Phillies on immigration policy

From the Phillies 2008 campaign:

Libertarian Presidential candidate George Phillies today called for an end to national quotas on immigration.

“We should not have one rule for people born in China and another rule for people born in Lichtenstein,” Phillies said. ” ‘National quotas’ are thinly disguised race quotas, with rules depending on the color of an immigrant’s skin. All immigrants truly belong to one race:
the human race. That’s the Libertarian message.”

“A century ago,” Phillies noted, “Many Americans were afraid of immigration. They were afraid that our customs and way of life would be buried in a torrent of faces that neither spoke our language nor understood what makes Americans American. Thanks to radio, television, and the internet, new immigrants learn our language and laws far faster than even thirty years ago.”

Phillies emphasized that immigration is a great strength of our Republic. “Foreign immigrants enrich our culture, our cuisine, our sports, our science and engineering, and every other positive aspect of American life. By welcoming foreigners to come and live in America, as we now do, we make ourselves richer and better people. It was in great part foreign immigrants that made America a powerhouse of high-technology life. Other countries may produce far more engineers than we do, but when we welcome the best of the best we ensure that their talents will benefit our people.

3 Responses to “Phillies on immigration policy”

  1. G.E. Says:

    I’ve definitely flip flopped on a lot of issues as I’ve grown and developed a better understanding of libertarian philosophy… But I didn’t do it while running for the LP’s presidential nomination.

    Phillies’s original immigration stance was pure Know-Nothingism. Now he’s taking a libertarian, pro-capitalist, pro-freedom stance? I guess he realized he couldn’t unite the anti-capitalist, pro-xenophobia CP types with the rabidly pro-special-rights for gays, pro-abortion libertine cosmotarians. Attempting to do so was more futile than Milnes’s “progressive alliance.”

  2. silver Republican Says:

    I fail to see the appeal Phillies has compared to the other left libertarians.

  3. paulie Says:

    I applaud George Phillies for issuing this statement.

    I’m not so sure it represents a change in his views, though.

    Is Dr. Phillies in favor of maintaining a quota on the total number of immigrants? How about employer sanctions? Both stances are still contrary to the current (post-2006) LP Platform.

    I would love a yes or no answer to these two questions.

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