Wayne Allyn Root interviewed by Citizen Kate

5 Responses to “Wayne Allyn Root interviewed by Citizen Kate”

  1. disinter Says:

    Hmm, how many videos can TPW post in a row?

    Root is taking bets.

  2. Jerry Baner Says:

    Wayne Root’s “winnable” argument is exactly why we shouldn’t nominate him; it NEEDS to be Barr or Gravel.

  3. Tom Says:

    Why not use the most recent video? Like WGN Chicago.

  4. Dave Williams Says:

    “it NEEDS to be Barr or Gravel.”

    Nominating one of those assholes will make a difference? Look at the voting records of those two. Also, Gravel didn’t accomplish shit during the Dem debates. At least Root doesn’t have a failed voting record the size of a water buffalo weighing him down.

  5. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    No, Gravel has a perfect voting record.

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