Ed Noonan Betrays Constitution Party

For a couple days now it has been a not-so-well kept secret that Ed Noonan, the chairman of the American Independent Party in California, is trying to dissafilliate the AIP-CA from the Constitution Party and place Alan Keyes on the ballot. There were whispers of this by Gerald and Grace Hill at the National Convention. Wether those members still support such actions, I don’t know.
However, Ed Noonan is now collaborating with the Alan Keyes campaign, and with the supports of that campaign, to place Alan Keyes on the ballot in the AIP-CA.

UPDATE: Jim King, former Chairman of the AIP-CA, will be running for Chairman against Ed Noonan.

Ed Noonan stated, on the AlanKeyes.com discussion board:

Calling all Californians…

I need you to:

#1. Join the American Independent Party

#2. Accept an appointment to your local California County committee.

#3. Be ready to act when I say…

If you aren’t a Californian…but know a Californian…get them to do 1 to 3 above.

Edward C. Noonan
State Party Chairman - American Independent Party

If one continues to read in thatthread, they would find this statement:

So good, so far…I just got my first phone call from this website…It was Mark from Shasta Co, CA (Redding). I urged him to re-register American Independent Party and FAX me the form. I would then appoint him to the Shasta Co AIP Central Committee. I need county members in ALL CALIFORNIA COUNTIES. Who is next? Who will call and let me win you over? ALAN KEYES NEEDS CALIFORNIA! (And California needs Alan Keyes!) (and I need you!)

743-6878 - CALL ME NOW

Edward C. Noonan
State Party Chairman - American Independent Party

In essence, what Mr. Noonan is trying to accomplish is obviously a subversive manuever against the National party. Having lost the nomination battle, Mr. Noonan is now attempting to appoint Keyes’ supporters in California to Central Committees so that they can then vote with him to ally with Alan Keyes.

Of course, this hasn’t gone unnoticed. It is only now going public here at TPW because I got specific permission from the opposition (made up of many former and current AIP-CA members).
Robert Drobot, the chairman of the Santa Clara County Central Committee angrily claimed, “The evidence is quite clear that Keyes supporters AND the Keyes website are the two forces behind the Judas Noonan movement to destroy the voting franchise of 331,532 California Constitution Party members

Gary Odom, who was the AIP-CA chairman from 1986-1988, has sounded the alarm while maintaining a very positive attitude, “Thankfully there are a great number of people now stepping forward to stand up and fight for what is right and we are gathering them together to put an end to Ed Noonan’s Reign of Error, to save the American Independent Party and to preserve the Constitution Party in California! Be Vigilant! Confidence is high!

Larry Breazeale, the Chairman of the National Veterans Coalition and member of the Orange County Central Committee of the AIP-CA, was just as vehement and just as positive.
Many AIPers in California, me included, will fight , to our last breath, to keep ANY movement, by ANYONE, to try and put Keyes on the ballot in California. Myself, and other long standing AIP leaders in California,
(many of us as AIP leaders since 1974!!) feel this kind of talk is absurb.
Baldwin and Castle won the nomination fair and square. ONLY their names will appear on the ballot. You have a bunch of knucklehead, pantywaist,
buffoons, with a bad case of the “sour grapes” drawing for straws because their man Keyes lost. I know who these buffoons are and I have completely NO RESPECT for anyone of them. I went to the CP convention
with the attitude of supporting WHOMEVER won the nomination.
“THEY” can NOT say that of themselves. I will do everything in my power to keep the AIP healthy at the leadership level, and not in the glutches of a few misfit goons. Our party has faced this same kind of lunacy before, in past years. We will deal with it again if we have to.

Jim King, who is one of the former chairman and still a popular member of the party, has risen to challenge Mr. Noonan for the chairmanship. He sent me a personal email to this effect:

am ready to defend this party “to the mat”. We must protect it’s continued existence as a vessel ready to fight for the Constitution, our God given rights and our world independence and economic future.

We are like a large battleship standing in the water ready to be manned and gunned. Attempts by the Noonanites of our party to end what we have stood for the past 40 years will be met with the most fierce confrontation of our loyal party members.

I will be running for the chairmanship at our next meeting in June in an attempt to bring common sense and good relationships with our members.

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  1. Jason Gatties Says:

    Not that I condone “drama”, but its refreshing to see that it happens in other third parties as well right now. Must be an election year thing.

  2. Trent Hill Says:


    In this case…its an “idiot” thing.

  3. Fred Church Ortiz Says:

    Maybe the AIP ought to consider moving away from such a loose appointment system for the central committee. Sounds like it was a problem waiting to happen.

  4. Jason Gatties Says:

    gotcha Trent. Every party has a fair share of those people.

  5. Trent Hill Says:


    Agreed. Appointments should have to be agreed upon by the Central Committee.

  6. SovereignMN Says:

    Kudos to Larry Breazeale for having one of the best quotes I’ve seen in a long time….”You have a bunch of knucklehead, pantywaist,
    buffoons, with a bad case of the “sour grapes” drawing for straws because their man Keyes lost.”

  7. Green in Brooklyn Says:

    shades of Nader-Cobb battles in ‘04 in CA.

  8. NewFederalist Says:

    If the AIP disaffiliates from the CP there goes a major marketing device. The CP will no longer be able to claim to be the third largest party in America. That claim is based on party registrations and without the AIP it will no longer be true. This could be a bigger deal than it appears at first glance.

  9. SovereignMN Says:

    It’s cause to be concerned but you gotta wonder how much legs this movement will have. It isn’t like the Keyes people have shown an ability to mount an organized effort during this campaign.

