Daniel Imperato: The Beginning

By popular demand, here’s Daniel Imperato:

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  1. Mike Gillis Says:

    I love how he refuses to show any proof of his status as a world class business leader.

    Every circus needs a clown.

  2. BillTx Says:

    LOL! ! Thanks for posting this. The highlights for me were:

    *Impewacko claiming to have been worth a billion dollars
    before the tech bubble burst (lmao!)

    *Refusing to name anyone he’s done business with

    *His weird looking eyes

    *The obviously deserted press conference

    *Impewacko’s refusal to even say what ideas he’s running on

    Man, is this guy a piece of shit or what.

  3. NewFederalist Says:

    But he has been endorsed by the Pope, the Shah, the Tsar, several Kings and Queens, a couple of Emperors and Robert Milnes! Woo Hoo! :)

  4. Stefan Says:

    The Robert Milnes endorsement says the most! Is he now going to run as Indy and not for the LP nomination anymore?

  5. Tom Yager Says:

    My sympathies to the Libertarians. Thankfully, Imperato has left us Greens in peace since last summer!

  6. Joseph Marzullo Says:

    I think Imperato is doing it for the money. But who the hell is donating to this guy? LOL

  7. disinter Says:

    Robert Milnes! We need video of Robert Milnes!!

  8. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    I am endorsing Daniel Imperato for the moment also as my second choice after Barack Obama, s I admire his steps towards Catholic socialism, and I think he would be willing to donate to support the Fringe Alliance strategy of abolishing the electoral college and instituting a majority runoff for executive elections and proportional representations for legislative elections. I wish he would stop claiming the pope’s endorsement, however, as that belongs to Barack Obama.

  9. Robert Milnes Says:

    Robert Milnes for President! Woo Hoo!

  10. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Robert, I think you are a good candidate also, but what are your thoughts on the Fringe Alliance strategy?

    Here it is reposted.

    I have developed a strategy based on an alliance between the Green, libertarian
    and constitution parties, the various socialist movements and centrist independents, Kucinich Democrats, Ron Paul Republicans, and other smaller groups such as fascists, feudalists, monarchists and syndicalists, to initiate the following goals.

    1. The electoral college is abolished.
    2. The presidential election uses a national Majority Runoff system. This will change us from a republic to a democracy.
    3. Congress is elected through proportional representation.

    Third parties should spend most of their energies pushing for these constitutional amendments, using graphic protests in public locations. Otherwise, the
    efforts of all of them are doomed to do nothing more than push the major parties slightly in one direction, and ruin the chances of the parties that their
    candidates are most closely aligned with, while gaining such small failing numbers for themselves. The people who visit this site are by definitions on
    the fringes of society. It is important for the fringe to get together. This strategy is gaining the support of many political scientists across the nation,
    and I will continue to post it several times a week here until it is adopted. Fortunately, we have the Obama Revolution to save our country for now.
    The revolution will be televised.
    Please pray for the pope and please pray for Barack Obama. Amen.

  11. BillTX Says:

    I can’t say I’m surprised that Catholic Trotskyist would endorse Daniel Impewacko.

  12. disinter Says:

    I do believe I found a picture of Milnes:


    That should suffice for lack of video.

  13. BillTX Says:


  14. Mike Theodore Says:

    omg! hilarious.


    to reiterate an earlier point, where is your media? You have one photo and no videos anywhere.

  15. Robert Milnes Says:

    I linked the LP/NJPA conference in my campaign website.

  16. Mike Theodore Says:

    Oh, Robert. I’ve been all over that link. Not the best, but it’ll do. Officially one video of Robert Milnes. We just passed a milestone.
    All hail President Milnes and Vice President Theodore!

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