Reports from several state LP conventions

While I don’t normally post inside information provided on the Libertarian Party State Chair’s list in a public forum, there are several reports there (plus a bit more additional information) pertaining to several LP State Conventions which would be of interest to our readers. I’m not aware of any reason for confidentially to be maintained (except for minor deleted portions) with any of these reports, so here goes.


The LPUtah held its organizing and nominating convention yesterday, Saturday, April 19, 2008.

The LPUtah’s new officers are:

Chairman: W. Andrew McCullough
Vice-chairman: Dylan McDonnell
Secretary: Joseph Buchman
Treasurer: Brent Zimmerman

The LPUtah’s nominated candidates are:

Mr. Joseph Geddes Buchman, U.S. Congress, District 1
Mr. Mathew Arndt, U.S. Congress, District 2
Mr. Dell “Super Dell” Schanze, Governor
Mr. Joe Hobbs, Lieutenant Governor
Mr. W. Andrew McCullough, Attorney General
Mr. Mike Stoddard, State Auditor
Mr. Brent Zimmerman, Utah House, District 16
Mr. Dylan McDonnell, Utah House, District 24
Mr. Shaun Kruger, Utah House, District 36
Mr. Charles Bonsall, Utah House, District 49
Mr. Ronald S. Regehr, Utah House, District 55
Mr. Nathanial Ashby, Utah House, District 64
Mr. Aric M. Cramer, Sr, Utah House, District 71

The convention elected nine delegates to the national convention and three alternates. The names of those individuals have been submitted to and acknowledged by Ms. Salvette, Interim Chair of the 2008 LP Credentials Committee. The convention also nominated five presidential electors. The LPUtah’s convention was covered by Fox 13 News. See story [which was recently published at TPW]. See you in Denver!


We had a stellar event here just off the Pacific waters of the Puget Sound. Literally a one minute drive from the new toll bridge at the Tacoma Narrows.

The Presidential Candidates panel was fantastic and very colourful. It was noted that we had more people seeking the nod for Presidential Candidates at our WA-State Convention than the whole nation had seeking the LP Presidential ‘(L)’ many years ago.

We do have many opportunities for candidates and campaigns, we just have to keep working on them together as much as possible.

I will cover more about the event when all the details are cleared.


Louisiana Straw Poll Results !!

you can view them on the front page at [here.]

also check out our entirely new state platform!!

More post convention updates will be posted over the next few days.

[and here are those results]

1-2-3 Results by number of votes
 PLACE                         CANDIDATE VOTES     FIRST PLACE VOTES
 1         Wayne Allyn Root     13                 7
 1         Mary Ruwart          13                 2
 2         Mike Gravel           9                 3
 3         Christine Smith       4                 0
 4         Bob Barr (write in)   3                 2
 5         George Phillies       2                 1
 *other candidates in the poll received no votes at all in the 1-2-3
1-9 Preference Results by highest total preference
1     Wayne Allyn Root     33
2     Mary Ruwart          34
3     Mike Gravel          40
4     Christine Smith      64
5     Steve Kubby          69
6     George Phillies      71
7     Michael Jingozian    89
8     Alden Link           93
9     Daniel Imperato      98
10    Bob Barr (write in)   5
*the number of first place votes was the same for all candidates
in both rankings

“Runoff” amongst 1st Place Votes

1     Mary Ruwart          14                   2
2     Wayne Allyn Root      9                   7
2     Mike Gravel           9                   2
3     Bob Barr              7                   2
4     George Phillies       3                   1
**ONLY the candidates listed in the second table were included
on the first two polls. The criteria for being included was to be a
declared candidate and filed with the FEC. Our apologies if any
other candidates met these criteria but were not included.

South Carolina:

Following the SCLP Convention April 19th, held Charleston, South Carolina, I share grand news. I am very pleased and honored to announce the election of two friends and stalwart defenders of liberty to the posts of SCLP Chairman and Vice Chairman.

