Antiwar Radio Interview With Bob Barr Gets Noticed

By the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, among others.

9 Responses to “Antiwar Radio Interview With Bob Barr Gets Noticed”

  1. profstampede Says:

    The LP nod is there for the taking for Bob. All he needs to do is say he wants it.

  2. silver Republican Says:

    I wonder if Gravel will leave the party if Barr gets the nod.

  3. Andy Says:

    That will be wild if the LP ticket ends up being Bob Barr for President and Mike Gravel for Vice President.

    I’m not saying that I’m necessarily in favor or or against this ticket (I’m more against it than anything), but they’d stand a good chance at bringing in a lot of votes (by Libertarian Party standards).

  4. Jeff Wartman Says:

    Without making judgments on any candidates, I can say if we go to Denver with the all the current candidates plus Barr & Gravel, it’s going to be wild.

  5. Andy Says:

    “Jeff Wartman Says:

    March 27th, 2008 at 1:26 am
    Without making judgments on any candidates, I can say if we go to Denver with the all the current candidates plus Barr & Gravel, it’s going to be wild.”

    I’m looking forward to it.

  6. Robert Milnes Says:

    Gravel running for LP nom. was on Hardball.

  7. Eric Dondero Says:

    And thus the infamous Andy admits to the entire political world that for him, votes don’t matter. It’s all about who is the most pure.

    Way to go there Andy.

    Should we start calling you David? As in David Bergland? Never mind those vote totals. (That’s what Bergland said for years after his dissastrous 1984 campaign). It’s the purity that counts, right?

  8. Stefan Says:

    The infamous Eric Dondero admits that he would vote for McCain-Crist, so one wonders what he has to do with third parties. (“dissastrous” spelling impurity! “disastrous”). He obviously does not factor in that a Barr-Gravel ticket for instance would be disastrous for a McCain-x ticket, and also hurt Democrats and appeal to most Independents. Dissatisfied Democrats with the winning nominee may also IMHO rather vote LP, third party than for the GOP, as the LP is also against the Iraq war. Eric is probably also impressed with McCain’s identification with Democrat Harry Truman. And how dare we forget his - hilarious - “Libertarians for Lieberman” email! Got the “Libertarians for McCain” website up already?

  9. Jerry S. Says:

    I got a U.S. Grant that says Bob C.I.A. Barr doesn’t break Clark’s 28 year old record in LP Prez votes in 2008. Any takers ? Warning I collect if I win, or it’s self-defense if necessary. Got a Ben Franklin that says he won’t be the LP nominee in ‘08 ! Any takers ?

    Phillies tried to tell you the other day, but I guess you wouldn’t listen or missed it. There are reasons why people wait to the last minute…

    The LP bounced Bob Barr out of office via their effective “Incumbent
    Killer Strategy” featuring the late Cheryl Miller (for his stance on laws
    opposing medical use of marijuana). “In 2002, Miller had a starring role in a Libertarian Party television advertisement that targeted Congressman Bob Barr, who the LP had identified as one of the worst “drug warriors” in Washington, DC.

    The advertisement showed a wan Miller addressing the camera from a hospital bed, saying, “Bob Barr thinks I should be in jail for using my medicine. Why would you do that to me, Bob?” The LP broadcast the ad about 4,000 times on CNN, TNT, Comedy Central, MSNBC, and other cable networks in Barr’s Georgia district.

    Barr lost the Republican primary on August 20, and the advertisement was later named the “Most Dramatic” political ad of 2002 by National Journal magazine.”

    Now you think Barr has paid his penance in full ? lol-maybe NOT .

    How many of these people who chipped in to run a TV ad 4,000 times to defeat Barr will now support Barr for POTUS ? Not ANY !

    Now listen to RP about this subject-lol, Some people are having wet dreams about this fellow. He needs more EDUCATION in the full range of what libertarian is all about, NOT the nomination to be a spokesman for every LP member.

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