  10. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAFR Says:

    These misfit buffoons, that are apparently trying to sabotage the American Independent Party of California and, and essentially the national affiliate- Constitution party….obviously do not have a life! “They” obviously have way too much time on their hands! All their energy they are now using and time invested on this, and money spent, could of been used towards the BALDWIN/CASTLE CAMPAIGN.
    The question you might ask yourself is this…does Alan Keyes know about this action on the part of a few of his supporters, or does he not?
    Maybe Alan Keyes should be confronted with this issue head on.
    , and we can demand a stand on it one way or another, by him. Of course, many of you will say, “he will just deny any connection to it at all” but, at least it is be addressed!
    Loyal AIPer’s, such as myself and many others across the golden state,
    are rallying against this outrageous , desperate attack by ‘wannabe-power-grabbers’, that have no ounce of common sense about them.
    The American Independent Party which was founded by Bill Shearer (God Rest His Soul) made it possible in later years for a viable Constitution party to even come about. If Bill was alive today, we know, without a doubt exactly where he would stand on this issue.
    I urge ALL AIP loyalists to to come to the aid of your party and help nip this cancer in the bud before it grows any larger or even has a chance to do so.
    These knuckehead, panty-waist, misfit goon-’power-grabbing-wannabe’s
    need to be confronted at every turn, head on, legally and per the California Elections Code. “Men, stand your ground, if they want a war…
    let it begin now”. “DEFENSOR FORTIS” !

    -Larry Breazeale, Msgt.(ret.) USAF

    Constitution party…...www.nvets.org
    Orange County Central Committee,
    Anaheim Hills, Calif.

  11. John Lowell Says:

    I don’t know why there would be any pride in carrying a party as a state affiliate that had its origins in the 1968 segregationist, racist campaign of George Wallace anyway. What could the CP be thinking?

  12. SovereignMN Says:

    Larry touched on a very important item.

    What does this say about the character of this man? The fact that Alan Keyes would be part of an attempt to dismantle one of the largest affiliates of the CP, a party that 7 days ago was good enough to carry his name, speaks A TON about his character.

    He’s willing to KILL a national party…the national party most in line with his views because of his ego. The man has no shame. It’s clear he has been bought in the backroom by the neocons.

    He’s a traitor to the cause in which he claims to represent.

  13. Jonathan Grubbs Says:

    Would it be a bad thing if the Constitution Party had to start a new CP affiliate in CA that was actually called “The Constitution Party”. I understand having the AIP allows us to promote ourselves as the largest third party based on the number of registered voters, but how many of those AIP voters have actually heard of the Constitution Party vs. how many of them are voters who saw American Independent and thought they were registering as Independent voters. I know building a CP affiliate in CA would be a large job, but it would show who the real suppoters are and who are just registerd as Independents.

  14. Trent Hill Says:

    “I don’t know why there would be any pride in carrying a party as a state affiliate that had its origins in the 1968 segregationist, racist campaign of George Wallace anyway. What could the CP be thinking?”

    John—both the Republicans and Democrats at one point or another specifically endorsed segregation and racism. The AIP is no longer supportive of those ends, just as the Democratic and Republican parties arent.

  15. Trent Hill Says:


    That isnt a bad point—but theres one IMMEDIATE drawback: We wouldnt be on the ballot in 2008.

    Furthermore, getting 80,000 registered voters would be QUITE atask.

  16. Ben Says:

    Ahem, I just want to say that I asked on this forum if Ed Noonan would try such a maneuver if his man Keyes didn’t the get CP’s nomination. As much as I dislike Ed, I have to give him a tip of the hat for standing by his deeply held convictions, as misguided as he may be. I will continue to watch how this all shakes out in the next few weeks. It should be interesting to say the least.

  17. Trent Hill Says:


    I think the pro-CP forces will clearly out-distance the anti-CP forces. But I urge any AIPer to go anyway.

  18. Red Phillips Says:

    “What could the CP be thinking?”

    Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps they are thinking that they are not an arm of the PC enforcing, right-think Gestapo.

    I can’t decide who are more irritating. The “Look at me. I don’t believe in your foolish religious superstitions” atheists, or the “Look at me. I’m not a racist because I denounce racism at every opportunity” PC enforcers. We should have a poll.

  19. Brandon Sharitt Says:

    While I’m not a Constitution party fan, it is unfortunate to see one of the bigger third parties possibly tearing itself appart. We’ll never get rid of the duopoly at this rate.

  20. Trent Hill Says:

    It isnt tearing itself apart. California will be fine, if someone ELSE were leading this charge,we might be in trouble. But Ed Noonan is as smart as he is asian.

  21. Greg Says:

    I just had this information passed on to me on another forum. Of course I have no way to guaranteee its veracity.

    He’ll be on the ballot in CA. That is a fight that is basically already won. I just got a call from the Vice-Chairman (who is pro-CP) and he said that by his count they were going to win the fight 45-12 over the Chairman (who is pro-Keyes).

  22. Alicia Says:

    this just posted at the Keyes site (perhaps you need to be a part of his group call tonight!:

    “In Tuesday’s CC, Tom Hoefling said:

    We are going forward. Nothing has changed in this election. It isn’t going to be easy …

    When asked what we, as supporters, should be doing, Tom replied:

    Be patient. By the end of the week (5/3) “it will be crystal clear.”

    * If you are in the CP, get out
    * If you are not in the CP, I want to put up big warning signs. The CP is useless to saving our country.

    We will support people based on principle, not party. Party labels are meaningless. Someplaces we need a party for legal or other reasons.

    Let me make this clear: Alan is running as an Independent … in the long run, we are going to create a structure and a home for all true patriots.

    There are great needs:

    * Mountains of petition signatures in all states
    * We need Funds ($$$)
    * We need people and we need them fast

    By the end of the week, Tom will give a structure to plug them into.”

  23. John Lowell Says:


    From their origins, neither the Democratic or Republican Parties were universally segregationist and racist. The same can’t be said of the AIP, a kind of inheritor of the Dixiecrat mantle. You’d think that the CP would insist on their state affliates adopting their name. No amount of pragmatism will ever disguise the odour in this instance.

  24. Craig M. Says:

    If I am reading this correctly, the AIP of California is going to go ahead and nominate Keyes? As JG said, maybe the CP starting over in California would not be the worst thing——-however, if there is bad timing, this is it. As Trent has said in other posts, the CP needs to win on the local level. Then the CP could change laws concerning ballot access, etc., empowering the regular joe citizens to have more of a say in the government.
    Hopefully the pro-CP people will have the final say in the state of California.

  25. Richard Winger Says:

    The Democratic Party certainly was racist and segregationist in its origins. Thomas Jefferson was not only a slave-owner, he didn’t even provide in his will that his slaves should be freed on his death. Andrew Jackson was also a slave-owner. The annual Democratic Party fund-raisers have traditionally been called “Jefferson-Jackson” Day.

