From the Libertarian Party of North Carolina

Here’s an update on two major stories regarding the Libertarian Party of North Carolina.


We’re received a date for the trial of our lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the state’s elections law. The trial is set for May 5 in Wake Superior Court. Room 10-B. We expect the trial to last 2 to 3 days.


Meanwhile, we are 99.99999% confident our ballot access drive is over.

We have in our hands 69, 575 verified signatures and are awaiting returns on 3,100 plus that are still in the verification loop. With only 159 more verified signature needed, something would have to be amiss in the universe for us not to exceed our goal of 69, 734.

Brian Irving
LPNC Communications Director

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  1. Honey Porter Says:


  2. Susan Hogarth Says:

    Thanks for the ‘congrats’, but you know the best form of appreciation in politics is … money!

    We’re really stretched thin after the signature drive and with the lawsuit expenses, and we do of course need to now woo back the once-registered Libertarians (and their friends! and others!), and we need to support our candidates.

    So please, those of you who can, shoot a few bucks the LPNC’s way:

    OR, (and/or, if you’re flush with cash:)

    Please contribute to another state LP working for ballot access:

  3. The Democratic Republican Says:

    Give ‘em hell!

    Susan—I will send a few bucks your way when I can. I intend to support your candidate for Governor as much as possible.

  4. Susan Hogarth Says:



  5. The Democratic Republican Says:

    My pleasure. I know the Duke prof is running for governor to help you all stay on the ballot, but what percentage does he have to get for that to happen?

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