Michael Carmany was unanimously elected Chairman of the SCLP. Michael has long been active in LP politics in South Carolina’s Upstate. He has served in a variety of capacities with the Anderson County LP and he has been more than willing to practice what he preaches by routinely working festivals and spreading the Libertarian message of liberty. In the past two years he has served as Chairman of the SCLP By-Laws Committee and he currently serves as Chairman of the Anderson County Libertarian Party. Michael has also taken the fight to the ballot box on a number of occasions by running for public office at both the local and state level.

Michael is affable, reasonable, mindful of details, and devoted to the cause of liberty. I am delighted to have him as my successor.

Victor Kocher was also unanimously elected Vice Chairman of the SCLP. Victor too has long been in the forefront of LP politics in South Carolina having served in a number of important posts over the years. These include, but are not limited to Recruitment Coordinator at our state fair and Membership Chairman, a capacity in which he still serves. Like Micheal, Victor has been more than willing to talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk. Victor has personally funded a number of pro-liberty activities, not the least of which have been two radio programs broadcast out of the state capital. Victor has also run for state and federal offices in the past. He is currently vying for SC House seat #76.

Please welcome Micheal Carmany and Victor Kocher to the State Chair List family and update your address books.

[personal contact information deleted]

As a footnote I would like the Chair’s List to know that the petty rancor that characterized the internal workings of the SCLP in years past has been dispensed with entirely. I will continue to serve as the Executive Committee representative from Lexington County and Stewart Flood, former Vice-Chairman will serve as our Regional Representative in the absence of Bob Barr.

In the near term interim please allow us time to update our website.

Timothy Moultrie exSCLP Chairman

Additional info from South Carolina from a separate e-mail:

13 delegates nominated (4 not yet filled)

Bob Barr 7 (54%)
Undecided 4 (31%)
Wayne Root 2 (15%)

All delegates are either certain that they will be attending or are likely to attend. We did not include anyone in the delegation who has no intention of attending.

We only polled delegates, not the convention as a whole. Bob would have received a higher percentage if we had included supporters who have no intention of going to Denver.

One delegate said he is only undecided between voting for Bob or Wayne. I do not know about the other three, but no one said anything during the day about any other candidate other than Dr Ruwart, and her sole supporter is not a delegate.


The Libertarian Party of Alabama (LPA) conducted a two-day convention over the weekend at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex in Birmingham. Saturday was primarily geared towards people outside of the party. Our first speaker was Republican State Rep. Cam Ward, who has introduced a House Resolution regarding REAL-ID for the LPA, as well as a ballot access bill which reduces the signature requirement from three percent to one percent. The ballot access bill passed though committee with a unanimous vote last week. The REAL-ID Resolution was copied directly from the resolution passed by the Libertarian Party of Alabama Executive Committee in October, 2007.

The event was promoted on the LPA website, through e-mail to LPA members, through direct mail pieces to Ron Paul supporters, e-mail to Barr supporters, a press release from the LPA and one from the Bob Barr 2008 Presidential Exploratory Committee. State Chair Stephen Gordon spent an hour in-studio on the dominant drive-home Birmingham talk radio program the day prior to the event. Barr was also a guest on the same program.

Other speakers were LPA Vice Chair, who spoke about state and national efforts to kill REAL-ID and Stuart Carter, who spoke about the popular Free The Hops legislation in Alabama. Successful Alabama political blogger Dan Roberts spoke about utilizing the Internet for political purposes. Former Alabama Ron Paul Field Director and National Ron Paul Home Schooling Coordinator Shana Kluck spoke about a new national organization called United Liberty that she and others are in the process of getting off the ground. Madison City Councilman Tim Cowles spoke for a few minutes about how to be an effective elected Libertarian. He emphasized that he was “deeply honored” to be speaking immediately before Bob Barr.

