“Ron Paul Billionaire” updates

Back in January, Third Party Watch covered the “Ron Paul Billionaire” thread. The general topic was about a billionaire who wished to mount a parallel campaign to augment Ron Paul’s official campaign for president. The topic recently resurfaced on Ron Paul Forums because of this interview (skip to the 20:10 mark) with Ron Paul. From the interview, hosted by John Stadtmiller on Republic Broadcasting Network :

There was an individual—we represented a pool of individuals—but for a parallel campaign that were going to dump up to a $100,000,00 into a parallel campaign…

What I’m going to do with that $100 million—now, sir—and I guarantee your voice and what Ron Paul is about…

I’m going to make sure that millions of Americans here this. We’re going to take that $100,000 and buy radio stations with it.

I was bound by a pledge of secrecy (but signed no non-disclosure agreements) at the time, as there were ongoing negotiations underway. Since the negotiations were broken and the critical timeframe has long past, I don’t feel that I am violating any promise I made at the time when I now confirm that the general story about a “Ron Paul Billionaire” presented is correct. However, there are many rumors and details floating about which are less-than-totally accurate—such is the nature of these sorts of issues. I won’t reveal the name or names of any potential financial contributors to this particular effort.

My understanding was of the roughly $100,000,000 offered, approximately half was to run a parallel political campaign. As I heard the story, the other half was to go to related media or educational purposes.

My role was on the parallel campaign side. I was part of a team which developed a business plan, organizational chart and campaign timeline primarily targeted at Super Tuesday states and those which had primaries shortly thereafter. Some of my key responsibilities involved making arrangements to conduct media buys in 23 states and for a very significant targeted direct mail campaign. I helped recruit a few people into this operation as well as was part of a team recruiting competent FEC/First Amendment attorneys to ensure that our operations were totally complaint with campaign laws and regulations.

At the ground level, I was also part of a team which located a reasonable headquarters location. We had the contract offer from the facility we eventually selected at the time negotiations with the “Ron Paul Billionaire” ended. We had already solved most of our technical and logistical considerations, ranging from telephone systems to data capacity to physical and data security issues to office chairs to the amount and models of PCs and Macs we would require. While the exact dollar total changed from time to time during negotiations, at one point, our proposed budget was $49,697, 280.

I’ve had no involvement in the project since a period of time immediately prior to Super Tuesday, so I’m very curious about the purchase of the aforementioned potential radio stations.

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  1. vladimir Says:


    The media is controlled by the neocon party.

    Is time to start a libertarian-controlled media

    Im not from the US, but i wnated to say that this is TERRIFIC news.

    Go Ron Paul Revolution!

  2. CowboyTech Says:

    Talk is cheap, actions show intent!

  3. Stephen Gordon Says:

    Talk is cheap, actions show intent!

    Hopefully, we will see some sort of media operation resulting from all of this. In the meantime, I’ve moved on to other projects. Maybe this one will materialize.

  4. Thomas Paine Says:

    We need a Ron Paul trillionaire.

  5. John C. Jackson Says:

    OK, so why did this “billionaire” back out of the initial plan? Not sure I follow.. The deal didnt happen, but now he/they is going to buy radio stations instead?

  6. Hugh Jass Says:

    What do you mean by a parallel campaign?

  7. Jessie Jones Says:

    Like the Weddy’s guy use to say…Where is the beef?

    Also, how the f’ do you have the gaul to “negotiate” with someone giving you $100 million dollars? Wouldn’t you just suck it up and make compromises. P.S. We all know who the “billionaire” was…clearly it was Ross Perot and I’m assuming he wanted an addition to the platform that Ron Paul wouldn’t compromise on. Pathetic.

    I know it’s not politically correct but if someone offers you $100 million they are automatically your running mate and therefore you should compromise your platform.

  8. James Madison Says:

    It wasn’t Ross Perot, sorry.

