Nader on Democracy Now (from Feb. 2008)

Ralph Nader talks to Amy Goodman on Democracy Now about Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

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  1. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    I refuse to watch any video of the fascist/stalinist criminal Ralph Nader, but hopefully Amy Goodman treated him horribly. If not, I will certainly have God send a warning message to her heart that she needs to get back to the true Democracy revolutionary candidate, Barack Obama. I am also hoping to be booked on that show to talk about the Fringe Alliance Strategy. After I make my identity public at the LP national convention, I should have no trouble with this.

    Please pray for the pope and please pray for Barack Obama. Please also pray for Fernando Lugo, the new Catholic Communist President of Paraguay, and please pray for me also as I am officially received into the Catholic Church on Sunday.

  2. Greg Says:

    I don’t agree much with his “progressive” agenda . He preaches against corporatism but he doesn’t understand that it will always exist until we drastically cut the size of government. How is he considering a presidential run, yet not have ballot access? I thought it was already too late to start the process. I guess not.

  3. Mike Gillis Says:

    This is from February, Greg. He’s already started the ballot access process in a number of states, as the ballot access windows have opened.

  4. Deran Says:

    Nader is always a great speaker. In ‘96 he was pretty stiff, and professorial. But by 2000, and even more so in 2004, he could really pull his audiaence right into his critiques and vision for a better future.

    Someone claimed to me Alan Keyes had tried to “nader” the CP (get their nomination, and then allegedly not work as much as was wanted toward party building). I replied; “Ah, but the difference is that Ralph Nader has done lots of actually useful things through out his long career as the jolly old elf of the public interest, and Mr. Keyes; not so much.”

  5. Meh Says:

    Greg, Ralph Nader just got on the ballot in New Mexico. There is a lot of time left to collect signatures.

  6. Huh? Says:

    Hey Catholic Trotskyist,
    Based on your remarkably perceptive views - which aren’t in any way totally crazy and incoherent, I’m certain your “Fringe Alliance Strategy” is going to be a big hit among libertarians, who as you know are big fans of communism.

  7. ACUTS Says:

    Barack Obama is a fraud.

    He is a corporate controlled war mongering stooge and I think any idiot who buys into this crap is yet another reason our country goes in the tank.

    No need to address the issue when you can vote for a smile and an image. Of course reality shines its ugly light on such an image and we are left with a a guy who takes money from major corporations and hides it from people via bundling, a guy who wants to redeploy troops from Iraq to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and possibly Iran. He wants to switch out the US troops in Iraq with private security forces, keep the green zone in Iraq, he wants to basically continue the status quo, but presents it in a way to eliminate your guilt as voters and you do not have to sacrifice or do anything, I mean we would not want you to exert free will and choice as a citizen and consumer and have you get engaged.

    Folks like Nader are heroes who have stood up for the little guy over and over.

    We have very few champions left, it seems the media tries and marginalize them.

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