LP presidential media wrap-up

John McCaslin reports that Bob Barr will be a guest at the 2008 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. In a different article, McCaslin reports the following:

Former Republican congressman and rumored 2008 Libertarian Party candidate for president Bob Barr was seen huddling with pundits and leaders of various state-based center-right and libertarian think tanks and advocacy organizations at the Sheraton Atlanta on the eve of the Heritage Foundation’s annual Resource Bank Meeting.

“No Republican, conservative or whatever should underestimate how fond we are of this guy and appreciate what it is he has done and is hopefully about to do,” one well-known conservative attendee from Washington, who requests anonymity, tells Inside the Beltway.

“It’s an ‘in our hearts we know he’s right’ kind of thing. Very exciting — could be quite huge.”

The Heritage Foundation’s annual meeting begins today, gathering more than 500 think tank executives, public interest lawyers, policy experts and elected officials from around the world to discuss issues, strategies and methods for advancing free-market, limited-government public policies.

Over at LRC, Mary Ruwart writes:

To be for liberty, you must be for it consistently, respecting the lives of others in all matters. You cannot make an exception for the War on Terror. You cannot make an exception for the War on Poverty. You cannot make an exception for the War on Drugs. You cannot make an exception for gays or prostitutes. You can’t let bureaucrats deny dying patients life-saving medicine just because the FDA hasn’t yet approved it. You can’t take another’s money or land and give it to another.

Liberty is indivisible. It’s the one thing we can’t have unless we are willing to give it others. If someone tells you differently, they just don’t know how the world really works. Make sure that you don’t vote them into power.

The liberty you save may be your own!

Here’s a local angle on Bob Barr:

Should Barr get the nomination, his presence would likely make November slightly more interesting, especially hereabouts. He represented us in Congress when this was known as the 7th Congressional District. He’s also got a higher profile nationally than most past Libertarian candidates — probably not so much for his laudable anti-big-government, pro-individual-rights positions as his aggressive pursuit of the impeachment of a former president.

Not as rich nor as entertaining as the last third-party candidate to make an appreciable dent in the popular vote (Ross Perot), Barr plainly doesn’t expect to win. He simply wants a bigger platform than his current role as a privacy/security gadfly and newspaper columnist. He wants to become a bigger nuisance to the entrenched powers.

BARR’S MESSAGE is worth heeding. The dangers he has been addressing since leaving Congress are real and growing. If he could show well enough in the polls to force his way into the presidential debates, this former federal prosecutor could well move his — and the Libertarian — case along.

Here’s VOA on a few familiar names.

On Mike Gravel: “Of the handful of candidates for the Libertarian nomination, one started his run for president as a Democrat. Former U.S. senator Mike Gravel of Alaska took part in the early Democratic debates with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other presidential hopefuls. Excluded from later debates, he dropped out of the race, registered as a Libertarian and became a candidate for the party’s presidential nomination. He says he wants U.S. troops out of Iraq and the U.S. government out of people’s pocketbooks.”

On Wayne Allyn Root: “Libertarian candidate Wayne Allyn Root calls Gravel a liberal, not a true libertarian, and accuses him of wanting bigger government. He notes that Gravel supports a universal health care system and a carbon tax on environmental emissions.”

Bob Barr on two things a potential Barr campaign could accomplish: “’One, provide a real choice to the two major parties, and also to open up the debates and the dialogue during the campaign to address some of the fundamental constitutional issues that simply are not being discussed in the current environment,’ he said.”

Politics1 runs with the headline “Leading Libertarian Prez Candidate Defends Child Porn” while Roderick Long defends Mary Ruwart on this issue.

Dave Weigel quotes Michael Badnarik on Bob Barr (and to some degree, Mike Gravel):

If you focus on some past vote you didn’t like, you’re kind of making a judgement that people can’t change and can’t improve. I think people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. All of us should grow up—all of us have done really stupid things. If you were in Congress, working hard, and you made some bad decisions sincerely, you can move past that. I’m always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt.

“The good news is actually how biased the GOP has been against Ron Paul,” Badnarik also said. “The fact that they are trying to subvert his campaign and deny him delegates is an indication of what a huge threat he is.”

21 Responses to “LP presidential media wrap-up”

  1. Peter Orvetti Says:

    One of my concerns about Barr is just a personality one. Putting aside the question of his libertarian credentials, I remember really recoiling from Barr during his time in Congress because he just seemed so partisan, so humorless, and so lacking in compassion. During the Clinton impeachment, he seemed quite heartless and vindictive, lacking the sense of sorrow that other House Managers conveyed. He just never seemed human to me.

    Can those who know Barr personally dispel these feelings?

  2. Stefan Says:

    Peter, Barr is a

  3. Stefan Says:

    Peter, Barr is a lawyer and in the Clinton case he has to focus on the subject matter in all earnesty and should not let your emotions control you. The same with a doctor or specialist that see many patients with problems or in emergency: they should shut out their emotions while working on the job, so to speak, otherwise they can never make it psychiologically. I heard Barr with interviews a few times, he is thoughtful and very articulate and serious, but has a sense of humor as well.

  4. Gene Berkman Says:

    A Libertarian campaign for President at this point would be like the Iraq war - expensive, a guaranteed failure, and it will tarnish the image of Libertarianism as the Iraq War has tarnished the image of America.

    If the goal of a Libertarian campaign is to let people know about the Libertarian Party, what is the message this year’s campaign will send?
    If we nominate Barr, we say it doesn’t matter what his record, we will fall head over heals for a former officeholder.

    If we nominate Root, if says we don’t really care what our candidate stands for, as long as he has a big ego.