  9. Stephen Gordon Says:

    To deal with a couple of the comments above, the negotiations broke down. As I was not a direct negotiator (although I spoke often with people who were), I only have heresay info as to why it didn’t, so I’ll not present that.

    What I’m assuming Stadtmiller meant with parallel campaign is: An organization which is not affiliated with the official Ron Paul presidential campaign, representing the First Amendment rights of one or more people and acting in a lawful manner, which intends to perform many or most of the functions that a traditional political campaign is supposed to do to win an election but the Paul campaign wasn’t. Or something close to this, at least.

  10. Jessie Jones Says:

    Okay I retract the Ross Perot statement after hearing the interview…but I insert this…

    At the end of the video, the radio interviewer offered Ron Paul a full hour on the radio station to air his views and take questions…Now everybody and their mother keeps talking about the MSM this and the MSM that…now you have a radio personality saying…I want to give you a full hour and you say “I won’t give a solid yes” and basically saying I’ll have to check my schedule because doing a full hour is hard to schedule…

    ARE YOU SERIOUS Ron …get it together…if your schedule does not allow for a full hour of free advertising time and you can’t schedule it then you need to fire whom ever does your schedule because they need to be on their job. It makes you look ungrateful and I know that your are taking from the bible where it says let your yes’s be yes’s and your no’s be no’s but you should automatically be able to say yes to something like that…get it together.

  11. NewFederalist Says:

    I would have never thought of Ross Perot as the “billionaire” since I don’t think he has all that much in common with Ron Paul. The Koch Family perhaps but not Perot.

  12. Michael Seebeck Says:

    Sorry, Stephen, but this sounds like a “take my word for it, but I won’t give you the details needed to independently confirm this.”

    We call that whole-cloth yarn-spinning.

  13. Jim Says:

    I would venture to guess that it is Paul Orfalea, the founder of Kinko’s.

    As far as I can tell he is the richest person who donated the maximum to the Ron Paul campaign.

  14. TJ Says:

    It sounds like thay backed out after Super Tuesday.

    Can they commit to going to upcoming state and hitting it hard to try some tactics and test the laws. A small scale of will someday be a nation wide campaign for another candidate.

  15. Stephen Gordon Says:

    Sorry, Stephen, but this sounds like a “take my word for it, but I won’t give you the details needed to independently confirm this.”

    We call that whole-cloth yarn-spinning.

    1) There are now at least three independent sources confirming a general story which are in basic agreement with each other.

    2) I did provide some additional level of details. What sort of details would you like? Some I might be willing to offer, some I clearly won’t (such as the internal details of a campaign budget structure, because that formulation has value to any real political campaign; or any document which discloses the names of people who haven’t voluntarily disclosed their participation in this project).

    Even if I provided documents, they would be open to the suggestion that I simply fabricated them. If someone else comes forward, they could be accused of some grand conspiracy to spin yarn. And so on.

    Michael, what level of proof would be required for you to no longer imply that I am lying?

  16. Doug Craig Says:

    We had some one in Atlanta that knew about this. I heard the break down was over tactics and control of the mesage. If I remember the story there was some Lady who had ran some campaigns quite well in the past and had her Idea about how things had to be done and some people could not agree and it fell apart. The person that told this story told itat a meeting where we were having a meeting about going to the georgia GOP meeting and trying to get delegates for the national convention. At the time I did not believe him but he did have some proof.

  17. James Madison Says:

    Let’s take a stab at who the mystery billionaire was.

    Was it:

    a) Bruce Wayne?

    b) J.R. Ewing?

    c) Thurston Howell III?

  18. Stephen Gordon Says:

    I won’t bring up the name in question, but I will state that Doug Craig’s general story about “some Lady who had ran campaigns quite well in the past” is part of this picture.

    I’ve heard a number of stories about why the negotiations broke down, but wasn’t there, so I won’t speculate on that portion. I do know that I reported (by telephone or e-mail) most of the what I was working on to people involved in “the meeting” during the period of time that negotiations were underway.