    In the South, the Democratic Party remain committed to segregation until the mid-1960’s. The logo of the Alabama Democratic Party (on all general election ballots) was a Rooster with a banner that said “White Supremacy for the Right.” That wasn’t removed until 1963.

  26. Trent Hill Says:

    Richard beat me to it.

    The Democratic party definetly WAS racist and segregationist in its origins.

  27. Don Grundmann Says:

    Any accusations against the AIP for racism, lingering or not, are totally false and in fact the opposite of reality. Our party, through numerous resolutions and the actions of many members such as myself, is the only party to speak out against racism which continues in our nation to this day; specifically that of the Social Darwinst organization known as Planned Parenthood. While other parties are either indifferent or even totally supportive of the racism of Planned Parenthood only the AIP and the CP stand against PP’s attack against humanity in general and the black community in particular. A greater understanding of this issue can be found at my website, soon to be ready, of KILLBLACKS.ORG. The racism of Planned Parenthood is also addressed at my website of TRUTHUSA.ORG; reference ” All People Are Created Equal.”

  28. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Red, the atheists are much more annoying. I used to be one of them, so I would know. Brandon, your concerns are very valid. Fortunately, the Fringe Alliance Strategy has been developed to prevent such squabbling as is happening now, and unite all anti-establishment people behind common causes.

  29. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAFR Says:

    Yes at one time, George Wallace believed in segregation. However, eventually, he saw the light that it was wrong. He never hated the black race. He did eventually denounce segregation before his assassination attempt. Super liberal Ted Kennedy himself made a very special trip to visit Wallace in the hospital, or shortly after he was released, to wish him well. Wallace went before several Black organizations to apologize for his past position. At one time, the KKK tried to infiltrate the Wallace campaign
    but they never got anywhere due to Wallace blocking them.
    Wallace was a great American in my book.
    While I was in Vietnam in 1968, I voted for the Wallace/LeMay ticket.
    I heard them both speak and I was sold. Gen. LeMay is probably rolling over in his grave, up there in Colorado, at the USAF Academy, due to Bush senior doing away with SAC (Strategic Air Command). Anyways, the left wing press and the liberal press has always tried to paint a picture of Wallace as a “racist” at every turn. I never believed ANY of those lies.
    Wallace got about 10 million votes at the end of the campaign. THAT says a lot. We have folks in our party of ALL races and creeds. The AIP/CP is nothing more than a direct reflection of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. We in the AIP/CP have NO reason to be ashamed of our party’s history. On the contrary, we have so much to be very proud of!This is all of my response to Mr. John Lowell.

    As far as the AIP jumping ship from the “USS Constitution party”......
    it is NOT going to happen. Not over my dead body.

    -Larry Breazeale, Msgt.(ret.) USAF
    Constitution party…www.nvets.org

  30. Trent Hill Says:


    General LeMay was a staunch anti-segregationist.

  31. Stefan Says:

    Trent: I read today on Keyes’s blog they were thinking of approaching the American Patriot Party, that has a very similar basis as the CP, but then they found out that in some states the party has actually endorsed Ron Paul:-) There seems to be difference of opinion among them about Ron Paul: one sees a Paul - Keyes or Keyes-Paul ticket as ideal, while another said he is leaving Keyes if Paul is associated with him.
    In a worst case scenario, Noonan gets the chairmanship and decide to put Keyes on the ballot, is there an alternative party for the CP? Also, the CP needs to get Baldwin ont he ballot in the maximum number of states. Is there not an alternative regional or small national party with which the CP and Baldwin can work together to get ballot access? (and could merge with the party also). How about the Reform Party? Some of the local state Reform Party have endorsed Paul, for instance.

    On the AIP issue, I think Jesse Ventura was first as Governor on the Reform Party ticket and later switched to the AIP ticket, so this connection with “racism” (George Wallace) is stupid, in any case, it is just like a “shell” that was used before.

  32. Stefan Says:

    Catholic Trotskyist: I have a productive idea for you, instead of writing and repeating every time the same about the “Fringe Alliance STrategy”, make it viral, produce a youtube video to promote it. A tip: try to look fringe on the video in your appearance, so as to honesty reflect the topic….

  33. Timothy Yung Says:

    I think the chairman should be replaced by Ezola Foster. The 2000 VP running mate of Pat Buchanan. She was some political experience and I think she would support Chuck Baldwin. Anyways I could have swore that the chairman told me that he was trying to get the Nevada Independent Party was trying to disaffliate too. I really think that this situation would have been avoided if the infamous 2006 Nevada vote went the other way. Anyways this looks pretty serious if the chairman is in charge of the committees he did get most of the delegates to vote for Alan Keyes.

  34. John Lowell Says:

    Red Phillips,

    You say:

    “I can’t decide who are more irritating. The “Look at me. I don’t believe in your foolish religious superstitions” atheists, or the “Look at me. I’m not a racist because I denounce racism at every opportunity” PC enforcers. We should have a poll.”

    Better and even more irritating yet are the “look-at-me, I-don’t-particularly-care-who-it-is-who’s-money-I-take-or-with-whom-I-associate-as-long-as-they-now-call-themselves-’conservatives’ crowd. And the good news:They’re irritating enough to stand out without you’re ever having to conduct a poll.

  35. Robert Drobot Says:

    I am convinced that only a Judas Noonan would dare to fraudulently take part in the Constitution Party presidential nominee convention process, and then shred his fiduciary responsibility to those REQUIRED to register as members of the AIP in order to be heard within the Constitution Party.

    In my opinion, Judas Noonan’s action is a felonious crime on the order of embezzlement. Ceretainly, his actions constitute the greatest theft of the voting franchise of 331,532 Californians. He can not say he is representing the will of the rank and file within the AIP.

    This is the face of unmasked Judas pride, and for what fleeting prize does the traitor’s hand grasp?

  36. Mike Gillis Says:

    “On the AIP issue, I think Jesse Ventura was first as Governor on the Reform Party ticket and later switched to the AIP ticket, so this connection with “racism” (George Wallace) is stupid, in any case, it is just like a “shell” that was used before.”

    Ventura was NEVER a member of the AIP. He is a member of the Minnesota Independence Party, which was born out of the 1992 Perot campaign and later affiliate with the Reform Party, only to disaffiliate and revert back to its original name out of protest of Buchanan’s nomination.

