Alan Keyes at the Constitution Party convention

My best guess is that Keyes will not win the Constitution Party presidential nomination because of his foreign policy position, but his speech at the Constitution Party Convention was delivered so well, I’m sure he’ll pick up some extra support because of it. Audio link here.

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  1. Uber Texan Says:

    He’s filled with rhetoric. That’s all he has ever been. Talk about a POLITICIAN!

  2. Kelly Parker Says:

    Say what you will…he is a good public speaker.

  3. SUPER DUPER FAKE Texan Says:

    Compared to whom?

  4. SUPER DUPER FAKE Texan Says:

    Keyes is the man!

  5. ShadowOutlaw Says:

    He has a bit of a Shatner way of a speaking, and particularly emphasized “the” a few too many times. However, that’s probably one of the best delivered speeches you’ll get from a third party candidate. I enjoyed it, and I’m not a CP member, a strict Constitutionalist, or a Christian.

  6. SUPER DUPER FAKE Texan Says:

    Keyes versus Dershowitz is CSPAN’s most demanded program

  7. Stefan Says:

    It was really charismatic and inspiring, especially if one saw his non-verbal actions with it as well (viewed via his website) and received a lot of applause.
    He may well have a very good chance to get elected, who knows. In 2004 he was the GOP’s candidate against Obama in IL and there is a youtube debate one can see. He certainly has charisma and is as such comparable to Obama. No doubt they differ on abortion and other issues. In the question section he was asked which persons he would appoint in a cabinet, among others.

  8. Kelly Parker Says:

    If you don’t like Keyes to begin with then how well he speaks won’t matter.

  9. Mike Theodore Says:

    I made a vow after I saw Keyes debating Obama in the senate race here in Illinois. At the time, I disliked him because he was a Maryland man shipped in at the last minute. But then I saw what he had to say. He’s crazy.

    Vow of Mike Theodore: Alan Keyes can never be elected to any office anywhere at anytime. NEVER.

    I will do everything to keep that vow. Anyone else?

  10. Kerwin Says:

    I’m in

  11. Glenn Brown Says:

    I guess the Constitution Party didn’t learn it lesson in 2004 with an unknow candidate. You may not like Keyes, but he will get more votes than anyone else. That’s why the CP has to spend, so much time trying to get on the ballot every 4 years because they can’t get enough votes for state parties to stay on the ballot.

  12. Charles Davidson Says:

    Chuck Baldwin has some good soundbites for a radio personality; but I’m afraid his short abbreviated expainations are a red flag to the level of understanding. When your knowledge is less than your hired staff, your at their mercy ala GW Bush..Stick to your day job Chuck, we’ll all be better off.

  13. Liberty in Law Says:

    While I don’t doubt that the CP may follow the ways of other parties and compromise their principles to get some national exposure (it’s human nature), it would be a shame to nominate Keyes. He has proven that he embraces the principles in the DOI, but based on many of his views, which deviate from the party, he does not have confidence in the Constitution. For example, he actually said that he would sign an executive order banning abortion.

    This shows either a profound misunderstanding of separation of powers and delegated and enumerated powers, or that he really could care less about the document that he will be signing an oath (before the God he keeps talking about) to protect and defend.

    His speech was full of the same old same old talk about the DOI and empty platitudes. It is clear to me that Keyes would usurp the Constitution anytime that he could justify it with the DOI. This is a recipe for religious tyranny. Have we learned nothing from history? I hope party members that embrace Constitutional principle will not be tricked.

    “Let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief with the chains of the Constitution.”

    Charismatic or not, if he cannot follow the Constitution, he will be the same tyrant that we have now.

  14. True Conservative Says:


    You make it sound as if Keyes would start signing exectutive orders at will. He has said he would use an executive order to ban abortion if his adminstration could garner such support. He specifically has said he would not do it if it meant he would get impeached. To imply Keyes is ignorant of separation of powers and basic constitutional priciples is nothing but demogogary.