Former Congressman Bob Barr was the final speaker. His talk was picked up by the Birmingham News, which is the dominant newspaper in the state. This is the first time, in state party Chair Stephen Gordon’s recollection, that the Birmingham News has considered any Libertarian presidential contender newsworthy in quite some time. Gordon served as the Master of Ceremonies during the Day One events and introduced each of the speakers.

Day Two was focused more on internal party issues. The day started with a panel discussion led by independent election reform activist Bobby Friedman and former LPA Chair Mark Bodenhausen. Surrogates spoke for presidential nomination hopefuls George Phillies and Christine Smith. Dan Allen Hankins, who owns the only microbrewery in Alabama, spoke about homebrewing laws and unique licensing requirements for microbreweries.

During the business meeting, a final delegate list to the national convention was developed. The following incumbent party officers were re-elected: Stephen Gordon as Chair, Mike Rster as Vice Chair, Sarah Wires as Secretary and Gordon Maddox as Treasurer. Former state Chair Stephen Dow and Birmingham activist Jim Albea were elected to at-large positions. Shana Kluck, who hadn’t been involved in politics prior to the Ron Paul campaign, now serves as the Tuscaloosa District Representative. There were no motions pertaining to bylaws issues introduced or other business discussed.

Videos submitted by the Steve Kubby and Wayne Allyn Root campaigns were shown using a large video screen and amplified sound system. Michael Jingozian, as well as the aforementioned candidates, provided campaign materials which were placed on a table near the event registration table. The only materials actually distributed directly to attendees were from Barr’s exploratory committee and Bill Redpath’s campaign to chair the LNC. There was no presidential straw poll conducted, as Chair Stephen Gordon had obviously stacked the deck by inviting known Bob Barr and Ron Paul supporters to the event.

“While not yet back to the level of participation we had during the years the Libertarian Party of Alabama had ballot access, I’m pleased at the increased level of participation at this convention,” said state Chair Stephen Gordon. “The amount of new faces, notably those from the Ron Paul movement, was especially encouraging. That some of these people are now identifying with and working with the Libertarian Party is indeed a good sign.”

Participation varied throughout the event, with generally around 25 people on hand at any given time. A significant amount of few convention attendees only showed to listen to certain speakers and weren’t present throughout the entire convention. Additional chairs had to be set up along the wall towards the end of Day One activities. Roughly one-third of the attendees had never attended a Libertarian Party convention before.

The Libertarian Party is America’s third largest political party, founded in 1971 as an alternative to the two main political parties. Managing to survive some of the most egregious ballot access restrictions in the county by maintaining an effective legislative agenda, the Libertarian Party of Alabama serves as the only organized third party in Alabama. Additional information is located at

23 Responses to “Reports from several state LP conventions”

  1. Steve LaBianca Says:

    I am not sure what to make of the Louisiana straw poll. W.A.R. and Mary Ruwart were neck and neck at the top in three separate rankings.

    Two things are for certain . . . W.A.R. is doing a great job of duping potential delegates that he is a full fledged libertarian.

    Secondly, Mary Ruwart’s long time activism, though only being a candidate for 3 weeks, has proven that she has plenty enough spark to hold strongly against the slick talking used car salesman. Thank heaven for Ms. Ruwart; otherwise W.A.R. might have actually had a chance of winning this nomination.

    I am pretty certain that come the third or fourth ballot, cooler heads will prevail, and true libertarianism will prevail over “Slick Rootie” and Mary will take the nomination, probably no sooner than the third ballot.

  2. Freeman Says:

    Now that Ron Paul says “...the campaign it technically over”, I look forward to voting for Dr. Ruwart! Thanks for running Mary.

  3. Scott Lieberman Says:

    “Steve LaBianca Says:

    April 21st, 2008 at 3:13 pm

    I am not sure what to make of the Louisiana straw poll. W.A.R. and Mary Ruwart were neck and neck at the top in three separate rankings.

    Two things are for certain . . . W.A.R. is doing a great job of duping potential delegates that he is a full fledged libertarian.”