  37. Trent Hill Says:

    “I think Ezola Foster should run for chairman”


  38. Sivarticus Says:

    Keyes is a deranged nut and these actions just prove him to be a typical neo-con flopping about in a small pool. The AIP deserves to go down if they are willing to follow a certified lunatic off the cliff and disaffiliate from one of the nation’s largest third parties.

  39. Trent Hill Says:

    THEY arent. The lunatic chairman is.

  40. Gary Odom Says:

    I could be wrong and am willing to be corrected (I will be on this site whether or not I’m “willing”) but it is my understanding that Ezola Foster no longer lives in California. Wherever she is I would surely like to get in touch with her. She is a great American. I would say that I think she would serve better as a candidate (and hopefully then an officeholder) than as a party functionary, but that is just my opinion.

    By the way, because of the very mistaken notion, perpetuated by the media and our political competitors, that the AIP was some sort of a haven for racists, nazis and haters generally, we were constantly busy, over the years, showing the door to nimrods who came in thinking that they had found a home, only to discover that they were no more welcome in the AIP than anywhere else in decent society.

  41. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Stefan, I appreciate your constructive criticism. However, I am really terrible at video creation, so I will have to find a supporter who is good at it. I agree that when this happens, there will be a lot more interest and commentary than there is here. However, until then I will continue to post about it here.

  42. Reform Party Member Says:

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home: We are in a very confused position! While we feel [from a far, and as non CPers] that the Keyes team is Sooooo wrong on so many issues, and operationally, could mess up a two vehicle parade….

    Donald J. Grundmann and Ed Noonan have been ‘spot on’ about abused veterans. Yet San Diego County’s Diane Templin and the Kings of San Bernardino have been blind to death and neglect of California veterans. Since 1998, even before there was a Citizens For A Better Veterans Home, Paul Meeuwenberg said ‘[state officer] Doctor Pine, a [veterans home] resident at Yountville, has never mentioned any such adve

    rse conditions to me at any time.’

    B4 this clueless and ignorance bound letter [March 12, 1999], Jim King and his spouse had received voice mail, phone mail, and letters. Due to his and similar Libertarian lack of support, Citizens For A Better Veterans Home was formed in May 1998. Prior to this quote from Pine, Citizens founder Richard Oliver Sewell was illegally tossed out of Yountvill in a very high profile IRC [Incident Review Committee] that ‘every one’ was aware of. [Every one but US Tax Payers/ American Independent Party/ Constitution Party members, we guess!]

    After this stupid, stupid, stupid missive, the state of California suffered over $12M loss of federal funding for Barstow. Dozens of patients have had awkward incidents, including $100,000 state fines [Read: Negligent Homicide] and the Barstow home is still the only, only, only, only care campus in the entire nation not having a Sniff [SNF: Skilled Nursing Facility] And this was not done to protect patients from falls, ants in the feeding tubes, conflicting meds, etc——it was done to protect Yountville and Chula Vista from further, tighter, associative reviews!

    So much for Dick King and the old line fogies at California AIP! To quote the Kings’ good friend, Mister Paul Meeuwenberg, ‘I am in the dark as to what!’ [Lake: Well, duh]

    And as for SovereignMN’s unwarranted defense of Larry Breazeale and the fakey, fakey CP Veterans Committee. Hey did any one not notice that not ANY THING on that web page HAD TO DO WITH VETERANS? CPers have admitted to me ‘off mike’ that said vets group is nothing more than a CP recruiting tool!

    Anti Alan Keyes CPers are clueless on the plight of active duty and the former military. Alan Keyes supporters ‘get’ veterans problems! Would Ed [Noonan] and Don [Grundmann] like a copy of the 1999 letter?

    [email protected] and 619.420.0209

  43. Gary Odom Says:

    Who is Dick King? I have been in the AIP for 37 years and have never seen anyone by that name pass through.

    After listening to the ramblings of Donald Lake anyone would be in the dark. Mr. Lake, I really don’t mean to be unkind, because I am the first one to admit that we are all flawed, and I more than most, but if you would kindly make one sentence relevant to the next one it would be far easier to understand you.

    I have known Larry Breazeale for 36 years and I would put his veteran’s credentials up against yours or just about anyone elses anytime. You really don’t know what you are talking about in this case, which takes you into dangerous and deep water.

    You are blaming the AIP and the national Constitution Party for the failings of the federal government and the State of California? Sorry that our scores of incumbents weren’t willing to help you enact whatever legislation it was that you wanted.

    The Constitution Party’s National Veterans Coalition has never claimed to be a “service organization” in competition with the American Legion, the VFW, DAV or even your organization, which, respectfully, I have never heard of outside the pages of Third Party Watch and maybe Ballot Access News.

    I really don’t believe that the plight of Veterans in America can be pinned on “Pro-Keyes people” or the “Anti-Keyes people.” The whole notion is nonsense. However, your continued record of inserting your meanderings into topics that are not remotely related to the subject at hand remains unblemished.

  44. Red Phillips Says:

    I heard Noonan is a “lame duck.” Is he term limited, or just not running again?

    What is the issue here? Do they really like Keyes that much? Are they open or closeted interventionists? Is there something unspoken?

    I don’t think Keyes has the foot soldiers to pull this off. If he did, they would have stormed the convention.

  45. citizen1 Says:

    I did not support Keyes at the convention, but I did defend him against character attacks. If Keyes allows himself to be listed on the AIP ballot, I will have been proven wrong. If Keyes is a man of character he will not accept stolen goods.
    I am glad that it looks like Tom H is behind this effort. I hope he does as good of a job with as he did getting the CP nomination.

  46. End the Empire Says:

    It seems from the above post with info from within the Keyes camp that these people are almost at a CULT stage. Anyone here remember all those same brand tennis shoes of the dead members who “caught” the comet a few years back ?!? Stargate or some such name, wasn’t it ? Be thankful you rejected these people in favor of a known SANE quantity in Baldwin. The CP is headed for it’s best year in history, however…

    You must retain ballot access in CA ! Can the chairman be voted out immediately ? If so, he needs to go NOW and be replaced with the pro CP vice chair. You MUST retain ballot access in CA

  47. Fred C. Says:

    Stargate is the name of a popular movie and cable television franchise.

