Bob Barr Introduces Ron Paul at CPAC

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  1. John Lowell Says:

    What’s with this guy? Here he introduces Ron Paul, a has been who lacked the courage to detach from his Republican umbilical cord and seek the Presidency independently, and pussy foots around in a similar way, avoiding making a straight up committment to make a run. Frankly, I’m getting sick of waiting for this bird.

  2. Richie Says:

    @John Lowell - Ron Paul has said over and over again that he’s not going to run independent of the Republican Party. In a recent e-mail sent out to those in his mailing list, he came right out with it.

  3. John Lowell Says:


    You misunderstand or I write poorly. I’m fully aware of Paul’s unwillingness to run as an independent and consider him utterly spineless because of it. Paul is a jackass, a schmegeggi. I also condemn the developing spinelessness of Barr’s pussy footing as well. If he doesn’t announce PDQ many of us are going to run out of patience waiting for him.

  4. Greg Says:

    John—maybe Paul actually wants to advance the freedom agenda in this country rather than just talk about it?

  5. John Lowell Says:

    Hi Greg,

    Yeah, I’ve been noticing just how much the “freedom agenda” has been advancing lately with Paul suckling at the Republican teat. And his latest triumph, the Betrayus hearing a couple of weeks ago. Questioning Bush’s fan boys that day, Paul sounded like a mad man, either that or as someone in the midst of a manic attack who’d gotten their hands on a helium inhaler. Any more of that kind of thing and I think I’d feel more comfortable if someone restricted Paul’s freedom to afternoons in the Sun Room.

  6. Greg Says:

    Well good thing there are all of those Libertarian Party members in Congress to pick up on his slack.

  7. disinter Says:

    Ron Paul has said over and over again that he’s not going to run independent of the Republican Party.

    I think he needs to draw these nuts a picture.

  8. Stefan Says:

    John Lowell: Various people have lately again asked that of Dr. Paul. Now, I think that although McCain is the presumtive GOP nominee, a lot can still happen in the next few months before the RNC and he should stay in the race in any case, mobilizing people. Consider that with his movement, he has managed to galvinise much more support than the traditional LP. While many people in the LP are pro-choice, he is pro-life. It is extremely difficult for third parties to gain ballot access in all fifty states, as he experienced in 1988 and to participate int he debates as 3rd party, he needs to poll at 15% ALso: the media gave so little attention to him during the past few months as GOP candidate, do you honestly think they will give him much more time if he run 3rdparty or Independent? If he runs 3rd/part/indy, he needs 100 m USD at least, this will not be easy to get. He will also be forced to concede/loose his hard fought seat (invested almost 1 m, in any case raised just over a million, probably has soem money left) and without that he is in the politicla wilderness. He will not be heard in congress and will abandon all his current friends as well as all the RP candidates running for congress and his friend running for senate. He can worok better reforming the GOP from the inside. The platform of the GOP used to be and is actually still good and libertarian, but the GOP does not live up to it. He is in a much stronger position now in congress than ever before., for influence. In case McCain runs and he loses, the GOP will be in a weak position and has to change course after the lection. That will then be the perfect timing to steer the gOP towards the RP platform as an opposition.
    If the GOP does not reform towards smaller government, Dr. Paul would be in a stronger position, with his friends int he GOP (and possibly also some libetarian orientated Democrats) to then leave the GOP and form a new party that could be in a solid position and can integrate the LP, CP, Reform Party and many Independents. Now is not the right timing for this. In the meantime, it would be very good if the LP can achieve a strong influence in the race and strong showing (10% plus?). He has made the 100% right position to stay in the GOP. In the Lp he would also have diference of opinion and would have much less influence on decisions in congress.

  9. Stefan Says:

    Paul has in this month already two bills in regarding online gambling and medical mariuana. He can achieve much more in congress than outside.

  10. C. Al Currier Says:

    I think he needs to draw these nuts a picture.—RE:Ron Paul has said over and over again that he’s not going to run independent of the Republican Party.—- .....disinter says

    I can’t draw a picture for them, but Dr. No is a Christian. James 5:12 (paraphrased): yes means yes, and no means no.

    Any questions?

  11. John Lowell Says:


    Paul’s Republican dependencies can be rationalized but never acceptably explained. An honest man with his outlook would turn mother’s picture to the wall and stand on his own two feet. Even a scoundrel like Joe Leiberman has managed the integrity to do that, why not Paul? I strongly suspect that the basis of Paul’s reluctance to cut the cord is to be found in self-centered concerns and has very little to do with saving up energy for some future campaign. In my view, this year and last have proved him the quintessential schlemiel anyway. My fondest hope is that he will simply fade back into the obscurity from which he emerged.

  12. Daniel N. Adams Says:

    Light Up the Darkness

  13. Dave Williams Says:

    “We must keep moving. Do not sit down. Do not say, “I have done enough.” Always see what else you can do to raise hell with the enemy. You must have a desperate determination to continually go forward.” GSP

  14. Stefan Says:

    SO let me see, you want not only Ron Paul to leave the GOP, but also all the 40 plus Ron Paul Republicans that are running for congress, there is also one running as senator? Are you also asking him to leavfe his freidns within the current GOP in congress? Give an honest and straight answer and please explain. If he should run third party and loose, he WILL definitely fade into obscurity. If he stays in the GOP there is still a chance he can become the GOP nominee and in any case as congressman he will still play a leading role and have a lot more influence than during the past 30 years. Get real.

  15. dan d lyon Says:

    To tell the truth Bob Barr seemed far more inspired giving that speech at CPAC than he ever has speaking at any Libertarian event I have ever been to. It is like the guy has been stumbling over himself when talking about Libertarian ideas, kind of like a fish out of water. My question is this, Why didn’t Bob Barr just run for Congress this year as a Ron Paul republican and try to fix all of the things he screwed up during his previous tenure in the House of Representatives.

    I mean this is the guy who has said let the states decide on Gay marraige and then gives toe tapping Gay Senator Larry Craig 1000 dollars. Is he for the gays or against them?

  16. Old Whig Says:

    For all its faults, and they are many, the GOP has put more libertarians in congress than the LP has.


  17. John Lowell Says:

    Hello Stefan,

    “SO let me see, you want not only Ron Paul to leave the GOP, but also all the 40 plus Ron Paul Republicans that are running for congress, there is also one running as senator? Are you also asking him to leavfe his freidns within the current GOP in congress?”

    Truth be known, Stefan, I couldn’t give a rat’s behind what choices Ron Paul makes for himself. What concerns me is whether a politician is being authentic and, very simply, Ron Paul isn’t. An honest choice would require Paul to leave the Republican Party, something he’s simply unwilling to do. And actually to believe the claim that he’s there to “reform” the Republican Party - as though anyone might actually see it as reformable - is just the most irremediable naivete. Ron Paul wants to be a congressman, Stefan, that’s all, and if he has to use the Republican Party to achieve that, he’ll do it. He isn’t in the House Of Representatives for you or for me, he’s in it for Ron Paul. An honest person - an authentic person - with his outlook would either present himself as an independent or run as a Libertarian. I’m not so desperate to have Ron Paul in Congress that I’m willing to buy into the most fanciful nonsence simply to have him there. If Ron Paul were to fall off the edge of the earth tonight, the impact on you and me would be undetectable, I assure you. I look to independents and third parties precisely because they are more likely to be authentic, Stefan. I don’t want to identify myself with the slugs and paramecia that are the two system parties. Why would you, Stefan?

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