What Was Ralph Nader Thinking?

From Jürgen Vsych:

“What Was Ralph Nader Thinking?” New biography of the consumer advocate and independent presidential candidate

What Was Ralph Nader Thinking when he ran for president against impossible odds? Read this new book and find out!

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, or dared to eat a hot dog, you may be alive because of Ralph Nader.

Honored by Time magazine as “One of the 100 Most Influential Americans of the Twentieth Century,” Ralph Nader battles the corporations that rip off consumers, poisons their water, pollutes their air, and sells them unsafe cars.

So why is Nader so beloved by college students and loathed by their parents?

Author Jürgen Vsych (pronounced Yurgen VY-zick), Nader’s 2004 and 2008 campaign filmmaker and photographer, won the Prince Charles Trust Award for her film Pay Your Rent, Beethoven. Her 30 films have aired on PBS, Channel Four in the UK, and at 41 film festivals in 28 countries. Vsych is the author of The Woman Director, the first autobiography of an American female film director. She lives in San Francisco.

“What Was Ralph Nader Thinking?” available exclusively here.

30 Responses to “What Was Ralph Nader Thinking?”

  1. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Nader is not loved by college students. That may have been a few years ago, but now most of them ae rcoming to the realization that he is a fascist/stalinist criminal who is one of the most dangerous people of our time. He is the mastermind behind the Bush/Clinton neocon conspiracy, and only the Obama Revolution will save us. This yccle he will probably get more support from onlder people than younger people.

  2. Laine Says:

    Well at least in my liberal bubble there is a resurgence of his sway with younger college educated and those still in college at least most people I know are willing to support him.

  3. Richie Says:

    The cool “third party underdog” feeling that the Nader campaign had in 2000 has long worn out with college students. They’re all in the Obama camp now.

  4. Mike Theodore Says:

    Catholic Trotskyist, What bee is in your bonnet?

  5. Jerry Baner Says:

    If Mike Gravel wins the Libertarian nomination, Ralph Nader needs to drop out and endorse him.

    RN can’t compete with 49 state ballot access.

  6. Mike Theodore Says:

    LP does not have 49 state ballot access. We don’t even have it here in Illinois.

  7. Jerry Baner Says:

    Sorry, meant 29 state ballot access.

  8. Mike Theodore Says:

    Almost gave me a heart attack, Jerry. I thought they slipped in ILL ballot access in under my nose. Back to moping. Like I said earlier, I almost had a chance to confront a congressional candidate on ballot access. A GOP guy! That would have been sweet!

  9. Eric Dondero Says:

    Ralph Nader: Beloved by Safety Nazis across America.

    We’re just too dumb to decide for ourselves whether or not to wear a seat belt in our own automobiles. Better to have Nanny State Big Government make such decisions for Americans. Can’t have anything called Freedom of Choice now can we?

  10. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Mike, I am angry because I have so far had no support for the Fringe Alliance Strategy, which I have posted on noumerous threads, and I am angry that people still support the fascist/stalnist criminal Ralph Nader after he put Bush into power in 2000, just as Perot heroically put Clinton into power in 1992 and 1996. Hillary Clinton has betrayed the Democratic Party, and I am just relieved that God has imparted to me the knowledge that Bill Clinton is secretly sabotaging his wife’s campaign and working for Obama.

  11. Mike Theodore Says:

    What about Robert Milnes?

  12. silver Republican Says:

    Part of me still thinks that Catholic Trotskyist is somebodys spoof on Milnes. Honestly, if I were going to become a joke poster, I would design someone ver ymuch like Cat Trots up there.

    In fact, with him around, I have trouble seeing how any spoof could be more rediculous then the real thing.

  13. Mike Theodore Says:

    No, I take Milnes seriously. Hell, I even like the guy. Catholic Trotskyist is just a friggin’ enigma. I figure he’s just someone spoofing his own self image of madness. His link leads to wiki, wtf?

  14. cats Says:

    Millions of white people are BITTER that they had to give up their jobs to less qualified African Americans under the disguise of a racist program called Affirmative Action that Obama approves to use for his own Elitist children just because they are African American

  15. Fred C. Says:

    Mike: Give him your money.

  16. Reform Party Member Says:

    Also read/view “An Unreasonable Man” book/DVD.