    1. How come you don’t see us Wayne Root supporters eagerly following TPW, to make sure that we can post negative comments that appear near the top of the comment section when good news is posted about other candidates?

    2. Has it ever occured to Mr. LaBianca that all of those LP members who are voting for Wayne Root in those straw polls might be right, and that Mr. LaBianca might be the one who is wrong?

  4. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    You’re all wrong. The libertarian state conventions are only exercises in theatre. The things that will save this country are the Obama Christian Socialist Revolution and the Fringe Alliance Strategy. I have posted about the Fringe Alliance Strategy for electoral reform on other threads, but I can repost it here later tonight if requested. It was given to me directly from God, and has the support of many political scientists just after only three days of it being revealed.

  5. Steve LaBianca Says:

    Scott Lieberman Says:
    April 21st, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    1. How come you don’t see us Wayne Root supporters eagerly following TPW, to make sure that we can post negative comments that appear near the top of the comment section when good news is posted about other candidates?

    2. Has it ever occured to Mr. LaBianca that all of those LP members who are voting for Wayne Root in those straw polls might be right, and that Mr. LaBianca might be the one who is wrong?

    Re #1-So, you think that I am just dying to get “near the top” to post negative comments? I look, I read, and I comment, if I am so moved. It’s that simple. There is nothing contrived, or planned, other than that I look when I get the opportunity. I make comments as I see necessary.

    Re #2-Having been well read in Ayn Rand, I always “check my premise”. So yes it ALWAYS occurs to me that I may have made a mistake. With, W.A.R. though, I have checked over and over. I am as certain as I have ever been. W.A.R. told me in an email that the he was the best thing for “you and your party”. In the words of Mike Myers and Dana Carvey , “we’re not worthy”. Hah! Now it is “our” party”. For a smart guy, that is no simple error. He proudly plastered “W.A.R.” all over his emails and site. Now it is just “Wayne”. It is all marketing . . . and completely phony. No, I am certain about this.

    I have been around the LP long enough to know when I see an overzealous, boisterous, way too big for his britches candidate. If you’ve read my posts, you’d have seen that I’ve said that W.A.R. is very bright. I do not question his intelligence. He is a good speaker. There however, with this combination lies the rub. Smart, smooth talkers invariably know how they can best get what they want . . they are so good at B.S. and are usually smart enough to get out of sticky situations, they invariably B.S. their way! However, Mr. W.A.R. has been caught in more than one lie, and as a firm believer in “fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you”, I will not be fooled by what ought to be the transparency of W.A.R. by anyone willing to take a step back and look.

    Lest you forget, not two years ago, W.A.R. was endorsing McCain/Lieberman!

    I really and truly, in hindsight wish that W.A.R. had been just a little bit humble in his approach to joining, evaluating, assimilating and embracing the LP. He could make a great candidate someday. Instead, he came in like gangbusters, with this know it all over confident attitude, and found that his warmongering, sudden epiphany after epiphany realizations didn’t wash with the rank and file Libertarians. So, like any good businessman, he changed. And changed again. Folks, libertarianism isn’t like changing fashion lines at Sachs 5th Avenue, or Bloomingdales! Libertarianism isn’t a trendy business marketing scheme. W.A.R. has changed his stance on issues like an actor on Broadway changes costumes. Yes, W.A.R. treats the LP this way and most libertarians see right through it. Some, however, are getting worn down and forgetful, and are starting to buy into the hype. I am, in my postings trying to help those who have been temporarily blinded by it, and help them find their way out of the woods. You sir, I pray aren’t hopelessly lost. Let me help you see the light. If you’ll just open your eyes, it’ll all be clear.

  6. Steve LaBianca Says:

    Freeman, I came to the same conclusion, sometime in February. Then when Mary Ruwart got into the LP contest, I got on board the train to Denver.