    Speaking of separation of powers, you seem to forget that the practice of murdering the unborn child has been made law by an oligarchy of judges. How would an executive order banning an unconstitutional law be considered unconstitutional?

  15. True Conservative Says:

    Mike Teddy,

    What does calling one of the brightest minds in America “crazy” make you? an idiot? that gets my vote. That goes for you to Kerwin. It’s quite telling that all you anti-keyes folks have to offer is demogogary, misrepresentation and name calling. I am hoping that the CP isn’t filled with the likes of you. If so, I am not leaving the GOP for the CP. I’ll wait for some other alternative.

  16. Preston Says:

    TrueConservative—Where in the constitution does it say anything about murder being illegal? We have all sorts of laws that regulate murder in other ways, such as the death penalty, murder by self-defense, hell, in some states you can even murder someone legally for entering your property. So unless all of these regulations are unconstitutional, your argument fails.

  17. Fred C. Says:

    “nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;”

    Sounds like grounds for murder being illegal.

  18. True Conservative Says:


    You are seriously going to compare death penalty or killing in self defense with murder? Death penalty was instituted by God himself as the very basis for human government to exits with its goal to protect human life against murderers with the death penalty. (Genesis 9) You are morally banckrupt and have no arguement

  19. Liberty in Law Says:

    True Conservative,

    By the way, conservatism is about championing limited government via fiscal conservatism, not government limited to its Constitutional functions. Of course now Conservatives have abandoned fiscal conservatism and are using social conservatism to “increase” the size and power of government.

    To answer your question. We cannot achieve righteousness through unrighteous means. If Keyes signs an executive order after swearing to support and defend the Constitution, he is unabashedly dishonoring his oath.

    The quickest way to get rid of Roe v. Wade is by Congressman Ron Paul’s Sanctity of Life Act, which uses Article III, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution to remove abortion from the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court negating Roe v. Wade. This sends the issue back to the states where it belongs. It is much easier to protect life on the state level, which is closest to the people.

    But do you want to know why the Religious Right does not support this Constitutional means? It would be too quick. Do you not see how the abortion issue is the most devisive political issue—keeping good Christians voting Republican in the hopes that the president would apppoint pro-lifers to the Supreme Court to somehow, someday overturn Roe v. Wade? Well, we’ve had a majority in the SC for over 20 years. They can’t just decide one day to overturn it. It doesn’t work that way.

    The RR also promotes a Constitutional Amendement, and while this is a constitutional way of dealing with the situation, it is a profound misunderstanding of federalism (the states created the federal government). But if you get your news outside of the RR it will occur to you that the federal government consistently creates the problem through usurpation so it can usher in the solution which strengthens the federal government and its power over the states. Not to mention that it would take forever to accomplish this. Thus the establishment forages on keeping Chrisitans “the dupes of designing men.”

    “you seem to forget that the practice of murdering the unborn child has been made law by an oligarchy of judges. How would an executive order banning an unconstitutional law be considered unconstitutional?”

    No, I am well aware of Roe v. Wade. I just don’t think that one unrighteous act justifies another. I trust George Washington’s wisdom when he said in his farewell address: “But let there be no change by usurpation; for, though this, in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed.”

    There is a constitutional method for dealing with just about every problem our nation is facing (its the deviation from the law of the land that has brought upon our problems). Following the Constitution secures the blessings of liberty.

  20. True Conservative Says:


    Nice try by implying that I am not a true conservative by trying to lump into the RINO’s who pretend to be conservatives. Some issues cannot be left up to the sates. Life is one of those issues. See my reply to preston. BTW, your hero Ron Paul is not conservative, he is a libertarian. Also, in case you have not noticed, he is commited to the Republican party that you hate, and has vowed not running on any thrid party ticket. Why do you Paulistas have your hands on your ear so you don’t hear anyone else speak, while you constantly yell as loud as you can?