    Heaven’s Gate was the cult of Nike enthusiasts.

  48. Reform Party Member /Don Lake Says:

    Gary Odom: Yes, after ten years of doing next to nothing, it was quite easy to forget James ‘Jim’ King, and at least, after a decade, I remembered the locale.

    Larry B. may be the most wonderful veterans advocate on the planet! However, FACT, the six ‘talking points’ on the veterans HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH VETERANS. NOT ONE!

    [What is so difficult about looking it up in person and under standing that the verbal information [Veterans Committee as ONLY a party recruiting tool. A very dishonest and even immoral action!] may be ‘spot on’ If Larry is so veterans wonderful, why does not HE complain about the lane site?

    My point, which you do not seem to wish to see, is that CP/ AIP cries ‘Support Veterans’ while looking the other way while they suffer and die! And starting in 1998, some of the other veterans nick named Jim King, “Dick” for his on going lack of interest in dead and dying vets!

    Have Larry call me [619.420.0209] about his apathy. Medals do not always make a hero, and lots of veterans are an absolute zero!

  49. Ben Says:

    Red, Ed Noonan is convinced that Chuck Baldwin and Don Grundmann are “anti-Mormon bigots” because both voted to disaffiliate the IAPNV. He supports Keyes for that reason and one reason only. I respect his conviction to his faith, but I think he has done himself serious damage in the patriot movement.

    Ed was unpopular in the AIPCA almost immediately upon becoming chairman in 2006. He had some good ideas about increasing activism, but was unwilling to accomodate folks that were uncomfortable using electronic communication. He also made the mistake of stepping on more than a few toes by appointing people to positions when some one else believed that they already held the position.

    I am also confused about term-limits for AIPCA officers. I would really appreciate it if some one (Gary?) could explain whether or not Ed Noonan is eligible to run for re-election as AIPCA chairman. I believe that Ed is eligible for re-election, but Ed being elected in the 1st place may be evidence enough that an AIPCA chairman cannot serve two contiguous terms. Some one experienced and knowledgeable of the AIPCA’s rules & regulations is much appreciated to explain the situation.

  50. Trent Hill Says:


    That isnt his only reason for supporting Keyes—its just the pitch he made to IAPers and people in Missouri/Idaho.

    It doesnt matter wether Ed Noonan can run again, Jim King is running and will literally smush him.

  51. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAFR Says:

    Reform Party Don Lake,
    What planet are you from? YOU just don’t get it do you! The NVC of the CP is an outreach to veterans and their families and friends. EVERYONE can join the NVC. Just like a Women’s Federated or Young American Independents from years past, it is all “outreach” programs to bring people into the party.
    If any veteran has a problem with his or her’s VA claim or benefits or pension, they can go to “benefits oriented veterans organizations. There are plenty of them and they all do a great job helping the vets.
    “We” in the CP’s NVC are NOT a benefits oriented organization. We are strictly POLITICAL. We are veterans that want to do something, at the ballot box, to help elect candidates running on as CP candidates all across this republic, local, county, and national offices. We encourage veterans to register CP and run themselves and take charge. As veterans we all took an oath and that oath still holds true today because our country is in mortal danger by the republicrat globalists who promote open borders, endless foreign aid and more peritual no-win undeclared wars, at the expense of us veterans, with our blood, sweat and tears and our lives!
    “Independently” from those CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) controlled parties we can! It is called the Constitution party.
    You can complain about veterans NOT getting the pay they really deserve,
    the health care they really need, the better benefits they really need, the better follow-up care they need as returning wounded warriors but, none of those issues can be properly addressed until we change the foreign policy of this country at the ballot box.
    Proof in point….FOREIGN AID. End the un-constitutional FOREIGN AID, as worldwide handout give-aways to the world, and then our country will have the money it needs to take care of America’s domestic needs, its veterans and military! As veterans who are sick and tired of perpitual no-win undeclared wars…we say NO MORE, unless THIS NATION IS THREATENED and, even then, Congress better get off its rear end, per the constitution (remember THAT document?) and really back the troops 100% by declaring war FIRST before sending the troops in to a war zone.

    Iraq’s borders are more protected by our troops than our own country!
    Veterans did not fight and risk their lives and die for OPEN BORDERS!
    NVC and the CP says…”bring our troops home from all 130 countries abroad and put them on our borders”! The National Veterans Coalition represents the frustrations of our military, veterans and their families and friends. THAT is what the NVC is all about. The NVC is shoulder to shoulder with the VIETNAM VETERANS AGAINST JOHN McCAIN, VETERANS
    FOR SECURE BORDERS, SOLDIERS FOR THE TRUTH, and others for a more pro-active political action at the ballot box. The republican party and democrat parties have BOTH failed our country, our citizens, our families and our military veterans. Thank God we do have a CONSTITUTION PARTY. The NVC is here to stay. LEAD, FOLLOW or GET OUT OF THE WAY.

    Larry Breazeale, Msgt.(ret.) USAF
    Vietnam/Desert Storm veteran,
    U.S. Air Force Security Police/Forces, “Defensor Fortis”
    Nat. Chrm. National Veterans Coalition,
    Constitution party…www.nvets.org

  52. Stefan Says:

    Mike: thanks for the clarification/correction. Sorry about the mistake. Do you know what happened with the party in the meantime? There is a possibility that Ventura may run in the senate race. One wonders whether it would not be best - if he decides to - to run under the LP banner and the Minnesota Independence Party integrates with the LP.

  53. Mike Gillis Says:

    The Independence Party of MN has just joined the new centrist Independence Party of America. They’re still running candidates and typically are the most successful third party in MN.

    I seriously doubt that Ventura will run this year.

  54. Stefan Says:

    Well, I think Bloomberg may use the Independence Party as a platform to run for governor of New York state some time in the future… It remains to be seen about Venrtura, he mentioned he has till July to file and make up his mind, but if he would be serious, he should start this month with a campaign.

  55. jr Says:

    As Sgt. Breazeale stated … but in not so many words:

    The CP NVC from the beginning has had its focus on six national security issues - all of which are being botched by the duopoly party. It is NOT - nor has ever been - a benefit advocacy organization (why compete with those in existance?).

