Greens and Libertarians on Ralph Nader

Matt Funiciello is a well known Greens Activist that is a delegate to the Green National Committee. Eric Sundwall serves as an alternate representative on the Libertarian National Commitee. They talk about Ralph Nader, the Greens and Libertarians, as well as ballot access and media coverage on Capital Outsider.

3 Responses to “Greens and Libertarians on Ralph Nader”

  1. Eric Dondero Says:

    Greens and Libertarians can never come together so long as the Greens/Nader support Safety Nazi measures like mandatory seat belt laws.

    The libs always know what’s best for us, doesn’t matter if it’s a gross violation of individual rights. They know what’s best.

    Wear your little seat belt Johnny. Make sure you strap in there Betty.

  2. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Yes, we liberal socialists do know what’s best for all of you. On the other hand, I agree with Eric that Ralph Nader deserves no respect. Greens and libertarians all need to denounce him and support Barack Obama. Ralph Nader is a fascist/stalinist criminal, and the only way he can possibly redeem himself is by busting his ass for the Fringe Alliance strategy.

    Please pray for Fernando Lugo (the new Catholic communist president of Paraguay), please pray for the pope, and please pray for Barack Obama.
    Glory to God in the highest and peace to God’s people on Earth.

  3. Greens and Libertarians on Ralph Video Says:

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