Illinois Greens choose Senate nominee

During a weekend state convention in Peoria, the Illinois Green Party chose former public schoolteacher and 2006 congressional candidate Kathy Cummings as its nominee for US Senate.

Cummings was denied ballot access for her congressional campaign in 2006 despite turning in 2 1/2 times the required number of petition signatures. After gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney polled 11% in the 2006 election, the party became “established” and won’t face ballot access hurdles this year. The party plans to run US House candidates in nine of the state’s 19 districts.

Cummings will face off with the as-yet-unnamed Republican nominee and incumbent Democrat Dick Durbin. Her top issue seems to be Durbin’s (and the Democratic Party’s) support for the war on Iraq.

4 Responses to “Illinois Greens choose Senate nominee”

  1. Chris Bennett Says:

    The Republican Nominee is Steve Sauerberg and the Libertarian Nominee is Larry Stafford for US Senate

  2. Mike Indiana Says:

    Also running is Betsy Farley of the Socialist Workers Party and, Independent Alton Franklin.

    These candidates and Libertarian Nominee Larry Stafford are not yet on the ballot and must collect 25,000 (accepted) petition signatures in order for there name to appear on the ballot in November

  3. Chris Bennett Says:

    We are doing our ballot access right now. We will have our nominees on the ballot:)

  4. Paul Says:

    Chris, any news about Dan Druck running for Congress in IL-14?

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