Vice-presidential candidate Darrel Castle

Since I did not notice it reported elsewhere on this site, I thought I would mention that the Constitution Party nominated Darrel Castle for Vice-President of the United States. I do not know much about him. He is the national vice-chairman of the Constitution Party and a member of the Constitution Party of Tennessee. I believe that he is a former Marine Corps officer. I am not sure how to spell his name; It is spelled different ways on the website. Interestingly, Mr. Castle and Reverend Baldwin voted differently on the pro-life issue in Tampa in 2006: Baldwin voted to disaffiliate the Independent American Party of Nevada from the national party, while Castle voted against disaffiliation.

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  1. silver Republican Says:

    Does anyone know anything about this guy?

  2. NewFederalist Says:

    Apparently not.

  3. Joseph Marzullo Says:

    Another bum, eh?

  4. silver Republican Says:

    I’m no Keyes groupie, but this does seem to be the weakest CP tiket in a while a year where the libs will have a stronger then normall tiket.

  5. Trent Hill Says:

    Baldwin is a strong choice because of his obvious connection to the Paul-movement, although i’m not convinced we’ll make good on that.

    Castle, however, was a very poor choice. He’s simply a lawyer.

  6. Sean Says:

    Castle did a great job chairing the Platform committee (I watched as an observer). He has a dry humor, and it took a very long time for me to find an instance of him smiling. My choice was Bradley (although I abstained from voting because of a weird request by Baldwin that I felt made voting meaningless).

  7. Stefan Says:

    Trent: why did they not nominate Mary Starrett, who was also one of the three. She asked the questions to the candidates right? I mean she is not only very strong pro-life, but has media-experience and qualifications (which the CP need) and with her being an attractive genuine middle-aged woman who ran for senate in Oregon two years ago, would she not have been the ideal vice-presidential candidate and would have attracted a lot of female interest and support? Baldwin is a very good choice indeed, good age, intelligent with some media following and will be able to get a lot of evangelical support, and also from Catholics, who are both pro-life and anti-war. The CP also has potential to go make inroads into the Huckabee supporters, for one.

  8. Christopher Hansen Says:

    I regularly post Chuck’s blogs on the IAP blog.

    He appears to be a very good man. I can easily vote for him but prefer Keyes for many reasons.

  9. Trent Hill Says:



  10. Hayhurst for America Says:

    “Baldwin is a strong choice because of his obvious connection to the Paul-movement,”

    I agree that Chuck Baldwin is a strong choice and my introduction to Mr. Baldwin was through Ron Paul. I think that a lot of “Ron Paul Republicans” will be interested in Mr. Baldwin, but that the more Libertarian Ron Paul supporters may lean to Barr. The goal now is to get the message of the CP and Baldwin out to the masses.

    I’m a GOP member that is so feed up with the last twenty years of my party. Their are a few Americans in the bunch, but most are career politicians caring even less about you or I and transforming our once conservative party into a mockery.

    I have thought long and hard and a move to the CP may be the answer. So from an outsider of the CP, (not for long if I listen to my heart), Baldwin is the only candidate that true Americans have and we have to do all we can to get him in the public eye.

  11. Cody Quirk Says:

    So what do the ex CP nutjobs think about Baldwin now, hmmmmm?

  12. kalipay Says:

    His name is correctly spelled Darrell Castle.

    Mary Starrett refused to accept the nomination, desiring to remain in her current position as “press person” for the national party.

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