Imperato “in the United States as an undertaker”

From Orden Bonaria Representative to the United Nations Sir Daniel Imperato’s indy presidential campaign:

Imperato says he wants to move Italy and USA closer. “I’m in Italy to help Raffaele Lombardo and I know that at the same way I’m giving a help to Silvio Berlusconi.

I’m in the United States as undertaker and I’ve reached many good objectives—he replies to AVIONEWS —but I’ll never forget my origins. For the next presidential election I’m going to stand as independent, and this is a hard exam for me. I’m an independent candidate of the Libertarian party.

That’s because I represent the catholic tradition. Libertarian theory was born in Austria more than 100 years ago, and it’s a Christian philosophy. My philosophy is the same as the Pope speaks about. I guess Obama, Hillary Clinton and McCain don’t represent all American people.

That’s because each of them came to the politic matters well knowing that they must not cross certain lines, so they trample on some values they tell to believe in”. Then, Imperato blames Hillary Clinton: “Her politics could be the same of her husband Bill Clinton, we shouldn’t forget that all terrorists came in USA during his government. According to me, ideals are not negotiable, but maybe someone else could think different”.

Link to release here.

18 Responses to “Imperato “in the United States as an undertaker””

  1. Alexander S. Peak Says:


    How did this guy get rich? Certainly not as an author.

  2. NewFederalist Says:

    Perhaps something is lost in the translation from the Latin… :)

  3. Mike Gillis Says:


    How did this guy get rich? Certainly not as an author.”

    There’s no evidence that he is rich. Like everything else he does, his fame, fortune and campaign exist in his own private LaRouchean fantasy world.

    He’s barely coherent most of the time and you can’t really follow his arguments from point A to point B.

    He’s like a cross between “Diamond” Joe Quimby and the drunk at the end of the bar who thinks he ought to be president…. just all dressed up as a millionaire jetsetting world business leader.

  4. Libertarian Breaking News Says:

    Itch will be out of rehab shortly. Can Gravel take the heat? Is Barr man enough? Is Ruwart hot?

    The man from Malibu will take on, take it over, and tear it down without taking it up the butt.

    Can you take it? The Return of Itch on TWP.

  5. John Karr Says:

    He at least has the funds to travel to state conventions and owns at least one expensive suit (which no longer fits so well). All I know is that I don’t want a candidate who speaks like Luca Brasi from the Godfather! Even if he has $100 million to put into the campaign!

  6. Jerry S. Says:

    lol- can’t you see what happens when you take a chainsaw to the platform, “THEY” all rush in…

    Restore ‘04 =

    I would appreciate it if you will take a few moments to sign this most important petition. We all want a “BIG TENT” LP, however in my opinion an important document was too hastily disposed of and over three decades of principled intellectual thought doesn’t deserve such treatment.

    I chose what planks I used in my ‘88 (U.S.House) and ‘92 (U.S.Senate) campaigns and anyone can do the same without campaigning with anything they aren’t comfortable using. There is truly a need to restore our Libertarian heritage and in the future we can “trim” where needed with a carving knife, not an Oregon chainsaw. Thank you !

  7. Stefan Says:

    Maybe he should start with a political party, along the names of Cathlolic Party
    Vatican party, Imperator party :-) Politics is clearly not his style, better that he fund a thin-tank to promote ideas and a PAC (fundraising for candidates in the five largest parties that support his ideas).

  8. BillTX Says:

    LOL, whatever you say Mr. Impewacko. Whatever you say.

  9. Not Yet a Lib Says:

    Don Lake: And his telephone conversation[s] are just as bad. Rambling and off point, with persistent and repeated queries on WHO YOU ARE and how can you be of assistance to his existence! Repeatedly, he will ask and re-ask the same question of you——-while trailing off on his replies.

  10. BillTX Says:

    BTW, I very much doubt Impewacko is anywhere near being rich. He does seem to have some wealth, but his businesses are awfully hard to find any useful information on (his dozens of shitty websites are super-vague and are essentially no help). The myriad companies that form his…snicker…”business empire” all seem to share the same address, phone and fax numbers.

  11. johncjackson Says:

    I have no idea what the fuck this guy is saying..ever.

  12. Tom Bryant Says:

    I liked it better when Imperato was bragging about being a level 8 hobbit papal knight with a charmed long staff plus six.

  13. ohdear Says:

    Is this man sane? The more I look at the candidates the more I like Ruwart.

  14. Dave Williams Says:

    (his dozens of shitty websites are super-vague and are essentially no help).

    Just like Bill’s blog…shitty.

  15. Dave Williams Says:

    Itch will be out of rehab shortly. Can Tom Knapp take the heat? Is Bill Blair man enough? Is Imperato hot?

  16. BillTx Says:

    Is Dave Williams a bone smuggler?

    Well, yes.

  17. Dave Williams Says:

    Is BillTx a ‘fart knocking double inverted nad twister’?

  18. BillTX Says:

    Hey, you’re the one who admitted to masturbating to Wayne Allyn Doof’s picture.

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