Roy Moore cross-examined

From the YouTube description: “On November 12, 2003, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore was put on trial by a state ethics panel for not removing a Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama Judicial Building when a federal court ordered him to. This video clip shows (1) part of his cross-examination by then-Attorney General Bill Pryor and (2) the verdict read November 13, 2003.”

6 Responses to “Roy Moore cross-examined”

  1. Guy Fawkes Says:

    Farewell and good riddance to him and all other lunatics who live their lives through bronze age myths.

  2. NewFederalist Says:

    What a Fawking Guy you are! :)

  3. Dave Williams Says:

    Geeez…see ya!

  4. REAL Texan Says:

    We need less of Moore

  5. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    No, we need more of Moore because he will steal Republican votes and thus help the Obama Revolution, while increasing awhereness of the truth of Christ as the son of God.

  6. Dave Williams Says:

    Cody will vote for ya …run Judge run!

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