    Why not go over to and volunteer! If you are so inclined please donate anything you feel comfortable giving. But any way you support her, let’s work to get Mary Ruwart the nomination. . . she is the LP’s best two feet forward. Best two feet . . . “solid Libertarian principles, solid Libertarian solutions. “Hey I like that: “Mary Ruwart - the Libertarian Party’s best two feet forward”. . . Maybe it would be better for the Ruwart/VP ticket, though, huh?

  7. Steve LaBianca Says:

    Actually Scott Lieberman the saying goes, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. Yes, that makes more sense.

  8. DebbieKat Says:

    Don’t discount Gravel just yet. He’s a very smart man with excellent ideals. His NI4D is powerful stuff. :-)

  9. Tom Says:

    Steve to read your premise correctly, unless you are born a libertarian you cannot become one. Hmmmm.

    After 36 years of the purist we get Bush-wacked. After 36 years of party destruction we get Iraq. Thanks a bunch there cowboy.

    So, tell me Steve who is the real war monger? Look in a mirror fool. There’s your answer. But being effective as a political party; that’s not your concern. So, go have a self indulgent party with little Mary and her most recent photo…Oh! she’s not that young anymore….truth in adverstising doesn’t apply to your candidate? Hmmmm.

  10. Doug Craig Says:


    nI4d is why I will not support Gravel. Democracy is mob rules. No thank you. In fact I believe democracy might be the opposite of what I believe in.I might would vote for Daniel the wacko first. I would even take our friend Robert Milnes first. Gravel is just looking for a place to run and I do thank him for the press he has brought us. The only thing he has going for him is he his against the war. I interviewed him on my radio show a couple of weeks ago and that is when I decided I would not support him in any fashion

  11. Dave Williams Says:

    “The things that will save this country are the Obama Christian Socialist Revolution and the Fringe Alliance Strategy.”

    Nope. You’re wrong commie. My Glock 21, Mossberg 590 & Armalite AR-15 will save you…I promise.

  12. Dave Williams Says:

    “W.A.R. is doing a great job of duping potential delegates that he is a full fledged libertarian.”

    Just like you’re doing a great job at shilling for Ruwart.

  13. Dave Williams Says:

    Ya know Binaca, I’ve been holding back. I’ve not taken a swipe at Ruwart. Maybe I should start. I could start with an interesting name…

  14. Steve LaBianca Says:

    Tom Says:
    April 21st, 2008 at 7:08 pm

    Steve to read your premise correctly, unless you are born a libertarian you cannot become one. Hmmmm.

    After 36 years of the purist we get Bush-wacked. After 36 years of party destruction we get Iraq. Thanks a bunch there cowboy.

    So, tell me Steve who is the real war monger? Look in a mirror fool. There’s your answer. But being effective as a political party; that’s not your concern. So, go have a self indulgent party with little Mary and her most recent photo…Oh! she’s not that young anymore….truth in adverstising doesn’t apply to your candidate? Hmmmm.

    No Tom, you AREN’T reading my “premise” correctly. Not only is there nothing stating that “libertarian at birth” is a relevant idea, but it is interesting that you take the ACTUAL idea I was talking about and twist it around that I meant that.

    No, I was saying only that embracing libertarianism is something which requires a lot of soul searching. The concept that we shouldn’t just pummel the living crap out of the whole Middle East because of what Al Qaueda did requires much thinking, soul searching and reflection. Mr. W.A.R. DID NOT just become a non-interventionist overnight, which seemingly he did, if you believe his rhetoric.

    Your second statement is putting blame on “purists” for GWB. That is laughable. Not only do you erroneously believe that W.A.R. can instantly change his mind (boy is he malleable!) about all things libertarian, you think that the electorate, the voters are all going to change their minds in a flash as well. Could it be that you are basically telling us that you’re really talking from inside . . . that YOU were instantly won over by
    W.A.R because of his rational, logical, well thought arguments? Not likely. You are taken in by his used-car salesmanship! Hey I have the proverbial Brroklyn Bridge to sell!!

