Constitution Party Convention Live

From an e-mail I just received:

On Alan Keyes Web Site now CP Convention live:

Howard Phillips calling Alan Keyes Names. See under General Discussion on Alan Keyes web page.

In other words, if one clicks the link, he or she can watch live streaming video of the convention.

It looks like Daniel Imperato will be speaking soon. Right now (if I understand what’s going on where I jumped in), there is debate over a speech that Howard Phillips (?) gave on behalf of Ron Paul. The motion currently on the floor is to give the other candidates the same amount of speaking time.

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  1. Travis Maddox Says:

    I’m here live running the sound. It looks closer than most thought between Baldwin and Keyes. I’d say a good fight over the next 24hrs. Should be interesting.

    Oh yeah, would someone tell me why Imperato is here??? Wow, he’s a nut. Says the Pope will endorse him.

  2. John Lowell Says:

    The self-deception of the true believers at Keyes’ site is neight-on staggering. There is actually real conviction by most that Keyes attempt to realign himself with the Constitutional Party by starting at the top is something other than cynical and self-serving. While it would have been difficult for the CP simply to wave him off from the outset, for anyone there to buy the notion that Keyes neo-con vision is compatable with their own is lunacy. Those who have said that Buchanan’s attempt to take over the Reform Party in 2000 is similar in kind to Keyes attempt with the CP today fail to take into account that the Buchanan and the Perot vision of trade were much the same. Buchanan had actually been invited to speak to the Reform Party. Keyes’ is more of an attempt at a hijack, purely and simply. Watch him disappear as soon as do his chances at their nomination.

  3. disinter Says:

    Are they speaking in tongues yet?

  4. John Lowell Says:


    Tell Imperato that I’m the Pope and that I won’t endorse him. :-)

  5. disinter Says:

    I think I found who Keynes’ running mate will be:

  6. Ben Miller Says:

    I did not realise how many other candidates were running for their nomination. Why was there never a list of candidates?

  7. Travis Maddox Says:

    Keyes is now speaking.

  8. Travis Maddox Says:

    Keyes is a great speaker.

  9. Travis Maddox Says:

    Keyes is done speaking and judging from the people standing for him I’d say it will be close.

  10. Dave Mundy Says:

    As he did during the last two p GOP presidential campaigns, Keyes impresses me. Constitutionalists, fiscal conservatives and even some “conservatarians” like myself, I think, will join the CP with the idea that we can help moderate their most radical views while allying with them on the key issues—national sovereignty and border security, elimination of the nanny state and an end to unchecked government expansion.

  11. John Lowell Says:

    Just listened to Keyes speech. Even in these precincts where religion is collapsed into the secular, Keyes can come over as a bloviating egoist. Nevertheless, one suspects from the warm reception his comments received, that many of the delegates there are unable to distinguish histrionics from substance. If ever there were a snake-oil salesman, its Alan Keyes at this convention. If the CP buys what this guy is selling, it deserves obscurity.

  12. Alicia Says:

    This will be funny if Keyes gets the nod. We will not get any exposure and our party will die.
    The Keyes supporters are desperate for a home after being rejected elsewhere. Don’t let them kill us.

  13. SUPER DUPER FAKE Texan Says:

    bravo Keyes! It’s gonna get good!

  14. John Lowell Says:

    Dave Mundy,

    Your condescension toward those in the CP sounds much like that of Von Papen who thought that the Nationalists in the immediately pre-National Socialist German governments could make an “employee” of Hitler if he were made Chancellor. Were you intending to make an employee of Howard Phillips?

  15. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Wow, I’m really enjoying Imperato’s speech. :)

    BTW, I haven’t been following this as closely lately… what day is the vote?

  16. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Imperato just said something about a picture of himself with the Pope and George Washington. How did he swing that?

  17. Stefan Says:

    Yes, Keyes is a great speaker again, just like Obama (they faced each other in senator race in IL). Now Imperator also speaking. Hmm so he is a new livelong member of the LP and now also the CP? He has supposedly lots of $$$ so he could contribute to you. A staunch Catholic, wonder if he will also try the GP. He should be closer to the CP than the LP.

  18. SUPER DUPER FAKE Texan Says:

    lol I heard that too! Imperato is Mr. Name Dropper! THE LORD is talking to him becaue he was picked number 8, which is his hoickey number so this is proof to him that God is in control. WOW

  19. Fred C. Says:

    I dunno, I think Imp’s dissapointing a bit. I did enjoy the laughter when he gave his miracle line :D

  20. Fred C. Says:

    So Imp’s completely out of the LP now?

