Media coverage of the Constitution Party convention

I appreciate Trent Hill, Mike Ferguson and Stephen Gordon’s eyewitness coverage of the Constitution Party convention. I thought folks might be interested in other media’s reporting. The Muskegon Chronicle ran a story today on Mad Max Riekse who is seeking the vice-presidential nomination. The St. Joseph News-Press ran a story on Thursday on the convention that mistakenly treated the nomination of Alan Keyes as a foregone conclusion. Former Constitution Party candidate for US Senate, Mark Dankof had an editorial published today in Al Bawaba that applauds the Constitution Party for their selection of Chuck Baldwin over Alan Keyes:

This weekend in Kansas City, the Constitution Party delegates offered a choice, not a Zionist-inspired echo. God bless them. God bless the Old American Republic. And God bless a Godly-man named Chuck Baldwin. Go get, ‘em, Chuck.

3 Responses to “Media coverage of the Constitution Party convention”

  1. Jeremy Young Says:

    From the Riekse article:

    “He also sought the signatures of three state party chairmen, which is required for a candidate to address the convention.”

    How the heck did Imperato manage to get the signatures of three state party chairmen? Did he promise them the Pope’s endorsement if they signed his form?

  2. Rob Says:

    Hey, didn’t I just see this over on Drudge?

  3. Sean Says:

    I think the state chairmen and delegates were open to not disenfranchising the candidates (despite what I expect some Keyes supporters will say). It is my regret that joke candidates like Russell (i think) ran. For 2 or 3 of them, I wished for the 15 minutes of my life back that was wasted listening to them. Daniel Imperato got worse as you listened to him, and while his flakiness was hinted at by his reference to being baptized in the Spirit by Benny Hinn, it was has answers to questions that made me increasingly question his relevance.

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