    People who have had to dodge bullets have a unique perspective on national security. The CP NVC is an attempt to provide a home for potential national security advocates who are currently disenfrachised. Its fairly straightforward.


  56. Sean Scallon Says:

    That’s always the risk you take with a federated party structure, that one or more of the affiliates who don’t like the party’s nominee decide to nominate someone on their own to spit in the national party’s face.

    If you believe in federalism then the California AIP has the right to do this but hopefully saner heads within the state prevail over those who still nurse grudges of two-year old internal struggle. Can we finally put the anti-Mormonism issue to rest? Please?

  57. Neddy Says:

    Looks like over at the Keyes site they are self-destructing and filled with character assassination of Trent and others over here. Fools.
    Forget about Keyes - he had a small fraction of support, can’t even manage a group call with his few supporters and refuses to post updates at his own site.
    He has become the biggest non-entity in politics, with a tiny cult following.

  58. Chet Says:

    Has an oddity to it. . . . Could be nothing more than someone in the Baldwin/Paul campaign trying to stir up trouble. Too bad, that’s what got the CP in trouble to begin with. If I were you, I’d all flee to the Libertarian Party. . . . They might be straight with you over there.

  59. Douglas Strother Says:

    Mr. Baldwin’s words and deeds have been wholly consistent with limited Constitutional government, and his dedication to the Constitution Party is beyond reproach. He is an excellent presidential candidate.

    Let Mr. Baldwin speak for himself. Below is his most recent article titled ‘IF I WERE PRESIDENT’ http://www.newswithviews.com/baldwin/baldwin445.htm . More articles can be found at Mr. Baldwin’s website http://www.chuckbaldwinlive.com/ .

    Plans to disaffilate the American Independent Party from the national Constitution Party over the nomination of Chuck Baldwin is a cry-baby response, totally unbecoming of a man with any sense of duty.

  60. Sean Says:

    The libertarian party looks even more fractured. The problems the CP has with the CA affiliate is because of some AK supporters that have a sour grapes mentality.

  61. Ben Says:

    Mr. Scallon, I agree with you that the AIPCA has the right to choose not to place Mr. Baldwin on its ballot line. At the same time, it can’t be just Ed Noonan’s decision either. Those attending the AIPCA state convention will be the ones to make that decision.

    It always bothered me when I was in the CPMN that we never actually voted in convention to endorse Michael Peroutka after the national convention, but before beginning ballot access petitioning. I realise that offered a very small window in 2004, but the convention never authourised the CPMN Exec. Committee to endorse in its stead.

    A small matter some would say, and I was Mr. Peroutka’s campaign chair in Minnesota, but it still bothered me that we didn’t take the proper steps. My memory may be wrong. If some one can show me minutes from the 2004 CPMN Spring convention showing that such a vote was taken (endorse MAP or authourising the CPMN Ex. Comm. to endorse a Presidential candidate), I will stand gratefully corrected.

  62. Ben Says:

    Sean, I do not see the LP as fractured. I see a lot of people vying for their Presidential nomination, and that, I believe, is a positive thing. There were a lot of people vying for the LP’s nomination in 2004 as well. I always expected Aaron Russo to get the nod, and was very surprised when Michael Badnarik got the endorsement.

    I know there were disappointed Russo supporters that considered leaving the LP, but I am not aware of any state LP chapters that considered placing another candidate on the ballot instead of Michael Badnarik.

    The chairman of the AIPCA is upset that his guy didn’t get endorsed and is now trying to get Keyes supporters to the AIPCA state convention to a) re-elect him AIPCA chairman, and b) endorse Keyes over Baldwin and place Keyes on the California general ballot as the Presidential candidate of the AIP.

  63. Sean Scallon Says:

    Ben I agree that decision should not be Ed Noonan’s alone. The whole party has to agree before taking that step.

    Didn’t Minnesota delegates vote for Mr. Peroutka at the 2004 CP National Convention? Isn’t that the endorsement you need?

  64. Ben Says:

    Mr. Scallon, yes, it was unanimous for Peroutka by Minnesota’s delegation. However, I am in a world of greys about the way it was supposed to have been done.

    I am willing to put the issue of the CPMN’s 2004 endorsement in the category of innocent mistake and move on. However, the whole issue of federalism and following the proper steps has been ever present on my mind this week.

    It may even state some where in the CPMN’s organisational documents that in recognition of their affiliation w/ the national CP that they pre-emptively endorse the CP Presidential nominee without regard to who that individual might be. I even think I remember having the discussion with a current member CPMN Ex. Comm. member of what the CPMN might do if Ron Paul were to be running as an independent and Alan Keyes was the CP Presidential nominee.

    It was agreed that the CPMN would have to disaffiliate itself to endorse Ron Paul, but I was never sure if it was a requirement or just the right thing to do. This same person assured me that such a consideration was at best a mental execrise we were engaging in as Keyes, in this person’s estimation, had no chance of ever getting the CP nomination.

  65. Reform Party Member /Don Lake Says:

    Dear “jr”, if Larry B’s “benefits oriented veterans organizations” are doing such a wonderful job, AND THEY ARE NOT, then still CP pretends to be a political organization. Any letters to the editor, any blogs on Concurrent Conscript, ‘Fares’ Doctrine, lethal veterans care campuses, CALVETS/ CDVA, other irresponsible and unresponsive government mismanagement? See below:


  66. Alicia Says:

    Strange, on Alan’s group call he did not mention he was running for much of anything. Tom talked about Texas a bit. They are being coy about California unless it is truly a non-issue. I’ll find out later tonight over dinner. Plus copies of some rather incriminating (embarrassing for Keyes) emails from certain people. We’ll see if it is all worth it. Actually, it is not worth much time or effort considering that he has very limited support anywhere already.

  67. Northern Exposure Says:

    The Alaskan Independence Party Chairman is about to break her word to the CP, and provide Keyes with the AIP ballot line. She all but said as much last night on the Keyes conference call. Even though the Alaska delegation voted for Keyes at the CP convention, it was understood, and agreed upon that the CP candidate would be placed on the AIP ballot in Alaska. She even caste the Alaska delegation votes for VP for Castle. This commitment was further solidified by the resolution of support for the AIP U.S. Senate candidate which was unanimously passed at the CP convention. She is basing her decision on the spurious argument regarding selection of multiple VP running mates, which in no way conflicts with Alaska Election Statutes as she claims. Such a decision, if taken, will lead to the further loss of AIP credibility and an internal party split in Alaska. It will also hamper the U.S. Senate campaign, as the candidate, Bob Bird is a Baldwin supporter.