  21. Stefan Says:

    Mary Starrett is not a VP candidate? She ran as governor in Oregon two years ago. She should run for congress as a Ron Paul Constitutional Party or as an Indepen-dent with endorsement of the CP. There are already a few such candidates. In a three or four party race where there is a strong RP meetup group and grassroot support she may have a good chance to win. The OR primary of the GOP will be in a few weeks with McCain and Paul.

  22. Stefan Says:

    Wow Imperato went from Green, to Reform, to Lp and now CP. Wonder why he has not studied the party base better before deciding on one, impulsive Italian-American? Well, if he will have 250m by November, he may be helpful as a PAC funder and/or run for a congress, but has to improve his political knowledge.

  23. Travis Maddox Says:

    Imperato showed me the Pope picture. It was very fuzzy. Not saying it was fake but very possible. He also has some therory about a jew that paid Monica to do Clinton to get the media attention away from what the Jews were doing in the middle east and some how that caused the Iraq War. He lost me for a while so I missed some in the middle. Imp has a very bid ego!

  24. Katrinka Yobotz Says:

    You can listen to Alan Keyes’ speech, already archived here:

    Alan Keyes Constitution Party Speech

  25. Stefan Says:

    Is it this one?
    Yes, indeed I heard him in LP debate online and he was the only one talking seriously of winning the presidency: quite an ego indeed, but probably a genuine, staunch Catholic. He was not LP no. 2 on the list. The LP is not principally an atheist party, though there would be more atheists, but there are Christians among the candidate and party people also. (Dr. Paul is a lifelong member of both the LP and CP, as far as I know).

    Aha, I see you are running as a RP C : very good!, wanted to ask. The GOP candidate is the minority leader in congress, right? He (reluctantly?) endorsed McCain… All the very best with your campaign. Wish you can beat Roy Blunt!

  26. Tom Yager Says:

    Imperato still has options open to him after the CP convention. He can ask McCain for the VP slot. If that doesn’t work, and Clinton and Obama go into the convention without a majority, he can position himself to be the compromise candidate for the Dem nomination. He’s already gone through every national minor party- why not try the duopoly?

    If that doesn’t work…Let’s see…Peace and Freedom in California (55 Electoral votes); Independence Party in New York (31), Virginia (13), Minnesota (11), South Carolina (8), and Oregon (7); Reform in Florida (27), Kansas (6), Mississippi (6), and Delaware (3); and Progressive Party in Vermont (3). That’s 170 electoral votes total.

    It costs only $500 to get on the ballot as an Independent in Colorado (9) and Louisiana (9). Up to 188.

    Only 25 signatures to get on the ballot in Tennessee as an Independent (11). Only 800 signatures in New Jersey (15). Only 1000 signatures each in Washington (11), Arkansas (6), Utah (4), and Rhode Island (4). Only 1500 in Iowa (7) and 2000 in Wisconsin (10). With 5000 more signatures in Ohio (21), that’s 277, which is enough to demand a podium at the Presidential debates. Once he announces the Papal endorsement in the debate, he’s a force to be reckoned with!

  27. Liberty in Law Says:

    “...will join the CP with the idea that we can help moderate their most radical views while allying with them on the key issues”

    That’s the interesting part about Keyes supporters and others who disagree with the CP party platform. They think that following the Constitution is radical. That document was designed to “IMPLEMENT” the principles of the DOI; to prevent tyranny and secure the blessings of liberty. It is the systematic deviation from it that has caused our nation’s ills.

    While I don’t doubt that the CP may follow the ways of other parties and compromise their principles to get some national exposure (it’s human nature), it would be a shame to nominate Keyes. He has proven that he embraces the principles in the DOI, but based on many of his views, which deviate from the party, he does not have confidence in the Constitution. For example, he actually said that he would sign an executive order banning abortion.

    This shows either a profound misunderstanding of separation of powers and delegated and enumerated powers, or that he really could care less about the document that he will be signing an oath (before the God he keeps talking about) to protect and defend.

    His speech was full of the same old same old talk about the DOI and empty platitudes. It is clear to me that Keyes would usurp the Constitution anytime that he could justify it with the DOI. This is a recipe for religious tyranny. Have we learned nothing from history? I hope party members that embrace Constitutional principle will not be tricked.

    “Let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief with the chains of the Constitution.”

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