  19. Internet Joe Says:

    From day one everything about this story stunk, and sadly it stunk up the campaign. I read above the name Stadmiller-that guy is a certifiable loony.

    This story will remain legend-embedded in the top 10 Stupidest Internet Hoaxes of 2007 list . Whoever started this whole stupid thing should simply be beat-up, pantsed like a schoolboy and hung from his locker. Just stupid.

  20. Fred C. Says:

    Well assuming this isn’t some kind of April Fool’s joke (3 days early? distasteful!), I can only hope the guy still considers the money budgeted for a large-scale project along these lines. I think the name that sounded most credible back in January was some guy that donated heavily to Buchanan’s projects and showed up in FEC reports as maxed out for RP. I’m still sifting through google trying to find who I’m thinking of, it was easier before the billionaire threads caught fire on every grassroots website with a blog.

  21. Brent Burk Says:

    I’ll see it when I see it.

  22. Andrew Panken Says:

    It all sounds imaginary, but seeing is believing.

  23. Derek Says:

    I think I read a few weeks ago that the millionaire was the owner of PayPal. Not unless if this is another person.

  24. Doug Craig Says:

    Internet Joe

    When the guy told the story people were pissed off. They were pissed at him for telling it.They did not care if it was true or not they did not want to hear the story and this was a group of hard core Paul people in Georgia

  25. Jessie Jones Says:

    Why are you people doing the whole…”seems plausible” or “that’s bull crap” just click the flipping link you morons

  26. Stephen Gordon Says:


    Apparently, some people don’t find the head of a radio network talking about a funder for a stack of radio stations plausible, either.

  27. Austin Wilkes Says:

    Steve I am not sure what to think of you posting this. Guess no real damage can be done now so long as names or future ambitions do not come up.

    Also, even though you posted this (and readers generally trust you), this “Ron Paul Billionaire” will still be considered a myth by many. Even if I posted the time-lines, organizational structure, business plans, exact location of HQ (b/c of a couple security breaks can be found easy if someone does some basic investigating), etc, etc it would still not be enough to satisfy some people. But, then again who cares; the past is not the future.

    Personally even though I would have personally benefited if this deal had happened, in retrospect, I am generally glad the “Ron Paul Billionaire” did not come through. It would not have been enough to win considering how the chips actually fell.

  28. Stefan Says:

    Stephen: thank you for sharing this info. I believed it then, when the story hit in January, unlike some and understood he had to work strategically. Of course I believe you also and read on dailypaul recently that the billionaire decided not to go forward. Of course you cannot name the person’s name, also now. He or she does not want to be bombarded with emails and enquiries etc. and must choose the right moment. I think once this person step forward, there may be quite a few big $ Paul backers that can also contribute, like Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rogers etc. Dr. Marc Faber is also on
    the board of quite a few hedge funds (and if they follow his advice, they must be making good money). One wonders whether he would prefer a third party ticket, vs a GOP one. Some D (and I) crossed over to vote for Paul, but not all could vote and when some of them tried to vote, it was not possible. One wonders whether he will re-activate the idea now or soon. In CA and a few other states, Paul probably lost a lot of potential votes due to the only R registration issue, and some decided when the time already lapsed, and we also know what happened in LA. IMHO it would be good to have a two-fork approach, e.g. for Paul & Co to work within the GOP, and at the same time active the LP to a serious force (or comparable party, or under a new, changed name eventually?).

    The radio-station idea is very good, also for the long term, regional radio stations may be a good idea. There are several radio stations and people that are very symphthetic, like Charles Goyette etc. ,e.g. moderate, independent mainstream type people. This election is going to be very crucial and decisive. Personally I think once the money came in last year, they should have been on the look-out for a real professional PR team, that has experience and influence, people in their late fourties and fifties and dynamic people, not young people in their late twenties or thirties, nothing against them. It stats with the young vote, but must go further to represent all. Of course the billionaire was not Perot, as he mentioned backing Romney once. He also mentioned knowing McCain since a long time in the interview and he does not trust him and will not vote for him. He may well also be persuaded to fund a third option party and/or media? Who knows.
    Hey, one than one billionaire is always better than only one..it can have a ripple effect, just like the revolution.
    As Dr. Paul metioned, he

  29. disinter Says:

    I wonder if John Mackey ever supported Ron Paul?

