Gravel YouTube (produced by a fan)

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  1. Jerry Baner Says:

    While I’m not in love with the guy (though he’d probably get my vote in the general) you’ve got to admit, his campaign does some really good stuff with video. This, to me, is more effective than having Steve Kubby stand in front of a camera and a beige wall and talk about taxes.

  2. Mike Theodore Says:

    I’ve talked with the media guy at the gravel campaign. He said they did all the viral videos that launched the campaign with a budget of nearly 0. I can’t imagine what they’d do with a good amount of money.

  3. Robert Milnes Says:

    OK, Teddy Roosevelt got mentioned. When am I going to hear from the Senator, Skyler?

  4. Skyler McKinley Says:

    When you say something notable, Robert.

  5. Robert Milnes Says:

    I’ve been talking about how the LP could win this election long before you arrived on the scene. How’s that?

  6. Jake Z Says:

    Another good video.

    Am I the only one who thinks Gravel is doing better then expected with the LP Conventions?

  7. Mike Theodore Says:

    One Roosevelt quote, Robert. I remember him being attacked during the debate I saw you in. Who was that? I am a little confused on the concept of good and bad eugenics, Robert.

    Skyler Vs. Milnes
    Media Director Vs. Candidate

    I’m putting money on the media guy. Peace be with you Skyler.

  8. nighttreecar Says:

    me watch tom red bag you ocean

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