Keyes’ gets support from California AIP Chairman

Ed Noonan, chairman of the American Independent Party of California, just signed Keyes’ “Pledge for American Revival” and wrote this:

Pledger 5148, Edward C. Noonan

As the State Party Chairman of the American Independent Party, I will do all I can to help you get nominated, elected and sworn in as the President of the United States.

I ask that California be allowed to “second” your nomination at the upcoming National Convention in Kansas City.

I would like to be your state campaign Chairman for the state of California or else, any region you need help in.

Let me know what I can do.

Edward C. Noonan
State Party Chairman - American Independent Party
Affiliate of the Constitution Party
former 2006 Candidate/Governor - State of California
member: Minuteman Civil Defense Corps - Sacramento Region.

22 Responses to “Keyes’ gets support from California AIP Chairman”

  1. Trent Hill Says:

    Quite a coup for the Keyes campaign. I forget how many votes CA will get, but its 55+ I believe.

  2. Red Phillips Says:

    Shame on Noonan. He should know better. Doesn’t he realize a pro-War interventionist will hurt (possibly split) the Party?

  3. Trent Hill Says:


    I suspect Noonan sees the media/voter accesibility as a good way to rev up the AIP—which has lost steam over the past 6-8 years.

  4. Ronald Monroe Says:

    The Constitution Party members have a opportunity to see a Constitution Republic work. Let us see if we can find a candidate that can help us restore our “Country to one Nation under God”. We have four Patriots to work with Baldwin, Keyes, Moore, and Max Rikes of Michigan maybe even more .

  5. Glenn Brown Says:

    ED Noonan ran Jim Gilchrist out of the California AIP. Mr. Gilchrist had gone to Bill Shearer to see about running for President, but Bill got sick and couldn’t help him. Mr. Gilchrist would have been are strongest Presidential candidate, but he now a Republican running for Congress in CA. Under Noonan leadership the AIP had one candidate for congress and has gone totally down hill.

  6. Trent Hill Says:


    Agreed. That is why so many people arent going to care about Ed’s support—or maybe even take it as a negative thing.
    Ed ran off our best Congressional candidate ever. And the guy wanted to run for Governor or President.
    Speaking of Gilchrist: I contacted him weeks ago—he now claims to be a solid Republican.

  7. Red Phillips Says:

    Gilchrist endorsed Huck who was up until recently very bad on immigration. Gilchrist is an opportunist. Plus, isn’t he pro-War? I thought him being pro-War caused some problems for him in his Congressional race.

  8. Trent Hill Says:


    Gilchrist nominated Huck long after he left the CP. There is no telling who he might or might-not have endorsed if he were still with us.

    He was for a limited excursion into Iraq, I think.

  9. Red Phillips Says:

    I know he endorsed Huck after he became a Republican. I just pointed it out because I think it demonstrates poor judgement and opportunism.

    What was the Noonan Gilchrist issue?

  10. CA4CP Says:

    If all the CA delegates vote the wishes of Noonan then this will doom the Constitution Party’s efforts. I want all the CA delegates to do better than casting their nominating votes for Keyes.

  11. Ben Says:

    Most people know that Ed Noonan and I are not friends. However, in Ed’s defence, Jim Gilchrist left on his own. Ed, the AIPCA and the national CP opened their wallets and campaigned heavily in 2005 for Gilchrist in a special Congressional election. The AIPCA asked B1 Bob Dornan and others with longer histories with the AIPCA not to run against Jim in the primary. These AIPCA loyalists stepped aside so that Jim would not have a primary battle and could campaign directly against the R and D.

    Jim had a good showing and actually received the most votes on Election Day. His Republican opponent ended up winning due to absentee ballots.

    Forward to 2006, Ed Noonan is running for CA Governor as the AIPCA’s candidate. Despite all of the support Ed and the AIPCA gave Jim in his run for Congress, Jim Gilchrist publicly endorses the Libertarian candidate for Governor. Needless to say, Ed was a wee bit perturbed and called Jim a traitor to the AIPCA and to him personally. Ed Noonan did not chase Jim Gilchrist out of the AIPCA. Jim made his decision while Ed thought he and Jim were on friendly terms and Ed eagerly awaited Jim’s expected endorsement. Only after Jim’s decision to endorse the LP’s candidate did Ed Noonan declare war on Jim Gilchrist.

    Gilchrist nominating Huckabee over Tancredo or Paul is just another example of Jim Gilchrist’s history of political opportunism. Jim Gilchrist would have been even worse than Keyes. Jim Gilchrist has a temper just as volatile if not worse than McCain’s. There is YouTube footage somewhere of Gilchrist screaming at pro-immigrant protestors to drop dead and a stream of other vulgarities and profanities.

    The CP lost nothing with Gilchrist going back to the GOP. He’s a Republican who used the AIPCA’s ballot line in 2005 because he knew that he could not win the GOP primary. I’m glad that I kept my wallet closed in 2005, to support the CPMN.

  12. theCardinal Says:

    This is bad for the CP and good for Barr, assuming he wins the LP nomination.

  13. kerwin Says:

    This makes the CP a JOKE

  14. Cody Quirk Says:

    I suspect Noonan sees the media/voter accesibility as a good way to rev up the AIP—which has lost steam over the past 6-8 years.

    =It’s Possible.

  15. Trent Hill Says:

    Of course—Noonan may not be seeing anything.

    He has a penchant for not seeing the consequences of his actions.