  68. Sean Says:

    I was wondering if she was considering that. Please be praying for her eyes to be opened.

  69. jr Says:

    Re: “I am willing to put the issue of the CPMN’s 2004 endorsement in the category of innocent mistake and move on.”

    I think that’s probably right. We’re still hacks at this game.

    And then, the MN CP has a stipulation in the by-laws that give fairly broad authority to the ec aftrer the official endorsing convention:

    “In cases where a candidate requests endorsement after the Endorsing Convention, endorsement may come from the Executive Committee.”

    I think if there was strong opposition to Peroutka, there would have been another convention.


  70. Ben Says:

    Like I said, John. It was never a big deal to me as it was obvious that Peroutka was heavily favoured by the CPMN and the national party (his only opponent ended up giving a seconding speech and all other rumoured to be interested never even showed up), but w/ certain things that have happened this week (not just in politics) I’ve been reminded of the consequences of not dotting our “i”s and crossing our “t”s. Too many people can be blinded by the forest for the trees.

    It didn’t really come to mind that Peroutka may have never actually been endorsed by the CPMN until this week w/ Ed Noonan trying to get Keyes the AIPCA ballot line, and now the report that the AKIP may place Keyes on their ballot line in lieu of Baldwin.

    Involvement in any organisation has certain responsibilities and expectations as I’ve mentioned many times. It bothers me when some one’s “Yes” is not really a “Yes”, or their “No” is not really a “No.”

    Just for the record, I will probably not be voting for any one in 2008. I don’t think any candidate for any office this election is qualified in my neck of the woods, and running for office is something that I am not interested in myself. I’m still scarred from my last experience.

  71. Trent Hill Says:

    The Alaskan party should think long and hard about doing that—it would break the agreement they made with the CP. And it would basically destroy the nationwide base of support for their senate candidate.

  72. SovereignMN Says:

    I have had a ton of respect for the Alaskan IP for a long time. This would shatter that. They need to do the right thing here and honor their word.

  73. citizen1 Says:

    I talked to Howard about this VP thing on Sat. night. He said that it was not the plan to have anyone but Castle appear on the ballot.
    Someone needs to point out to Ms. Clark from Alaska that in 2004 when Baldwin was the recognized VP that Jim Clymer was listed as the VP in Kansas due to ballot access issues. The Alaska IP had our candidates on their line that year.

  74. Red Phillips Says:

    What I don’t understand is how the Alaskan INDEPENDENCE Party can support an anti-secession Lincoln cultist like Keyes.

  75. Ben Says:

    Good question, Red. Good question.

  76. Sean Says:

    The AK IP chair is concerned about the multiple VP thing as a form of voter fraud. Thus, my suspicion (and that is all it is) is the following: - I suspect that the Keyes people looked at who voted for them at the state level and ascertained prospective targets / low hanging fruit. - I suspect that the Keyes people were informed about the Alaska chair’s concerns about the multiple VP issue and contacted her, afirming her concerns. - I suspect that the Keyes people played up the Howard Phillips speech as being unfair, and pointed to Howard Phillips being a controlling force of the CP, thus not affording the state organizations their due rights or independence. If so, I would not be surprised if they left out the part about Howard Phillips actually meeting privately with Keyes first. - Lastly - It is possible that AK IP is in favor of a more interventionalist approach, and thus Keyes may be more palatable for that reason.

  77. Sean Says:

    (retry w/ formatting)
    The AK IP chair is concerned about the multiple VP thing as a form of voter fraud. Thus, my suspicion (and that is all it is) is the following: - I suspect that the Keyes people looked at who voted for them at the state level and ascertained prospective targets / low hanging fruit.

    • I suspect that the Keyes people were informed about the Alaska chair’s concerns about the multiple VP issue and contacted her, affirming her concerns.
    • I suspect that the Keyes people played up the Howard Phillips speech as being unfair, and pointed to Howard Phillips being a controlling force of the CP, thus not affording the state organizations their due rights or independence. If so, I would not be surprised if they left out the part about Howard Phillips actually meeting privately with Keyes first.
    • Lastly - It is possible that AK IP is in favor of a more interventionalist approach, and thus Keyes may be more palatable for that reason.
  78. Cody Quirk Says:

    I’m not really going to comment much about this.

    Ed is, or was, a good friend, until he became Chair and started taking his position too far.

    I’m ashamed as to what he has done, he’s the ONLY LDS CP’er to claim the Mormon bigotry card about Chuck Baldwin, never mind Janine and the others are supporting Chuck.

    I think I would like to see Jim King become State Chair, but I’m not in California, so it’s not my say.

    And Bill Shearer is rolling in his grave over this!

  79. Sean Scallon Says:

    I’m curious, why is the California AIP Convention being held after the CP National Convention? Doesn’t one go before the other?

  80. Sean Scallon Says:

    What’s sad is that Rev. Baldwin was very gracious and welcoming to all Keyes supporters during his acceptance speech. This is their response.

    This has nothing to do with the CP and everything to do the impossible dream of electing Alan Keyes preisdent. It’s a personality cult that’s no bigger than than the man himself and will soon run its course.

  81. RRHeustisJr Says:

    Timothy Yung Says:
    I think the chairman should be replaced by Ezola Foster. The 2000 VP running mate of Pat Buchanan. She was some political experience and I think she would support Chuck Baldwin.

    Ezola Foster, a personal friend of mine, and I both joined the AIP together in 2002. However, we quickly learned that the party was not for us.

    Ezola even threw her hat in the ring to run for Chair in 2004, but Howard Phillips, of all people, urged her to step down so that Mr. Shearer’s daughter could run unopposed! Ezola - then and there - learned what this party was all about, and it certainly was not about Principle.

    After the Tampa debacle,, which saw the national Constitution Party surrender to the Mormonist/Pluralist position on the Life issue, Ezola and I both left the party for good.