    Who is the real war monger . . . look in the mirror? Mary Ruwart is not so young any more . . . all just ridiculous slanders which have no bearing on the cCONTENT of what the two contrasting candidates stand for. Contrasting in the fact that Ruwart has long held a strong grounding in liberty, vs. a johnny-come-lately” LOOK AT ME I’M W.A.R. and I’m here to save the day”. Disgusting, superficial and extremely transparent.

    BTW, the fact that YOU put such stock in the Ruwart photo makes you very transparent as well . . . image is everything, marketing the image is just substituted for solid beliefs.

  15. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Doug, Democracy/mob rule is much better than the corrupt republic we are currently in. I generally agree about Wayne Root, but he is helping Obama by stealing away Republican votes. Dave, do you have any criticisms of the fringe alliance strategy?

  16. Tom Says:

    Steve seems you can dish but can’t take. Interesting. I didnt know you can read minds too. You loosiertarians haven’t accomplished anything to point to so you crash everybodies party. 36 years Steve. Zip notta nuthin.

    Where are all those pure libertarian office holders to stop Bush when you need them? When you show me results I’m all there for you big guy. But results matter and I know your tried and true methods haven’t done squat. I’ll take the used car salesman if he’s delivering and he is as far as i can see.

    Where’s your girl these days? Where’s anyone that’s been here as long as Root? HA! LOL. As long as Root. He’s been here ten mintues compared to 36 years for your tried and true belivers and already he’s gotten more message out than anyone. Maybe you need to get your girl on Mancow or Beck or WGN or somewhere where there’s a real audience. and oh yes get an endorsement while you’re at it. Pretty sad given her 25 year head start and purist standing.

    Where’s she been Steve; show me the money boy. I’ve not seen her on air for what… 25 years now? And now we are supposed to believe she’ll save us from who? A used car salesman….I’m sure I don’t know to whom you refer. I suppose you mean the next Bush? Ha! we’ve been there boy. Got the tee shirt as they say. No thank you. too many people dieing while you figure out how to get off.

    Image does sell and who cares who gets credit when there’s only one guy selling I’ll buy him, yes sir. Show me the purist results or shut the heck up.

    Oops! another dozen or so people just blew up because we don’t have one stinking bad libertarian in an office that counts. Good work there Steve. Gotta run see another jihadist coming our way…duck. Boom! You got another one.

    Maybe that governor you didn’t get elected would have told Bush baby, “sorry ole chap we can’t be sending our mates to your little undeclared war”. yeah. Maybe that guy would have made a difference. But no, we have to wait for a pure libertarian …one Steve thinks is worthy. wow The whole damn country thanks you Steve for choosing our best unheard from loosers.

    Was your girl a guest on any media over the past 8 years stopping or trying to stop the war you hate so much? Didn’t see it. Didn’t hear it. They (media) don’t know her form Adam. Root has already eclipsed her contribution. Even if its a last minute conversion its something tangible. Given the clarity of a purist mind I wonder why we are so ignored? Hmm. Can you explain how this used car salesman can get tons of unpaid media? Endorsements? and your beloved purist can’t? Well Steve the LP world is waiting..and waiting and people are dieing.

    Wait! Whew that one was close Steve! I think it was a rocket attack that time…I’m okay but those dead kids don’t have to wait any longer for that purist of libertarians to save them…all their troubles are over. Lucky them huh Steve. Can’t be letting no stinking fast talking used car salesman get the ball rolling for the LP. No sir. Got to wait and be saved by a “pure” libertarian. One that Steve likes.

    Ouch! Did you see that one Steve? Blew that rotten Marines head clean off. It’s okay. He’s just one of Bushes mercenaries for oil. His kids are better off without that war mongering role model. Maybe now mama can get her self a real man …. one that prefers to watch the carnage on television rather than get his hands dirty trying to get imperfect libertarians elected…like you Steve.