  30. Brian Ewart Says:

    My best guess for a Ron Paul Billionaire: One of the Koch brothers.

    Too bad Ron’s Mises buddies can’t stand the Koch’s.
    Vladimir: Libertarian-controlled media? Like these guys: http://www.freedom.com/ ???

  31. cheeptalker Says:

    bleh not this again

  32. Shana Kluck Says:

    I can verify everything that Steve has to say about this. I was the person who originally connected our main negotiator to the person who represented the billionaire. I’m also who brought Steve and Austin in on the deal.

  33. disinter Says:

    Cool, I didn’t know about freedom.com

  34. Stefan Says:

    Brian: sounds very plausible indeed. Some say Paul could reconcile the Mises and Cato institutes, and they - the Kochs with their contributions to the Cato Institute
    may have put some with Von Mises off. Some understanding later may be possible
    One of the brothers run as the vice presidential nominee of the LP in 1980 with Ed Crane. (BTW: Crane has stated if he would vote, his vote would be for Paul…some disagreement re. immigration, but Paul’s position is actually moderate and could not be so clearly articulated). This could also mean that they may also fund the LP
    or a third party with he right candidate and/or media campaign in the near future?

  35. Jim Says:

    Who gives a fuck! Put up or shut up!

    Ron Paul’s campaign staff did a horrible job and he never wanted to be President anyway. He could have had it all, but he wasted $30 million dollars away!

    His appearances in New Hampshire were pathetic! Ask anyone close to the campaign. I just hope people stay true to the message…

  36. NewFederalist Says:

    Stefan- It was David Koch who ran with Ed CLARK not Ed CRANE. Ed Crane was the campaign manager not the nominee in 1980.

  37. Mark Says:

    Very intersting, but $100M to purchase radio stations, is a drop in a bucket. This is how much money that some of the jokeys on these stations make on their contract, let alone the worth of an entire nation radio station. They must be focusing on small local stations.

    None the less, anything is welcome news.


  38. cheeptalker Says:

    so this whole thing confirms the fact that even with a billion dollars nothing will get done??

  39. Eskiegirl302 Says:

    Have any of you looked the break the matrix site? If you haven’t checked it out it is worth looking at. http://www.breakthematrix.com

  40. Skeptic Says:

    This just sounds like crap to me. As far as I could tell, all that ‘billionaire’ news stuff just caused a slump in campaign donations and support to the REAL campaign, as people were feeling ‘ah! someone else is investing and this will take care of it.’ The only videos I saw that ‘came out’ of this thing were so boring that anyone would be cross-eyed by the time they were done watching them. I heard NOTHING about a parallel campaign, which, spending THAT kind of money, should have been ALL OVER the media, all over the country! Its not like the RP people aren’t connected- we’re all over the internet together and pay attention to everything. That money SHOULD have been used to hire TOP NOTCH commercial advertising people and to blanket the media through their paid spots, to at least TRY to counter what MSM is ignoring. None of that was done. Either this is a complete lie to confuse and disempower the Ron Paul people or it was the worst (parallel) campaign in human history and as much of a waste of funds as Hillary at her best.

    Congratulations on an EXTREMELY CRAPPY JOB. You’ve done NO ONE any favors- not America, not Ron Paul, not the ‘Third Party’ ticket.

  41. Stephen Gordon Says:


    There were no videos; there was no parallel campaign. The project never took off, as explained in the article.

  42. wgadget Says:

    There are two separate issues here, people: The original billionaire idea was first. The latest is the broadcaster who interviewed Ron Paul recently saying that he has a group who want to spend $100 million on radio stations to get his message out. Please go listen to the audio of the interview!

