Over 50 people attend the Nye County IAP convention

A meeting report by Chris Hansen:

The Convention started out with a joyous invocation by Jim Batel. This was followed by discussions of current issues that concerned those in attendance. Many issues were discussed including the dangers of the establishment of the New American Civil religion (secularism) in the U.S. A., the International Monetary Fund, the IRS, and the Federal Reserve Bank working together to destroy American liberties. Driver’s licenses and the National ID and the link between them were discussed. The dangers of the drug laws and how they are being used by the government as a tool to steal private property and how such laws and the war on drugs have become more dangerous to Americans than the drugs themselves- was readily agreed upon by those in attendance. The Patriot Act and how the Patriot Act is not stomping out Terrorists but is stomping on our liberties and our privacy. The absolute surety of the complete bankruptcy of the Social Security and Medicare system and how the taxes that support such socialist programs- was agreed upon without dissent. the coming use of the Amero and the intentional destruction & intentional inflation of the Federal Reserve Note meltdown to prepare the way for the Amero, its links to the North American Union and the Highway linking Mexico to Canada was common knowledge among members and guests. This Nye County Convention was made up of an amazingly educated crowd of dedicated patriots. It was wonderful to be a part of it.

Jon Kamerath, the Regional IAP Director for Southern Nevada, then spoke about his experiences with the IAP since joining, why he joined, how much fun it was running for office and how important it is for everyone to run for office to give Nevadans a choice.

Jon talked about being a Nurse at UMC and how concerned he is about the number of illegals coming to America The Crowd immediately got involved talking about the new laws in Arizona and Oklahoma and how the illegals are fleeing those states and how many of them are not going home to their own countries but just going to Nevada and other states. Jon also noted the size of the crowd and how the IAP now has 50,066 registered voters and is the third largest party in Nevada, stating “We can make a difference if we stick together.”

Louis J. De Canio was endorsed as a candidate for Justice of the Peace by those in attendance. He asked about what can be done about the obvious voter fraud in Nye County. The solution, it was said, was to select a few specific precincts and get affidavits from voters on who they would vote for, and after the election, who actually voted for the candidates, and compare those numbers listed by the County Clerk. There was a general agreement that this could work and people were excited about doing this in the coming election.

The convention then took a vote on the platform and unanimously supported the current State platform posted on the Web site as their County Platform.

There was then a discussion on the Nye County Constitution and Bylaws. A few proposed changes were read. Tim Brex then made a motion to accept the changes and once again the convention voted unanimously to accept those changes. The Bylaws will be posted on the new IAP Nye county Web Site as soon as that Web site is up and running.


Robert Smith nominated Tony Whitehead for State Senate and Sam Jones seconded. This was followed by a unanimous voice vote.

Sam Jones then nominated Greg Athons for Assembly 36 and with a second from Tim Brex. The vote was again unanimous.

There was a lot of consideration about County Commission candidates for Commission Districts 1,2, and 3. Some members said they were considering it and one Republican in attendance said he would be glad to run if he did not become a national delegate for Ron Paul. There were several Ron Paul Republicans in attendance. Most said that if Ron Paul did not get the Presidential Nomination that they would become IAPs.


Jeanette Smith nominated Tony Whitehead as County Chairman and Ann Turner seconded. The voice vote was unanimous.

Ann Turner then nominated Bruce Calley as Vice Chairman with a second from Joseph Rauwolf and again the voice vote unanimous.

Mike Gravlin nominated Vern Miller as Secretary with a second from Tony Whitehead. The voice vote was unanimous.

Tim Brex then nominated Keily Miller as Treasurer followed by a second from Sam Jones and a unanimous voice vote; the officer voting was then complete.

Keily Miller then nominated Tim Brex as a Executive Committee member-at-large.

Tim Brex nominated Joseph Rauwolf as Executive Committee member-at-large and Joseph Rauwolf nominated Ann Turner as Executive Committee member-at-large. The votes on all were unanimous and the Executive Committee was complete.

There was a benediction by Christopher Hansen and there was a motion to adjourn that was accepted by all.

6 Responses to “Over 50 people attend the Nye County IAP convention”

  1. No Longer a Reform Party Member Says:

    Don Lake: Come on posters, a couple of paragraphs on the home link, not a couple of pages!

  2. Cody Quirk Says:

    This is a meeting report, and they haven’t gotten the website up yet, didn’t you read it at all?

  3. John C. Jackson Says:

    I would love to kick the illegals out so nurses like Jon can lose some jobs. Or I guess they expect to not have to work. Unless they are threatened also by the great foreign doctors who are willing to come to the country to work as nurses as well.

  4. Trent Hill Says:

    John C. Jackson,

    How would they lose their jobs? In alot of cases, the Illegals dont have insurace and so the taxpayer picks up the tab.

  5. Trent Hill Says:

    Congratulations to the Nye County IAP!

    50 people at a county convention is quite an achievement,and I assure you its more people than the Republicans had at their Nye County Convention.

  6. Nathan K. Says:

    Mr Jackson,
    You imply that Jon would lose his job if the illegals no longer took our tax money to pay for medical services?
    You make me laugh: “they expect to not have to work”. you wanna talk about work ethic?
    The only observation I have of Mr. Kamerath is an extremely dedicated individual with a predisposition for hard work.
    To think that his goal (and the goal of this political party) is to kick out illegals so he wont have to work is ridiculous.

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