    Although I cannot speak for my dear friend, I can assure you that Ezola will not be running for a chairmanship of any Constitution Party affiliate.

  82. Timothy Yung Says:

    I am sorry to hear that. In retrospect the Constitution Party should have disaffliated Nevada. To his credit Chuck Baldwin voted to do that. Anyways I think that is why Ed Noonan wants to disaffliate California he says it is anti-Mormon thing when it clearly was a anti-life issue. But now it wouldn’t matter because Ed Noonan and Chris Hansen are probably going to leave the party. I actually spoke on the phone with the chairman and he said he was trying to get the Nevada affliate to disaffliate too. I wonder if anyone has investigated this yet.

  83. Ben Says:

    The Keyes campaign has been in contact with all CP affiliates in an attempt to get them to disaffiliate from national and place Keyes on their ballot line. The Keyes campaign is actively looking under every rock it can find in hopes that some small political party will get Keyes on the ballot for them.

    They are actively spreading rumours that CP affiliates are going to disaffiliate, but then at the same time encouraging all of their supporters to leave the CP. For whatever reason, the IAPNV values its involvement in the CP too much to disaffiliate.

  84. DaveC Says:

    In a year when the electorate is looking for a candidate who is a bridge builder, Keyes has proven himself to be a bridge burner of the first magnitude. Having recently burned his bridges with the GOP he has now lashed out and done the same with the CP. And will any other third party ever be willing to even talk to Keyes now given the risk of having their ballot access pillaged if he doesn’t get his way?

    The Keyestoners have now set themselves the task of gathering 100,000 signatures in Texas by May 10 to get him on the ballot as an independent there. Just to add a bit to the chalenge they also need to be signatures of Texans who did NOT vote in the March 3 primary. That’s because Texas has a “sore loser” law that applies to candidates who have already run and lost in a party primary. Perhaps GOD should have guided Keyes to skip the Texas primary but maybe this is just His way of raising the bar to set the stage for a truly impressive miracle. That Gideon thing again. It is so cool that this very month we are all going to be able to witness a genuine act of divine intervention when the Keyestoners pull this one off. Or not.

  85. Cody Quirk Says:

    Although I cannot speak for my dear friend, I can assure you that Ezola will not be running for a chairmanship of any Constitution Party affiliate.

    = Fine by me.

    And you’re right Ben, the IAP didn’t disaffiliate, I just got back from the convention.

  86. Karlene Says:

    Just like when I was dissed and banned at the AK website, and I vowed to make sure Alan got almost no votes in TX (I know the media and kept him totally clouded out), I will also make sure his push in TX goes absolutely nowhere.
    He will be labeled as a joke (he is) and I have plenty of insider mole information to publicize that will prove it (except in his and Tom and the Stone’s eyes). Some people there are quite naive about who they make “friends” with and what they copy.
    I can assure you that AK will get less than one-tenth of his requirement once voting records are verified.

  87. Ben Says:

    Karlene, we hear and read mention of embarrassing insider information, but nobody actually shares this embarrassing information.

  88. Karlene Says:

    There is no reason to expose these things unless we feel that they are really needed. I was not there to cut someone down because they disagreed with me philosophically. I also have no reason for revenge or retribution - I suffered no losses (ALAN CERTAINLY HAS!). God is doing his will by displaying to America how utterly powerless Keyes has become. Look at where he was 8 years ago, look where he is now.
    However, I will not stand by and watch the Stones and Tom trash the CP and attempt to dismember a group that he was so desperate to join just two weeks ago.

    All I will do is play by his game rules. He is a public figure and he must be able to stand in the hot kitchen where truth is cooking.

  89. Cody Quirk Says:

    ...And the IAP voted unanimously to have Chuck Baldwin on their ballot.

  90. Timothy Yung Says:

    Hey my college ends late so I could study for finals that weekend California conventions but this is more important. I am thinking about going to the convention. I don’t know all the details but according to Ballot Access News it is supposed to take place at a Denny’s Restaurant(which is pretty ghetto) but it might be changed due to increase interest.

  91. Trent Hill Says:


    Make sure you attend,details should be forthcoming soon.

  92. Neddy Says:

    Keyes is trying to break up the CP starting in Texas
    of course, he fails everywhere at everything, so it will be more amusing than anything else

  93. RagsterLives Says:

    Frankly the Constitution Party tied a noose around their necks when they invited Keyes to the Party and then allowed the founder to rip, bash, trash, and rudely speak of Alan Keyes. The Constitution Party appears to represent the similar problems of authoritarianism that the Democratic and Republican Party have. This party appears to be headed for the recycle bin. As an independent who is leaning for the Libertarian Party and was interested in the Constitution Party, I almost thought the Constitution Party had some good ides, but the harsh remarks and the appearance of a dictatorial organization have change my mind. The CP has relegated itself to the wannabe party after this last convention.

  94. HeadOfSteam Says:

    Alan Keyes was invited and was given the opportunity to be voted on. The majority of delegates voted for Chuck Baldwin. Period.

    The people who supported Keyes before Howard’s speech, still supported him after Howard’s speech. The people who supported Baldwin still supported Baldwin. Being invited does not mean you automatically win. He lost on a fair vote.

    I don’t think Howard’s speech changed any minds. he did not need to. Alan Keyes was driving people away from voting for him all by himself. Like when he held up the CP platform in front of a crowd of CP delegates and said he could not stand on it.

    The only question for Keyes at that point was, then what are you doing here? If you don’t agree with our platform, you can’t be our nominee.

    The Constitution Party overcame those that were starstruck by Keyes’ celebrity, for that they need to be commended. Trying to build a party with the fading stars of the Republican Party won’t work. It must be built from the inside with people who are true believers in the platform, like Chuck Baldwin.

    Oh, and that speech from Howard, gets a thumbs up from me. Thank you Howard Phillips.

  95. Bill Stewart in San Francisco Says:

    As a long-term Libertarian Party member who’s watching outsiders try to take over my own party, and who’s watched years of internal squabbling over principles and personalities, I can both sympathize with you guys and encourage you to get your act together. You need to get beyond that, and while California ballot status is definitely important, since you’re a party based on principles (as the Libertarians and Greens are), you need to make sure not to let yourselves get hijacked.

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