Root media update

From the Root campaign:

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Wayne Allyn Root continues to attract mainstream media across the country. Root will appear as a “newsmaker guest” live in-studio on WGN Morning News in Chicago on Friday April 4th during the 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM CST time slot. WGN Morning News is the number one rated morning news show in Chicago in virtually every category. Root will also appear live in-studio that morning on The Mancow Show, one of the highest-rated syndicated morning talk shows in America.

Root will travel to Chicago, followed by Kansas City, and end his Great Midwest tour in Columbus, Ohio- all corresponsding to Libertarian Party events and Presidential debates. Then on April 11th, Root travels to Sacramento, California to join the Libertarian rally on the steps of the California State Capital with statewide Libertarian Party candidates. As the winner of the California Libertarian Convention Presidential Preference Poll, Root was the Presidential candidate chosen to lead the California LP rally.

Root has not only attracted extensive national media interest in the United States, but is the only third party Presidential candidate to have attracted major international media as well- with
appearances on CNBC Europe, BBC Radio (UK), Bloomberg TV Europe, Setanta Sports TV (UK), The James Whale Show (top rated nightly national UK talk radio show), and most recently, “The Roy Green Show” on Canadian radio nationwide.

5 Responses to “Root media update”

  1. Brent Burk Says:

    Barr/Root ticket?
    I think Root is going to be disappointed when he doesn’t get the nomination, though. Or VP.

  2. Jerry S. Says:

    Swamped ! World W.A.R. III is going down, and who really cares BUT his overflated EGO ?

  3. frank Says:

    If WAR thinks the libertarian party is the new republican party and that Jingozian, Ruwart and Phillies are leftist then he should seriously consider going back to HIS republican party and reshaping it instead of bringing the same poison the Reps and Dems spew. The LP is NOT the new republican party. We have real problems both foreign and domestic we do not need a TV personality we need leadership vision and a plan not rhetoric.

    Jingozian for president!!

  4. Dave Williams Says:

    Join the WAR!

  5. Joseph Marzullo Says:

    I don’t want WAR to get the nomination but I sure am appreciative of him plugging the LP :) I think Mike Gravel is shaping up to be a strong nominee. A bridge builder.

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