Save America Summit

The Save America Summit is a recently spawned idea (And website) of a few prominent conservatives. These conservatives and constitutionalists are united in the effort to back a third-party candidacy against John McCain. Amongst the people involved are 6 radio talk show hosts, a tv talk show host, several big-name pastors, Chris Simcox, Alan Keyes, Howard Phillips, Larry Pratt, and [name deleted by request].
Most interestingly, they seem to be closely aligning themselves with the Constitution Party. Listed under “Candidates We Like” are Dr. Jerome Corsi, Dr. Alan Keyes, Judge Roy Moore, and Sen. Bob Smith.
I expect to hear much more about this…

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  1. Robert Milnes Says:

    Seems logical that the CP will get the most benefit from conservative dissatisfaction with McCain. Does not affect the Progressive Alliance Strategy. Most progressive votes come from the left.

  2. John McDuffus McCain is Evil Says:

    And you thot Crawford Texas’ Blunder Boy was a presidential train wreck? McDuffus is dumb [near the bottom of his academy class], unpatriotic [killed and injured over 200 sailors on the USS Forrestal in 1967], traitorous [chatting up the guards at the Hanoi Hilton], and an inappropriate, flaming temper!

    And Mister Flip Flop! McDuffus is not the Maverick Independent of 2000!

  3. Fred C. Says:

    Don, your homepage link still doesn’t work. It’s -ag, not -actiongroup.

  4. Red Phillips Says:

    I think Howard Phillips is engaging in some wishful thinking. What we have here is an assemblage of disgruntled conservatives who are upset that McCain is the candidate. But there is not unity on the Iraq War, the war on terror, and foreign policy. “Candidates we like” includes Roy Moore who is anti-intervention and Alan Keyes who at least up until now is pro-intervention. And I am still not the least convinced that Corsi and Smith are anti-intervention.

    I used to virtually hero worship Larry Pratt. Then I found out he was a big backer of the War and an “Islamomeanies are out to get us” alarmist, and now I just roll my eyes. What a waste of an otherwise great conservative.

    Ron Paul has spoiled us. It was so great to hear the pure anti-interventionist gospel that there is just no going back. This seeming unity is illusionary.

  5. Red Phillips Says:

    Actually on the “Our Purpose” page, they avoid all discussion of foreign policy except sovereignty issues which all agree on. Good luck with that. I think the “if we don’t attack Muslim countries we are all going to die” and the “attacking countries in violation of Just War doctrine is a war crime and makes matters worse” crowds are going to have a hard time surpressing that little difference.

  6. Trent Hill Says:


    Larry Pratt backed Ron Paul—so clearly he’s more than willing to compromise on interventionism. And I dont think this is wishful thinking. It has the backing of Bob Fischer, South Dakota’s lucrative businessman and donator.

  7. Red Phillips Says:

    Ultra pro-2nd amendment Larry Pratt backed anti-2nd amendment Lieberman on the basis of his support of the Iraq War and the War on Terror. Maybe he is coming around. I hope so. I think the coalition can work temporarily, but I have a hard time believing it will work long term. You really have two separate factions. In the long run, one is going to prevail over the other as the official position.

    The fact that some conservatives are now officially willing to severe themselves from the GOP where they have previously been joined at the hip is a hopeful development.

  8. Dave Williams Says:

    See Red, the chickens ARE coming home to roost. The CP will be the new Ultra-Con bastion you crave.

  9. Red Phillips Says:

    I don’t get your point Dave. I want the CP to be a principled paleo, anti-intervention, constitutionalist party. I don’t want it to become the home of the McCain is weak on torture crowd.

  10. Dave Williams Says:

    The ‘anti-civil liberties party’ forgot that one.

  11. Red Phillips Says:

    Dave, paleos are very pro-civil liberties because they are constitutional originalists. Paleos uniformly opposed the Patriot Act for example. I don’t know what you are talking about. I think you are conflating authentic paleoconservatives with GOP style pseudoconservatives.

