LP: Government beefs up as economy flattens out

From the Libertarian Party:

As the economy struggles to grow, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting that local, state and federal governments have added a combined 76,800 jobs in the first quarter of 2008, with nearly 18 percent of those jobs at the federal level. In response to the numbers, the Libertarian Party issued this response by National Media Coordinator Andrew Davis:

“While the private sector sheds jobs and the economy fails to grow by even one percentage point in the first quarter, government at all levels is growing at an alarming pace. Government expansion is bad for the economy, and even worse for liberty. In the end, taxpayers are left with less rights and a bigger tab to pay. The economic stimulus package Americans should be asking for is a new government come November that is willing to cut taxes and reduce spending.”

12 Responses to “LP: Government beefs up as economy flattens out”

  1. Honey Porter Says:

    “with nearly 18 percent of those jobs at the federal level.”

    Disgustingly terrible.

  2. Less Antman Says:

    Okay, just 2 more press releases and that god-awful anti-libertarian release will be off page 1 of the LP web site. 3 more and people won’t know the executive director of the LP was unaware of food rationing during WWII.

    It’s a start.

  3. disinter Says:

    Has Corey been fired yet?

    Now that would be news..

  4. Yank Says:

    What is the staff position on ass? Is there ass at the office?

  5. disinter Says:

    The official staff position on ass is that ass is okay unless it is under the age of whatever number they happen to pull out of their ass today and it is approved by the FBI. In fact, the FBI should dedicate more resources to the very serious problem.

  6. Yank Says:

    I’d like to dedicate more resources to ass.

  7. Mike Theodore Says:

    I’ll head that committee, Yank. You available for research?

  8. G.E. Says:

    The LPHQ’s position on ass is that Shane Cory’s head is up his own. But he has company there—namely Bill Redpath.

  9. G.E. Says:

    And the policy on balls is that Bill Redpath has none.

  10. Ninja Six Says:
    1. G.E. Says:
      April 30th, 2008 at 9:01 pm

    And the policy on balls is that Bill Redpath has none.

    Dondero, is that you?

  11. Itch Says:

    GE—layin’ down the law. That’s manly. I respect that.

  12. Yank Says:

    Better a flat economy than a flat ass.

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