Thompson such an asset at the Capitol are his principles, independence, straight talk and goofy sense of humor.

But Thompson says he’s too busy running Tomah government and his expanded Mr. Ed ’s Tee Pee Supper Club.

Here’s more:

Thompson has taken fiery and unpopular stands against the Iraq war and a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage and civil unions.

Yet he won the job of mayor this spring by a landslide, criticizing high spending on a police station and aquatic center—“We had a good functioning swimming pool already”—and the demolition of one of Tomah’s oldest building.

Money and spin may trump integrity in state and national politics. But Thompson has proven that integrity can carry “a common man,” as he call himself, a long way at the local level.

Even so, Ed, won’t you at least consider running for Congress in 2010 if U.S. Rep. Ron Kind, D-La Crosse, leaves to run for governor, which could happen if Gov. Jim Doyle retires?

“I would really look at that—to have a different voice” in Congress, he says.

I’ve noticed that Thompson has been scheduled as a replacement speaker for Neal Boortz at the Presidential Banquet at the Libertarian National Convention. According to this site, Boortz will be unable to attend due to surgery.

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  1. Greg Says:

    Thompson has taken fiery and unpopular stands against the Iraq war and a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage and civil unions.

    Doesn’t sound very “Libertarian” to me…

  2. Greg Says:

    Oh nm I think I read it wrong, he’s against a constitutional ban…

  3. Scott Lieberman Says:

    Neal Boortz had a knee replacement about 4 days ago. Therefore, it is not surprising that he will not be attending the Libertarian Party National Convention just three weeks post-op.

    In other words - this was a medical decision, not a political decision.

    For proof, you can see the intra-operative picture of Neal’s knee at…


  4. G.E. Says:

    Hopefully, Boortz’s “sergery” is a lobotomy, or, we can hope, an appointment with the recently freed Dr. Kervorkian.

  5. G.E. Says:

    Lieberman - I think the “sergery” in quotes is in regard to the fact that the word is misspelled at the DenverLPCon site.

  6. A Root Not So Radical Says:

    And Stephen Gordon misspelled “Thompson” in the last paragraph of his article … arrogant prick.

  7. Stephen Gordon Says:

    All typos repaired.



  8. Trent Hill Says:

    He’s an arrogant prick cuz he spelled it wrong?

    Jesus, you guys dont hold back.

  9. Susan Hogarth Says:


    What a comedy of errors! let’s see if I can sort this out:

    The Convention-page writer misspelled ‘surgery’. Gordon put ‘sergery’ in quotes to make a bit of a joke of it. Lieberman seems to have thought that Gordon was disputing that it was really surgery keeping Boortz away. Root-not-so-radical called Gordon an ‘arrogant prick’ (which is pretty over-the-top, IMO) because while making what might be construed as a spelling flame, he made a spelling error - a common and embarrassing tendency among speeling-flamers (though I consider Gordon’s’ flame’ more of a ‘match’ because it was really only a gentle ribbing). Gordon repaired the typos, both his and the convention-page writer’s, just to stop the senseless quacking. Lot of good that did! ;-) Trent took offense because RNSR called Gordon an ‘arrogant prick’ for a mis-spelling, but really RNSR was using the term because Gordon had the effrontery to mock someone else’s mis-speeling even when he (Godon) was a mispeeler.

    My goodness, I’ve never seen so many misunderstandings about such a simple thing! If I didn’t know better, I’d think you all were willfully misunderstanding one another.

    Oh, right. Back to poo-flinging, boys. Don’t let me get in the way!

  10. Allen Hacker Says:

    Oh, nooo…!

    Be careful Susan, someone will flame you for copping a “girls are superior” attitude.

    Of course, I personally would never do that.


  11. Committee for Clarity Says:

    to be clear

    Susan the committee is not pleased you stepped into clarify the confusion. This old girl is our territory and we speak from the Nolan. However, we know the Nolan loves your cat woman suit but doesn’t like you sharing it with Knapp. We will forgive your transgressions for now.

    THE committee for clarity.
    ...Susan is getting her back up a little bit…that time of the month I guess…no she’s past that stuff…I mean above oh well forget it… I’m dead.

  12. Galileo Says:

    Ed Thompson > Ted Thompson > Fred Thompson

  13. Committee for Clarity Says:

    to be very clear

    ED rocks! Go mayor ED!

    the committee
    ...he’s a real manly man….use to box too. maybe he’d be the ED…tough guy for a tough job…makes sense.

  14. Galileo Says:


    This article appeared in the Sunday Wisconsin State Journal on the editorial page. The article was written by the editor of the editorial page.

    The writer first attended a Libertarian party meeting back in 1998 when he was a writer, and gained a postive impression of the LP.

    This shows how good work can pay off years down the road.

  15. disinter Says:

    No Bortz? Gee darn.

  16. infojunkie Says:

    Quite an improvement in the speaker lineup. Cool.

  17. Starchild Says:

    It’s too bad that Boortz getting injured was the cause of this change. But I’m glad that I’ll now have a reason to attend the banquet. Ed Thompson rocks!

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