  43. WorstPresident.Com Says:

    The way Ron Paul stopped campaigning was as if someone took him into a smoke-filled room and showed him a film of the JFK hit from an angle nobody has ever seen before…

    The Titanic is sinking. It will sink and nothing will prevent it. A financial melt-down (and/or real/fake terrorism from Al-CIA-da or Iran in retaliation for bombing Iran) will turn America up-side down. Martial Law and gun confiscation will begin, there will be a revolution and many people will die.

    That’s all the globalists want anyway—lots of dead people, and the details of how/why don’t really matter.

    The whole world’s economy will collapse simply because of the massive scale (trillions of USDs) and the international banksters will call for a centralized world economy to prevent this from happening again. The world will suffer from this world-wide greatest depression and will demand that we eliminate all sovereignty and economies and globalize.

    I’m pretty sure Ron Paul knows he cannot prevent what’s right around the corner.

  44. NewFederalist Says:

    Wow! THAT was uplifting! :p

  45. Vincent Says:

    I say this is BS. Don’t let it distract you from doing all you can at the grassroots level. If anything ever materialized fine, but otherwise this is a distraction and a false hope which is meant to crush your spirit. I say we deny these kind of things until something comes of them. The primaries are essentially over, we have to make changes happen with our own two hands.

  46. Stefan Says:

    Paul’s campaign started as a longshot, but the race for the GOP nomination is NOT over by a longshot as well. McCain used 54 m plus so far, but ironic that he can fell prey to his own McCain-Feingold law, in the light of his use of matching funds
    He may only have used 50 m, and the Dems have a complaint at the FEC.

    More importantly: Yes, Dr. Paul cannot win in the conventional way, but he can still win with an unconventional, constitutional way, like Abraham Lincoln, who has less than 10% of delegates when he was elected. Remember that McCain actually received 2/3 of the anti-war GOP vote ( and also from Independents and Democrats who will not send delegates). These people have not yet been introduced to the only and real anti-war GOP candidate: Ron Paul. So they can decide to vote for Paul at the convention. There is a strong anti-McCain feeling in the GOP, even among those who endorsed him reluctantly and he has no enthusiastic grassroot support. The primaries/caucuses are like glorified strawpolls, what really matters is who goes to the delegate process after the day of the vote, a process which is going on now and during the next few weeks, apart from the primaries that are still to be held.

    The media ?MSM) is also not really aware of the actual GOP process and laws.
    View the hard count of actaul pledged delegates here : http://www.thegreenpapers.com McCain thus does NOT have the required amount of delegates yet.
    A lot can still happen over the next few months politically. The faltering economy and Iraq surges that is not working will hurt McCain (or any pro-war candidate) tremendously in the polls as well as the elections. McCain himself admitted this. The GOP also faces much stronger showing and competition by the LP and Cp if they do not field a candidate that incorporates a lot of the principles of the LP and CP. So if the GOP wants to win, they would figure out who to nominate.

  47. Stefan Says:

    Check out these sites:
    Thus participate in democracy and the well thought-out election process by the founding fathers and become a delegate, or if that is not possible, become an alternate delegate if you can. Check google to see what happened in Missouri, for instance and email Dr. Steve Parent newspaper4paul @ hotmail.com if you are a true Ron Paul supporter.

  48. my name is Earl Says:

    My guess would be that it is Mark Cuban. He fits the bill and I believe he is passionate about his beliefs

  49. chris lawton Says:

    Anyone want to discuss Mel Gibson as a guess?

  50. Gary Treistman Says:

    I know I had negotiated a full hour for Ron Paul for an exclusive radio interview from a station covering all of NY state and parts of 6 other states.
    And all I got back from the campaign managers was some empty platitudes and weak excuses for his post hoc unavailability.
    See my article on this at http://www.nolanchart.com/article2576.html

  51. Joe Says:

    Wow, you sure are gullible.

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