    Nominating someone who can’t communicate clearly her views on child pornography speaks for itself.

  5. Mik Robertson Says:

    I guess that leaves George Phillies as the best nominee.

  6. disinter Says:

    expensive, a guaranteed failure, and it will tarnish the image of Libertarianism

    More like: cheap, a guaranteed failure, and complete waste of time

  7. Alex Peak Says:

    My reason for opposing Barr is not his past votes, but rather his recent comments and current positions.

    Mr. Robertson:

    I mean no offence to Phillies by saying this, but I definitely think Kubby is a better candidate than Phillies.

    Alex Peak

  8. Peter Orvetti Says:

    For whatever it’s worth, I think I would vote for Kubby, Phillies, Ruwart, or Smith in November if one of them is the nominee. I am not sure about Barr, Jingozian, or Root. I have a hard time imagining myself voting for Gravel.

  9. Mik Robertson Says:

    If Bob Barr is the nominee, there is no doubt his past votes will be brought up and thoroughly examined. He has to reconcile his past with his current positions somehow. If he cannot do that soon it seems unlikely his campaign will get past the convention, if in fact it ever takes off at all. It takes a real politician to form an exploratory committee six weeks before the selection of a nominee. Maybe he could just throw caution to the wind and announce he is considering the possibility of seeking the LP presidential nomination, maybe.

    Mr. Peak,

    I think Mr. Kubby would be a fine nominee, and I have also seen a big improvement in George Phillies’ presentation over the past couple years. Either one would be good in my opinion. There are a number of good options this year for a presidential nominee, so it should be interesting.

  10. Robert Milnes Says:

    Alex Peak, how come I haven’t heard from you after answering your interview questions?

  11. Patrick Barton Says:

    I continually see people attacking LP candidates for not always having had perfectly Libertarian beliefs from birth. To those that make these criticisms, have none of your beliefs ever changed over the course of your life?

    People are too eager to criticize rather than to encourage and praise.

  12. Alex Peak Says:

    For the record, I would have no problem voting for Dr. Phillies if he is our candidate. My preference for Kubby is based primarily on their positions.

    Mr. Milnes:

    I have ceased, at least for now, the idea of interviewing the various candidates. I got extremely discouraged when LFV suddenly disappeared. ENM was able to salvage some of my posts from the blog, but a lot of good ones appear to be lost forever. My apologies to you.


  13. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Robert, when will I hear from you about the Fringe Alliance Strategy?

    Gene, I agree with you. and in fact, it is most likely that the Libertarian Party will not be nominating anyone for president this year, as I will be attending the LP convention and expounding on the Fringe Alliance strategy. This will undoubtedly change the discussion of the convention and convince the majority of the delegates that the Fringe alliance strategy is the most important one to be working on. I do support the Constitution Party having a nominee, as it steals Republican votes and helps Obama.

    Here is my Fringe Alliance Strategy temporary program posted again.

    I have developed a strategy based on an alliance between the Green, libertarian
    and constitution parties, the various socialist movements and centrist independents, Kucinich Democrats, Ron Paul Republicans, and other smaller groups such as fascists, feudalists, monarchists and syndicalists, to initiate the following goals.

    1. The electoral college is abolished.
    2. The presidential election uses a national Majority Runoff system. This will change us from a republic to a democracy.
    3. Congress is elected through proportional representation.

    Third parties should spend most of their energies pushing for these constitutional amendments, using graphic protests in public locations. Otherwise, the
    efforts of all of them are doomed to do nothing more than push the major parties slightly in one direction, and ruin the chances of the parties that their
    candidates are most closely aligned with, while gaining such small failing numbers for themselves. The people who visit this site are by definitions on
    the fringes of society. It is important for the fringe to get together. This strategy is gaining the support of many political scientists across the nation,
    and I will continue to post it several times a week here until it is adopted. Fortunately, we have the Obama Revolution to save our country for now.
    The revolution will be televised.
    Please pray for the pope and please pray for Barack Obama. Amen.

  14. George Phillies Says:

    Politics1.com reports that I have asked Ruwart to withdraw from the race over the foofaraw on a segment of her book.

    This report is in error. I made no such request.

    politics1 has a long record of reasonably careful reporting. I have no information on what led them to make this statement, but it’s incorrect. I have notified them that the report was in error.

  15. Robert Milnes Says:

    Alex Peak, that’s lame. It was in email form. Even if you lost your email, which doesn’t sound right, I still have mine.

  16. MY WAR! Says:

    “During the Clinton impeachment, he seemed quite heartless”

    Just like that Ruwart gal Pete?

  17. MY WAR! Says:

    “Nominating someone who can’t communicate clearly her views on child pornography speaks for itself.”

    Yes, I agree. I’ve been researching this controversy the last few hours, where is Mary Ruwarts explanation?

  18. disinter Says:

    politics1 has a long record of reasonably careful reporting.

    Well that record just went out the window.

  19. G.E Smith the Capitalist Dove Says:

    Steve Kubby was wise to stay in the race. He might be the unity candidate. . . If his broke ass can make it to Denver.

  20. Alex Peak Says:

    Mr. Milnes:

    I can easily use the email search feature and find the email in question. If I decide to start process of interviewing all of the candidates again, you can be sure I will immediately continue the interview with you, and will not skip over you.

    If you wish for me to email to someone else your responses so said other person can take up the mantle of interviewing all the candidates, I can probably do that for you.

    It’s just that right now, I don’t have the heart to start interviewing candidates. Perhaps I will after finals.

    Alex Peak

  21. paulie Says:


    LFV is back up. There will be no more problems. Sorry we can’t help the problems caused by previous (lack of) management. Please post again.

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