    By the way Steve. I haven’t read one thing or heard one thing come from Root that isn’t very libertarian. But I have heard all the crap you ascribe to Root. You know the lies you loosertarians keep repeating because you can’t keep up with that used car salesman.

    Don’t worry, the pragmatist will come in now and clean up your mess and relagate you to the what might have been round file. Hope you enjoyed your 36 years of loosing. Now go on and let us clean this mess up.

  17. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Exactly Tom. But Root won’t win either. He will do nothing but help the Obama Revolution, unless he comes out in support of the Fringe Alliance Strategy.

  18. Teddy Fleck Says:

    Question, will all of you support whomever is selected in Denver.

  19. Dave Williams Says:
    1. Teddy Fleck Says:
      April 22nd, 2008 at 1:35 am

    Question, will all of you support whomever is selected in Denver.

    I will support any of the frontrunners…Root, Barr, Ruwart, Phillies, Kubby…the rest are pretty much roadkill, including Gravel. CT is on Obama’s cock, so your Q does not apply to this freak of nature.

  20. Thomas L. Knapp Says:


    You ask:

    “will all of you support whomever is selected in Denver.”

    That depends on what you mean by “support.”

    There are prospective nominees for whom I will/would bust my ass in terms of promoting their campaigns in any way I can. There are other prospective nominees whom I’d probably resolve to mostly ignore (and hope voters in my district ignored as well).

    My record in the three presidential elections I’ve been through in the LP has been 100% the former, even when I’ve initially resolved to do the latter.

    I can only think of one circumstance (although I’m sure there are others) in which I’d actively attack the LP ticket, and that’s if the presidential nominee pulled the old “withdraw and endorse (or re-endorse, as the case may be) another party’s candidate” trick.

  21. DebbieKat Says:

    @Doug Craig - You think that the NI4D is mob rule, but there would be protections in place to ensure constitutionality of initiatives. I would also ask you why you think our current form of representative government is better. From what I’ve seen most of my life, we hand over our power once every couple of years to individuals who often don’t act on our behalves and don’t vote the way we want them to. They ignore constitutionality and load the supreme court with loyalists who don’t rule based on what the constitution says and, in fact, accuse the “other side” of appointing ACTIVIST judges. The hypocrisy is mind-blowing.

    Gravel is very strong on civil rights and on social issues. He’s against the war in Iraq, against any aggression against Iran or anyone else. He has a long history of service to this country - ending the draft, ending nuclear testing in the Pacific, building the Alaska Pipeline which results in about 20% of the US oil supply, reading the Pentagon Papers into the public record. WHAT HAVE THE OTHER CANDIDATES DONE? You have Barr, who voted FOR the Patriot Act and the Defense of Marriage Act among others. And then you have W.A.R. who has no government experience and is essentially just a republican. Of the remaining I was more impressed with Jingozian, Ruwart and Phillies than any of the other so-called front runners. But what accomplishments do they have behind them compared to Gravel? Gravel is also able to get some mainstream press as well… He’s attracting more people to the Libertarian party. I think you should pay more attention to him.

  22. Steve LaBianca Says:

    Tom, you have your views, and I have mine. I don’t like W.A.R. because he isn’t a noble person in my view. You like him because you think he will move the LP forward. I think he is just an opportunist, and will say whatever he thinks will go over with whatever audience he is talking to. I don’t like it, I think he represents all that is wrong with politics, you don’t care. You think he will get votes.

    We simply have different priorities. I believe that no matter who the nominee is, the best we can expect is a small step forward . . . 750,000 to 1,200,000 votes will be the best showing any of our candidates will get. Even if true, that W.A.R. could get the 1.2 mil, and Mary Ruwart could only get the 750k, I’ll take the 750k, because it will be more “solid” votes. 1.2 mil for W.A.R. won’t be. I’m done with arguing with you.

  23. Ruwarchy! Says:

    Mary Ruwart will more than 750K votes because she’s an anarchist and America wants to vote for an anarchist this year.

    Ruwarchy rocks!

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