It’s going to be a third party weekend

ConnieTalk provides a great wrap-up of where third party and independent presidential candidates will be this weekend:

Constitution Party: Former Republican Alan Keyes is now running his presidential campaign from the Constitution Party. The former UN Ambassador under Ronald Reagan discussed his recent break from the GOP at an April 15th rally in Hazleton, PA. His campaign homepage is playing the video of that speech.

Green Party: Cynthia McKinney and Kat Swift are both presidential candidates from the Green Party. McKinney is holding a Free Mumia rally in Philly on April 19th for Mumia Abu-Jamal, who is currently a prisoner at in Waynesburg, PA. Kat Swift will be attending A Third Party candidates forum on April 18th at Swarthmore Borough Hall in Philadelphia. She will also be at the Free Mumia Rally on the 19th, and then at the Meet The Candidates event at Unitarian Universalist Church in Bethlehem, PA.

Libertarian Party: Libertarian candidate Bob Barr will not be campaigning in Pennsylvania - according to his events calendar, he will be in Birmingham, AL on the 19th at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center. Mike Gravel spoke at the University of Pennsylvania on April 9th and in Allentown, PA on April 10th. He will be in Washington and then New Jersey leading up to the PA primary. Daniel Imperato doesn’t appear to have any plans to go to the Keystone state, but is hosting a live webcast on his site at 8pm tonight. Steve Kubby will also be speaking via YouTube on his site but doesn’t have any upcoming events this month. George Phillies does not have any upcoming events posted. Wayne Allyn Root does not have any upcoming events before the primary. Mary Ruwart will be in Lafayette, LA and then Washington.

Independent: Ralph Nader spoke at Harper College in Palatine, IL this week, and also gave a speech at Illinois State University. He spoke at Philadelphia’s Constitution Center earlier this month.

Kudos to ConnieTalk for making my life much simpler.

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  1. George Phillies Says:

    I’ll be at the LPWA stte convention, as seen on my and their web sites.

  2. Robert Milnes Says:

    LP presidential campaigns-pathetic. I think the LNC should conduct an inclusive debate/forum/meeting/photo-op asap. Do whatever to get the candidates there. If necessary send plane or train fare or a motor home picking up as many as possible per run. NOT a limo. & provide needs during the trip; food, internet, conversation, sleeping & privacy. Look at all the campaigns that are doing little or NOTHING up to the convention. Not just me. Reason: evidently, lack of support. & this by the only third party or independent that has a mathematical possibility of winning. Deplorable.

  3. Peter M. Says:

    The event that the Green candidates are going to in Swarthmore is for all the “left-of-the-Democrats” parties, with several Green Party speakers, the PSL Vice Presidential candidate, and someone speaking for the Socialist Party USA ticket confirmed. The Socialist Workers Party has also been invited, but it doesn’t look like anyone is coming to represent them.

  4. Peter M. Says:

    Hm, sorry about the double post, but the link for the event:

  5. Paulie Says:

    If necessary send plane or train fare or a motor home picking up as many as possible per run. NOT a limo.

    As long as you are living in fantasy land, why not a limo?

  6. Stewart Flood Says:

    As I said in an earlier post, holding a debate at Borough Hall in Swarthmore is like stuffing college kids into a phone booth. We hold LNC meetings in rooms the size of Borough Hall—or larger.

    Why would anyone go to Swarthmore for a debate? I could understand using facilities at the College, but not the Borough government building. The library is larger—or even the Methodist Church next door.

    I guess this was the only place in Pennsylvania where they could find enough socialists to have an audience…

  7. Dan Says:

    Good to see McKinney is holding a rally in support of a convicted cop killer.

  8. Robert Milnes Says:

    paulie, because even I WOULD not enjoy a several hundred mile long limo ride. The kind of motor homes I’m talking about could be rented or purchased by the LP. Instead of individual cash pile campaigns like McCain etc. having one, the LP could have one for the use of the party AND candidates. The other alternative is to have videoconferencing INSTEAD of driving around like crazy for presidential candidates’ debates/forums/meetings. An inclusive meeting would present a great photo-op though.

  9. Paulie Says:

    Would you agree to have the LP rent you your own private helicopter and pilot? Please says yes.

  10. DebbieKat Says:

    @Robert Milnes - “The other alternative is to have videoconferencing INSTEAD of driving around like crazy for presidential candidates’ debates/forums/meetings.”

    This is the most sensible thing you’ve said yet! :-)

    I would be all for this. The most difficult part, though, is if you intend to have any audience interaction. I suppose you could do a feed online and allow audience participation that way (to ask questions and such). This would be a great environmentally-conscious step to take.

  11. Robert Milnes Says:

    DebbieKat, agreed.

  12. Robert Milnes Says:

    DebbieKat, I’m not just another pretty face!

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