  21. Mike Theodore Says:

    True Conservative,

    First of all, I’m amazed you called me Mike Teddy. Everyone calls me Teddy or Big Ted (height), stuff like that. Spooky.
    Now, What misrepresentation? I’m not taking his words out of context. I’ve listened to them. I’ve read his policy page and watched videos. His opinion on homosexuality set me over the top. He’s a friggin’ madman with a preacher like talk, and that’s why he only got 30% here in Illinois.

  22. True Conservative Says:

    Hey Big Ted,

    That was a lucky guess on my part. Thanks for clarifying where you are coming from. But I submit that his views on Homosextuality or Bible based belifs or “preacher talk” as you put it is not the reason why he lost by a big margin against Obama. I thought he got what I thought was 43% but no matter. The main reason was, he had no big media national support from national GOP establishment. He was the candidate they pretened did not exist. Many big GOP names helped out other senate races, but not Keyes. People around the nation were not aware he was running for a senate seat, until they heard he had lost. Obama on the other hand, was being groomed for his senate run, and some even argue, the anti-clinton wing of the democrat party was grooming him for the 08 presidecy as far as 2000. Obama had a huge establishment, media, and money advantage over Keyes, and ultimately it secured the victory for him. Last but not least, Keyes, entered the race late, at the urging of Illinois GOP, and against the advice of his friends who told him that the republicans were in bad shape in Illinois.

  23. citizen1 Says:

    Keyes is a good man, but I do not support him as the standard bearer of the CP.

  24. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Yes, Obama has been being groomed by the noble anti-Clinton Democrats for a long time. Hopefully, Keyes will be nominated as vice-presidential candidate of the Constitution Party with either Chuck Baldwin or Ron Paul as presidential candidate. This will be a compromise between conservative and constitutionalist gorups. Keyes will then be helping his Brother in Christ Barack Obama by stealing votes from the Republicans and putting him in the White House. I agree with the anti-Keyes constitutionalists that Christian morality cannot be put through by the federal government. Nor can it be put through by the states. The constitution can be interpreted to give all power to the federal government. Eventually, the federal government will give all power to the UN and the globalist elitest social democratic government will take office.

  25. Kelly Parker Says:

    “You are seriously going to compare death penalty or killing in self defense with murder? Death penalty was instituted by God himself as the very basis for human government to exits with its goal to protect human life against murderers with the death penalty.”

    Are you seriously going to call the death penalty, which is handed down by a judge and carried out by the state, something instituted by God?

  26. True Conservative Says:

    Kelly Parker:

    God instituted the death penalty when he instituted Human Government after the great flood. Here it is in Genesis 9:5-6 “And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; at the hand of every man’s brother will I require the life of man. 6Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.” It’s too bad that this nation has left its first love.

  27. Cody Quirk Says:

    Don’t forget from the Book of Revelation-

    “He that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword.”

  28. Mike Theodore Says:

    True Conservative,

    His opinions didn’t help. Do me a favor and go on Youtube and look for those senate debates. Better yet, I’ll find you the link. Even Obama, who can keep a straight face, was giving him the “what the hell” look. My beef with his thoughts on homosexuality being the big bopper comes from my perspective, being bi myself. He talks like all gay people caved in from pressure from satan just for the “pleasure” of being gay. He’s looking for enemies in the country, in the citizens.
    Of course the Illinois GOP is in bad shape. They can’t even put up a good candidate to get Gov. Blagoevich out. 45% of Illinoisans would recall him if it was allowed, and they can’t produce a good person. They had to jump through hoops for Jack Ryan to face against Obama, but that sex scandal was just the finishing bullet. The chair of the state GOP said “lets just bring someone in to make a show, and be forgotten”. The Maryland Alan Keyes did that well. A local journalist said it best, “Mr. Keyes may have noticed a large body of water as he flew into O’Hare. That is called Lake Michigan.”
    At least the woman responsible for Keyes lost her job as Treasurer in the race against Blagoevich.

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