    I am free to ‘throw away’ my vote as California will have it’s entire electorial delegation go to the Democrat candidate by over one million ballots.

    As a member of the wacky Peace and Freedom Party [Federal Felon for President any one? How about jet ace and former congress person “Puke” (Tucson) Cunningham?] I voted Perot/ Perot/ Nader/ Nader! But even in 2004 he was ‘past the shelf date’! Sad but true!

  17. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Indeed Mike and Silver, the situation is quite complicated. I actually hold the beliefs that I actually post here, but I do not state most of them in my daily interactions with people. I am indeed a Catholic (recent convert), a Trotskyist and an Obama supporter, and I tell much of this information to the people I am closest to, but I am thought of by most people at my college as a fairly normal but very active political personality and campaigner for Barack Obama, who just happens to be Catholic and a strong antiwar progressive.

  18. Preston Says:

    I am a college student, and I love Nader. Though I’m not supporting him this cycle because he isn’t building a party.

  19. Eric Dondero Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how liberals will just do everything they can do avoid the Mandatory Seat Belt issue, especially on forums where there are a bunch of libertarians.

    Liberals HATE IT when Libertarians bring up the issue. They squirm, they evade, they ignore, they do everything they can to escape an issue that they know divides them from all libertarians.

    Hey Liberal Nader supporters. Please explain why is it that your guy wants to force me to wear a seat belt in my own car? I own my vehicle. I paid for the thing. They government didn’t buy it for me.

    Why isn’t your guy Nader Pro-Choice on seat belt use?

    Admit it: He’s a Safety Nazi. He’s an Authoritarian who wants to tell Americans how to live their own lives.

    Stop evading the issue. Answer us libertarians this simple question: Why does Ralph Nader want to violate our individual rights to freedom of choice on how to drive our own vehicles withouth government intervention?

  20. Thomas M. Sipos Says:

    Seatbelt laws a minor when compared to issues of war and peace.

    However, if we must focus on minor issues, I’m more peeved at anti-tinting laws. Laws in most states forbid car owners from tinting windshields and side windows.

    Two reasons are offered: 1. It’s dangerous to drive with a tinted windshield, as it will make it harder to see at night, and 2. It’d danerous for police, as they can’t see into your car when they pull you over, and see if you have guns.

    However, tinted windows: 1. Protect against skin cancer and other sun damage, 2. Protect against burglary, because thieves can’t see if there’s anything worth stealing in your parked car, 3. Protect against violence, because a tinted car may contain a lone woman or a group of tough men, 4. Protect against accidents, as he sun won’t shine in your eyes—sometimes so bright in southern California that even sunglasses don’t entirely help.

  21. Daryl Ducharme Says:

    Nader fought for the car companies to put seat belts in cars so that we could make the decision to wear one if we wanted. If it were up to the car companies, specifically GM, we wouldn’t get to make the decision to wear a seatbelt - it would already be made for us.

    At least with the mandatory seat belt laws you can still make a choice. Sure, one has you breaking the law but you still get to make a choice.

  22. Mike Gillis Says:

    Obama isn’t Catholic or anti-war.

    For one, he’s a member of the United Church of Christ.

    And for another his record is pretty pro-war, as he’s voted for every war funding package, voted against war withdrawal timetables, has a “withdrawal” plan that would leave around 20-60,000 troops in Iraq - plus the military contractors. Plus he’s a hawk on Iran and Pakistan.

    The rest of his record is painful UNprogressive as well. Voting to renew the PATRIOT Act and opposing universal healthcare settles that. Not to mention that he spends large portions of his book attacking the New Deal and advocating Clinton style triangulation.

    Your imaginary friend is beaming you Son of Sam style messages about how he’ll usher in some sort of theocratic socialist revolution. That’s some bad intel and the fact that you’ve spoken highly of Imperato and Milnes as second and third choices just goes to show how truly moronic you really are. And your so-called “Fringe Alliance” strategy isn’t that. It’s just the same old “vote Democrat or the boogie man’ll get you” bullshit.

    And it’s just as untrue as the notion that Nader put Bush in the White House. A vote for Nader is a vote for Nader. Just as a vote for Baldwin is a vote for Baldwin. And a vote for Barr or Root is a vote for Barr or Root. Period.

    CT, please do go fuck yourself.

