Mike Gravel at Google (before he joined the Libertarian Party)

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  1. George Donnelly Says:


    Decent answers though, except for the health care voucher nonsense.

    The video is an hour long.

  2. DebbieKat Says:

    Good stuff. Gravel is right. Representative govt. is broken and will not be fixed from within. I like his stance that it isn’t necessary that we have quantity of voters, but quality. If the issue doesn’t concern you, then don’t vote on it. :-)

  3. Richie Says:

    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for supper.” -Benjamin Franklin

  4. disinter Says:

    Democracy is not freedom


  5. Sobriquet Says:

    The thing about Mike Gravel is that he just keeps making sense. Weird, innit?

  6. Ross Says:

    Richie - It is said that the majority imposing on the minority is bad. But what we have now is the minority imposing upon the majority! The Ni4D is not a perfect solution, no one is claiming that it is, but it’s the best thing we’ve got so far.

    What is your alternative to the Ni4D? Representative government? There is corruption so deep-rooted in our government that representative government simply cannot work anymore. The people that benefit from expanding their own power, the representatives, will never keep their own power in check.

  7. Dave Williams Says:

    disinter thanx for the links

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