  12. Dave Williams Says:

    One would think a guy that spews such large amounts of political science rubbish from his pie hole, such as yourself, would remember he’s anti-gay rights and not pro-choice. Plus, you want GOD to be written on EVERYTHING. Hell, as far as I know, you’re one of those shit’s who wants to deny me the right to my Sam Adams Irish Red…

  13. Red Phillips Says:

    “such large amounts of political science rubbish from his pie hole”

    I’m sorry; I will try to bring it down a notch for you in the future.

    Abortion is not in general parlance a “civil liberties” issue. That generally refers to the first 8 amendments or so. I thought you were referring to the Patriot Act or something like that. But you are correct. I do want to protect innocent unborn babies from ruthless slaughter, and I make no apologies for it.

  14. SovereignMN Says:

    Dave, are you seriously trying to lump the CP with Prohibitionists? Get real.

  15. Red Phillips Says:

    SovereignMN, nuance is generally not libertarian dogmatists’ strong suit.

  16. Dave Williams Says:


    I’d think that in todays society it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to pick up a six pack on ‘SUNDAY’...or ‘AFTER MIDNIGHT’...or in a shitty little Texas town named ‘WOODVILLE’...but other, more sensible (and obviously responsible) folks have deemed it so…and I don’t recall ever seeing a ballot that referenced the ‘Prohibitionists’ or the ‘CP’. But I do know of their parent company, the GOP

  17. Dave Williams Says:

    RED WROTE: I’m sorry; I will try to bring it down a notch for you in the future.

    Were you smiling as you wrote that patronizing remark? Now you’re pulling the old ‘Mike Suckabee’. You know that is not what I was implying. But since you are a superior Christian, and I’m a lowly Atheist…you win again Red, dang, if only I could be like you…if only I could be like Red, if only I could be like Red…elect Judge Roy Moore…elect Judge Roy Moore…he’ll damn all of those heathens…Roy Moore…Roy Moore…

  18. Deran Says:

    Okay, I’m not active on the US Right. But, let me understand. On hand there seem to be a ghreat many “noecons” that hate McCain and theya re talking abt someone does something (I would guess Vigiurie , ro someone withe the money connects?) that showed money and grass root are there for a “seroius” showing. One millions voted? And, at the same time thjere sem to be the non neo-cons (I think of theme as the CPders roughly?)

    Can these two tendencies on the Right unite well enough to put up a “serious” candidate? I mean money, and a campaign that makes McCain purse his lips in the way he does when he is trying to refrain from punching someone?

  19. Deran Says:

    And didn’t of the fellows here on TPW clarifying that fromer Senator Smith was not interested? I guess, it would sem Corsi and Keyes are the active ones in the bunch mentioned at SAS. But Judege Moore stills seems like the best straw to grasp after.

    If these organizers have any real pull as talks how voices; It would seem to me that they might encourage their listeners to begin making a internet show of drafting their favored choice?

    If the Paulians can do miracles with mopney over night. Would $2 mil over night convence Judge Moore there are serious people out there doing serious things.

    I always felt like Dr. Paul was overwhelmed by the movement that blossomed from his candidacy, and was never able to take to it to the next level. I’m not critcizing Congressman Paul, I just wonder if another person might have grasped the will of the people in his revo, and gone that it? I have no idea where.

  20. Trent Hill Says:

    I doubt 2 million could be pulled in to entice Moore to run.

    Its a personal thing,he declined for reasons not-connected to politics.

  21. David Says:

    Was American Rennaisance head Jared Taylor’s name deleted from the speaker list?

  22. David Says:

    a note on some of the ‘speakers’:

    Butch Paugh and Cory Burnell are well-know neo-Confederate secessionists.
    Wiley Drake has called for the death of Obama, McCain and the IRS.

    Maybe we should get Fred Phelps to launch a laudatory picket.

  23. Trent Hill Says:

    Iv no idea. I dont run the website—I just published it here.

  24. Red Phillips Says:

    “Butch Paugh and Cory Burnell are well-know neo-Confederate secessionists.”

    And what exactly is wrong with that?

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