Root wins Heartland straw poll

From the Root for America campaign:

Libertarian Presidential frontrunner Wayne Allyn Root won the biggest victory of his political career this weekend at the largest Libertarian State Convention of the Year- the Heartland Conference Presidential debate. The Heartland Conference brought together the 5 Midwest states of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Oklahoma in one Libertarian convention. Root beat out a field of 17 declared or potential Presidential candidates for the Libertarian Party- including former Democratic United States Senator Mike Gravel, participating for the first time in a Libertarian debate. Also on the ballot for the first time was former 4-term Republican United States Congressman Bob Barr. Barr announced the launch of a Presidential exploratory committee immediately following the Libertarian Presidential debate. Root finished in first place, edging out second place finisher Congressman Bob Barr and third place finisher Senator Mike Gravel.

Root has now won Presidential Preference Polls in California, Colorado, Michigan and the 5 Midwest states of the Heartland Conference. California is the most populous Libertarian state, with the largest delegation to the national convention in Denver in May 2008. As the winner of the California Presidential Debate, Root will lead California’s Libertarian Candidates in a rally on the steps of the California Capital in Sacramento on Friday April 11th.

The Heartland Conference Presidential Preference Polls immediately followed a 2-hour candidate debate that gave Libertarian Party delegates from 5 states a detailed look at the major candidates seeking the Party’s nomination for President.

Mr. Root said, “I’m grateful to the Libertarian leaders, voters and delegates from Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Oklahoma who watched our debate and chose me as their favorite for the Libertarian Presidential nomination. Missouri will always have a special place in my heart, because my victory in the Missouri Presidential primary on Super Tuesday was the first big victory of my Presidential campaign. Now the ‘Show Me State’ has followed up with my biggest victory to date. I want to thank Missouri LP Chairman Mike Ferguson for all the effort, energy and sacrifice he put in to produce the Heartland Conference. The Libertarian Party owes him a debt of gratitude.”

Root added, “I’m especially honored and thrilled to have beat out a field that included a former United States Senator and Congressman. I welcome both Senator Gravel and Congressman Barr to the Presidential race. I look forward to many future debates to determine who will make the best Libertarian Presidential nominee. The exposure they bring to the Libertarian Party will add credibility and mainstream voter recognition to our Presidential efforts. Polls consistently show that American voters are anxiously looking for a third party alternative for the White House. I think I’m proving with each debate victory that I am the candidate that will bring smaller government, lower spending, reduced entitlements, dramatically lower taxes, and more freedom to the American people. I think the time is past due for a President who is a small businessman, home-school father and citizen politician, who has never collected a government check. I don’t live off the taxpayers- I am a taxpayer! When it comes to taxes, I’ll always remember that it’s your money in the first place.”

Mr. Root’s two key constituencies are small business owners and home-school parents. Root, a small businessman for all of his adult life, will be the only presidential candidate that can authentically give voice to the concerns of small business owners- the economic engine of the U.S. economy. Small businesses create the majority of non-government jobs in the United States and will be the most important constituency in the revival of the US economy.

Root is also the first Presidential candidate in modern history to be a home-school parent. Root believes that school choice, parental rights and education reform will be central issues in the 2008 Presidential election in light of the recent controversial ruling on home-schooling by a California Appeals Court last week. A rogue activist judge ruled that home-schooling is a criminal act and that parents now must give up all rights to educating their children to state certified teachers and government-run public schools.

Root said of the California ruling, “This ruling is a disgrace- and in direct violation of the Constitution. It destroys the concept of parental rights and freedom. It hands control of our children’s lives to Big Brother (big government), public school teachers unions, and the thought police. Our Founding Fathers (most of whom were home-schooled) must be rolling over in their graves.”

Root and his wife Debra are home-school parents to their four young children- including their new 3 month old baby Contessa Churchill Root. Root graduated Columbia University Class of ‘83 with his fellow candidate and Political Science classmate Barack Obama. If Root wins the Libertarian nomination, it will be the first time in political history that two college classmates run against each other for President.

11 Responses to “Root wins Heartland straw poll”

  1. Mike Gillis Says:

    As has been mentioned before, he BARELY edged out Barr by only two votes, and then after a debate and BEFORE Barr made his announcement.

    Had Barr announced sooner, it’s likely that he would have won.

  2. Tom Jeffers Says:

    We have a great slate of candidates. I am torn b/t Root and Barr right now, leaning to Root. See you at Convention.

  3. John Schultz Says:

    Mike Ferguson, while a heck of a guy and someone I consider a friend, is not the MO LP Chairman. That would be Glenn Nielsen.

    Congressman Barr also did not announce his exploratory committee “immediately following the Libertarian Presidential debate.” The debate was held from 10:00 AM until 11:45 AM according to the printed schedule I am reviewing. At the end of the debate, the ballots were distributed. Congressman Barr’s keynote was at 2:50 PM. The straw poll was still open for some time after his address, but I do not have the exact details.

  4. Jerry S. Says:

    Anyone have the results from the major Ohio vote from the following day ?

  5. Guy Fawkes Says:

    Root has no chance. Barr will bring the Libertarian party forward. Not that Root isn’t a good guy, and a great Libertarian, but the Libs would be silly to not nominate someone with real legislative experience. Plus, Root seems a little too strident, nowhere near as angry as Christine Smith, but very over the top. Phillies makes excellent points when he discuss how badly screwed the young people are getting, I felt vindicated when he mentioned that. Barr will lead us forward, while I feel Root would just spin our wheels.

  6. Yuriy Says:

    The few times I have seen Root speak he sounds very fake. He looks like he has practiced his smile in the mirror millions of times. Does he have any real ideas besides the typical libertarian slogans that he is using to get everyone riled up? Does he have any real political experience? perhaps that is a good thing. And Barr;s claim to fame is the failed impeachment of Clinton. Is this supposed to inspire me? Of course I am heavily biased because I like Gravel, someone who gives his opinion even if he knows that some people wont like it. Someone who filibustered in the senate for 5 months to end the draft, without much support from even his own party. Someone who revealed government secrecy and lies (pentagon papers) when nobody else had the balls to do so. Gravel inspires me, I like seeing his honesty, even though I think he does get a little crazy sometimes. I think he is someone that can actually do stuff, anyway he is the only one of the candidates that has actually accomplished anything in politics.

  7. Steven R Linnabary Says:

    Jerry S.:

    for the OH straw poll results.

  8. Dave Williams Says:


  9. Haigh Says:

    Anybody know of a video link for this debate?

    Getting this kind of stuff up on video could one day help the LP campaign go viral.

    Consider how well the grassroots leveraged Ron Paul’s debate videos.

    What if the LP candidates got together and had some 1×1 debates, orchestrated to both educate about issues and show their styles and differences. Maybe we need to apply some bracketology….to generate publicity and interest for a whole series of LP oriented debates, maybe by topic, foreign policy, monetary reform, education reform, government waste, social security, etc.

  10. Shane Savoie Says:

    Early on, I favored Root, but since Barr, Ruwart, and Gravel have thrown their hats in, that has faded a bunch. Although I admire Wayne in a number of regards, he isn’t as big time as the others.

    I’m pulling for a Barr/Ruwart ticket, showing all the best the LP has to offer via effective communicators. Bob’s seriousness will appeal to disenfranchised conservatives while Mary has the soft feminine edge that’s all too often missing from the LP’s message.
    I just hope the antiwar vote isn’t too split to register. Nader will go where his ego directs him, even if it hurts the causes he allegedly champions. McKinney is much more sincere, but is still just another way for the voice of peace to get diffused.

  11. yesclean Says:

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