Mike Gravel on WHIE

Georgia Libertarians Doug Craig and Garrett Michael Hayes have a program every Sunday at noon on AM 1320 WHIE, (Griffin, GA) for a live hour of libertarian political talk and interviews. Here’s the online version of three segments (1 - 2 - 3) with former Senator Mike Gravel.

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  1. Dave Williams Says:

    Well, judging from the lack of LP audience participation on Gravel threads @ this site, Gravel ‘mania’ has ‘petered out’ somewhat.

  2. Peter Orvetti Says:

    I certainly wouldn’t vote for the guy. When I heard he had switched to the LP I wondered if he was using a butterfly ballot and checked the wrong box. Green, maybe, but Libertarian? Sure, he did a great thing for liberty in 1971—but that was 37 years ago. He tried to push himself on McGovern as a running mate the year after that, and it’s not like McGoo was being too picky. When he re-emerged from wherever he’d been to run for the Democratic nomination, he said it was primarily to get attention for the ill-conceived NI4V —then he pretty much stopped talking about that and focused on Iraq. In the Democratic debates, he went beyond forceful and was just plain rude. I think the guy’s a bit of a megalomaniac.

  3. Peter Orvetti Says:

    Here’s what I wrote about Gravel for Political Insider last summer…

    Former two-term Alaska Sen. Maurice “Mike” Gravel cannot be said to suffer from false humility. After inserting more than 4,000 pages of the Pentagon Papers into the Congressional Record and filibustering against the draft in 1971, he actively ran for the 1972 Democratic vice presidential nomination—with only half a Senate term behind him. Even so, he came in third behind presidential nominee George McGovern’s pick, Sen. Tom Eagleton, and Texas legislator Sissy Farenthold, who had been running for less than a day.

    After his re-election defeat in a 1980 Democratic primary, Gravel essentially vanished from the scene, moving into real estate development and financial speculation. His April 2006 entry into the presidential race—the earliest of any candidate considered “major” by the conventional wisdom’s mysterious metric—was something of a surprise. Gravel said he was running to promote the “National Initiative for Democracy,” which would permit California-style referenda on the national level. His earliest official blog offered a play on Dr. Seuss’s “The Lorax” that read in part, “I’m Mike Gravel, and I speak for the people. I speak for the people, for they have no choice.”

    But as Gravel gained some mainstream attention—more than he seemed to anticipate—he has all but dropped the Initiative from his main pitch, which instead focuses on a forceful anti-Iraq war stance. Those who support him tend to be those who remember his Vietnam-era boldness, or those who have learned about him from the Democratic debates, and not necessarily those who think the idea of national ballot questions should be central to the 2008 election.

    A national ARG poll on the Democratic race in early July had Gravel at 1%, while an early July Rasmussen poll had him at 0%. An early July Research 2000 poll had Gravel at 1% in New Hampshire, while a mid-July CNN poll had Gravel at 0% in South Carolina

  4. Denver Delegate Says:

    I think Mike Gravel hits the right notes on many issues, but after reading the Issues page on his campaign web site, he’s still on my depth chart, but not a starter (a little basketball analogy there :)

  5. David Hicks Says:

    Mike Gravel stopped focusing on NI4D???? Are you kidding me? That’s all he ever talks about. He includes it in EVERY SINGLE speech he gives and has given since running for President.

  6. DebbieKat Says:

    What is more libertarian than giving the people the right to make their own laws? I would think, as Libertarians, you would support this initiative. Regardless, he is a strong proponent of civil rights and has done some great things for this country, including ending the draft. I would not call him rude. I would call him direct and honest. If some people can’t handle that, well… too bad. I’d prefer someone with integrity in office, rather than the awful presidents we have had in office most of my life. He’s got my support.

  7. Jim Duensing Says:

    At least Gravel worked to stop the Vietnam war when he was in office. There are actually people in the Libertarian Party now who started unnecessary wars when they were in office. I’d rather have the guy who fought to protect our soldiers from unnecessary wars.

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