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Libertarian Lists has initiated new online survey. While anyone may participate in the poll, this one is primarily geared towards Libertarian Party members, as the questions deal with Libertarian Party presidential candidates and other Libertarian National Convention issues. If you aren’t an LP member, don’t worry—the next survey will be filled with a lot of issue questions.

Since the latest Libertarian Lists survey, Mary Ruwart and Mike Gravel have officially jumped into the race. Bob Barr has been quoted several times in the mainstream media as seriously considering joining the race. Ron Paul has been taken off of the list of possible candidates and will remain off the list unless he makes some public statement indicating his intention to run for president as a third party candidate.

We’ve removed the cumbersome ranked voting question and replaced it with a series of head-to-head matchups for the LP presidential front runners. We’ve removed the questions about candidates from other parties this time around, so this survey will take the typical respondent less time to complete. There are also questions about the vice presidential candidates and some party officers.

If you aren’t a Libertarian Party member, don’t worry. Our current intent is to fill the next survey with a wide range of issue questions of interest to the third party and the libertarian community.

If you are interested in expressing your opinions about the Libertarian Party presidential candidates, please click here to take the survey.

3 Responses to “New Libertarian Lists survey”

  1. Haigh Says:

    Is there a web site that has columns of LP candidates and rows of issues and aims to distill the differences?

    Even if it had only the top candidates it would be useful, particularly before taking this survey.

    It would be a kick if each cell had a drill down for entering comments and the author was distilling the comments for inclusion in the cell.

    Maybe two layers per cell, the top layer would summarize, and a flyover would render details or sources.

  2. frank Says:

    here is one link. check out jingozian at

  3. frank Says:
    link to various candidates and their respective websites

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