  23. Joseph Marzullo Says:

    Ralph Nader is a piece of trash. Why doesn’t he try to create change without using the government to impose his will on everyone?

  24. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Eric, though I am a socialist I am actually against seatbelt laws, and as I have posted before, I believe that Ralph Nader is one of teh great villains of our time. Mike, I know that Obama is a member of the Church of Christ, but he and his pastor, the great national hero Jeremiah Wright, will be converting to Catholicism next year. Even if they don’t, they will still be honorary Catholics. It doesn’t actually matter what his voting record is, that’s just the way to infiltrate the political system. What about his longtime support for the great Christian progressive hero Jeremiah Wright? And his book does support Clinton administration policies, this is why Bill Clinton is secretly sabotaging the Hillary campaign. And have you actually read the Fringe Alliance Strategy of direct action protests for 3-teared constitutional amendments to the electoral system? Would you support it if I was a Nader supporter?

  25. Libertarian Joseph Says:

    Catholic Trotskyist,

    I’d support a seat belt law around every socialist’s neck.

  26. Mike Gillis Says:

    No, because if you supported Nader’s run, you wouldn’t be advocating a so-called “Fringe Alliance” vote for the lesser evil garbage.

    We’ve heard the “fight for the reforms and THEN run candidates” argument and it doesn’t work, because ONLY in places with strong third parties have we ever gotten any of those reforms. Without a strong third party presense, there is no pressure for them to implement any of those reforms. Period.

    Your “Strategy” isn’t a strategy at all. I wouldn’t support it because it’s historically proven to be bullshit.

    And your defense of Obama is “don’t worry, he’s just a liar and he’ll say anything to get elected”?

    That’s just sad. The “stealth progressive/libertarian/conservative”...excuse is just a rationalization that people make for themselves to keep voting for shitty candidates.

  27. swift kick into rev. j. wrights nuts Says:

    any asshole who thinks the us gov created aids specifically to kill dark skinned people, deserves that seatbelt wrapped around his neck LJ

  28. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    The voting for Obama is a separate issue than my Alliance Strategy to get rid of the electoral college and reform the elections in other ways. Then, people like Nader wouldn’t have to worry about people like me who believe in the “lesser of two evils” and may actually have a chance of winning. I might even vote for them. Yet you refuse to realize that because you would rather have this country destroyed by McCain through Nader’s poor strategy.

  29. Mike Gillis Says:

    Nader’s strategy - despite your Democratic propaganda or your visits from your imaginary friend - does not aid the Republicans and is far more likely to bring about those reforms than if all third parties just voted “lesser evil” and fought for those reforms without seeking elected office.

    As I’ve said more than once, the only places where those reforms get any traction are places where there is a strong third party presence or after a strong third party vote. Examples being San Francisco’s Greens and the Progressives in Vermont.

    If we all voted major party and did so openly without making hardline demands, why the hell should these parties give us ANY reforms? Why would there any demand for reform?

    The pushes for term limits and balanced budgets in the 90s came about because of the electoral challenge of the Reform Party. The New Deal came about because of the electoral challenge of the Socialist Party… The potential for the end of the electoral college in 1968 only happened because George Wallace ran with the AIP and challenged the system as a third party candidate!

    The “Fringe Alliance” bullshit is the same old “you should stop running for office until you change the system” line, which forgets that the only way to change the system is from the outside of it, with third parties leading the charge.

    That’s the only thing that ever HAS changed anything.

    And if you honestly think that Obama is actually anti-war and that he’s a covert theocratic socialist revolutionary who’s just lying to win….

    ...well, then I have some magic beans to sell you.

  30. Thomas Says:

    Ralph Nader DID NOT make the laws pertaining to wearing your seatbelt; he made the laws for car manufacturers to install seat belts. I am a Liberal Nader supporter, I don’t believe in mandatory seatbelt laws. I believe people should be able to choose to wear them, I love natural selection.

    Mike Gillis kudos to you and your intellect. I wish I was articulate enough to make those points!

    CT do you always speak such rubbish? I can make things up too. Seriously, where do you get your information from. Can you smell your own fecal matter on your knees?

    I love Mike Gravel but he isn’t on the same page as libertarians; Mr. Gravel should have of ran as a Green.

    Also, do people realize that Nader doesn’t disappear post election? He is currently working on a congress watchdog group!

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