  16. Gary Odom Says:

    Red Phillips Says:

    April 11th, 2008 at 1:11 pm
    “Gilchrist endorsed Huck who was up until recently very bad on immigration. Gilchrist is an opportunist. Plus, isn’t he pro-War? I thought him being pro-War caused some problems for him in his Congressional race.”

    I worked on Gilchrist’s campaign. He is Marine veteran, decorated with the purple heart. He told me personally that he opposed getting into the War in Iraq, but (and this will answer your other question) he really never
    addressed the War during the campaign or much of anything else for that matter, other than the issue of illegal immigration. This was necessary, as he had a rather delicate coalition to keep intact. I remember the day, for example, that the Gilchrist campaign received significant contributions from both Michael Peroutka and lesbian talk show host, Tammy Bruce, on the same day. The campaign was all about border security and illegal immigration-it had to be to succeed-and it almost did.

    Jim isn’t so much a political opportunist as he is a bit of a loose cannon and he is really is a political neophyte (or was at that time). He’s obviously made some poor decisions (the worst being Huckabee—especially since Tancredo had risked the wrath of the CA GOP to endorse Gilchrist) but he is a fine patriot and, if nothing else, has provided a great service to his country in sounding the alarm on border security and illegal immigration.

    Gilchrist suffered from numerous physical attacks and serious threats of harm from, as he called them, “anarchists.” If he lost his temper, I’m sure it was not unprovoked. I personally never saw him lose his temper or be anything other than congenial and a gentleman during the 2005 special election campaign.

    I was in the CA AIP for 37 years before recently registering to vote in Pennsylvania and I have met Bob Dornan in years past and I can tell you that Bob Dornan was NEVER involved in the American Independent Party and had no history with the party. He WAS and IS a Republican. Nobody stepped aside for Gilchrist to run. The whole AIP organization supported Jim Gilchrist for Congress in 2005. The state central committee gave him a $500 donation (which was small by Gilchrist campaign standards, but significant by AIP standards).

    By the way, although Gilchrist is NOW a Republican, thanks, in large part to our current CA AIP chairman, he had been a member of the California AIP for years before running for. FYI, in California, you have to be out of another party for a year AND in your new party for a year at the time you take out papers to run for office—which is usually about a year before the election. That is one of a number of reasons why the AIP has not run many local candidates in recent years.

    I will be honest (and I could be wrong) that I never saw anything that gave me reason to believe that Jim Gilchrist had ever even heard of Ed Noonan before Gilchrist made his blunder of endorsing LP Gubernatorial candidate Art Olivier in the 2006 election (which he did on the very same day in which he had earlier called Bill Shearer to solicit his assistance in running for President on the Constitution Party ticket—one of the most amazing acts of contradiction I have ever seen in all my years in this very strange sport called politics—as I said Jim was and is quite a loose cannon).

  17. Red Phillips Says:

    Thanks for the explanation Gary. Did you send out some sort of announcement about the Noonan endorsement? I read somewhere that you did. If so, I hope you sent out something similar about the Riley non-endorsement. In the name of basic fairness, of course.

  18. Andy Says:

    “Trent Hill Says:

    April 11th, 2008 at 1:17 pm

    Gilchrist nominated Huck long after he left the CP. There is no telling who he might or might-not have endorsed if he were still with us.

    He was for a limited excursion into Iraq, I think.”

    The fact that Jim Gilchrist endorsed Mike Huckabee for President should have destroyed whatever credibility that Jim Gilchrist had.

  19. Roger Lee Says:

    I think that Chuck Baldwin most follows the platform but I am not sure that he is qualified. In order to convince me to vote for me he must surround himself with experts and come up coherent policies.

  20. kerwin Says:

    Baldwin is miles ahead of Keyes in that regard. MILES

  21. Dave Williams Says:

    Personally I like Moore/Satan ‘08 for the CP… Their slogan could be “You get the best of both worlds.”

  22. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAFR Says:

    Again, you are right on the mark on Gilchrist. I was another campaign worker for Gilchrist, in Orange county, California, during his last AIP Congress run. Jim Gilchrist did our country good , bringing awareness of the illegal alien issue to the front burner. He should be commended for his USMC Nam Vet service to his country. He is a patriot. However, at times, a loose cannon indeed, where he doesn’t think FIRST before SAYING or DOING. Unfortunately, Jim seems to be swayed by professional -GOPtypes who do not put our C.P. in the best interest. Jim has really put his foot in his mouth at times, like supporting “HUCK” and others. Maybe someday he will get it. If he remains a republican, don’t hold your breath.

    Remember this…..the ONLY POLITICAL PARTY that stands against the NORTH AMERICAN UNION scheme, (that really needs the open border policy and amnesty for illegals..) the CONSTITUTION party and WHOMEVER its presidential nominee is! As for what Ed Noonan did, concerning the Gilchrist campaign…Ed had a right to be upset with Jim’s endorsement of the Libertarian Gov. candidate BUT, Ed has made some mistakes and ‘remarks’, since then, that really has not been in the best interest of the party, MY OPINION.
    Soon, the State Chairmanship will be available to a NEW Chairman. There are plenty of potential AIP leaders that will provide that leadership.
    Remember folks, we have bigger things to worry about and make our real priorities…the upcoming 2008 campaign, and beyond.

    -Larry Breazeale, Msgt. (ret.) USAF
    of the Constitution party…

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