Readers opine about TPW

From my e-mail:

My name is Teddy Fleck and am the Libertarian Candidate for Lt. Governor in Missouri. I have only been a Libertarian for a little over a year.A friend of mine turned me onto your site.Your site is the best third party place for up to date information I have seen. GREAT JOB.

Thank You,

Teddy Fleck

Thank you, Teddy. And good luck in your race.

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  1. John McDuffus McCain is Evil Says:

    Don Lake/ Citizens For A Better Veterans Home:

    We have long admired the Libertarian Party’s high jacking of wide spread cultural symbols. The Liberty Bell, Thomas Jefferson, and the Statue of Liberty are featured widely on Libertarian propaganda.

    We are still awaiting the use of the 1776 Fort Mountrie Flag [with LIBERTY spelled out in big block letters] and the 21st Century Peace Symbol [as the three bladed fan and wind powered electric generator].....

  2. debra dedmon Says:

    Since I like to give credit where its due , Stephen , this site is my favorite blog and is by far the #1 place to get an insiders veiw of the LP.

    If I didnt have your site and your antagonistic posters to argue with , Id be quite bored indeed.


    debra dedmon

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