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Keyes’ frontpage now features three articles about him waging a third-party campaign under the banner of the Constitution Party. Additionally, he has the CP’s image beside it, and the Republican Elephant at the bottom of the page is now comically pictured as deceased.

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  1. Jeff Wartman Says:

    As someone who witnessed the trainwreck that is Alan Keyes firsthand in his 2004 Senate race, I can say that the CP would do itself a favor to keep this guy from being the de facto spokesman.

  2. SovereignMN Says:

    It sounds like Keyes sent out an email today asking for donations to “help Alan as he seeks the Constitution Party nomination”.

    I also see a number of his followers refuse to bend on the war issue. Some have even said that aid to Israel is the #1 issue of the election. I plan on being a delegate in KC (assuming I get nominated/approved this weekend at the state convention). As of right now I cannot support Keyes.

    The best thing that Keyes could do to win my vote and the CP nomination is to secure the endorsement of Chuck Baldwin.

  3. Trent Hill Says:


    I would count on voting for Keyes then. Baldwin and Keyes are fast-friends and I suspect the FIRST thing that will happen is that Baldwin, Phillips, and Clymer will give their approval.

    Trust me, if there were another option—id be taking it. As for aid to Israel and the War, we MUST do something to make them meet us halfway.

  4. Stephen Gordon Says:

    I’m not a Keyes fan and I certainly hope he comes around on the Iraq War, but this is certainly welcome news, even from an LP member.

    I’d love to see the LP and CP duking it out in friendly competition to see who can destroy the GOP more. It would be fun cooperating after the task is accomplished by working together to sweep up the shards of the remains of the Republican Party and dumping them into the waste bin of history.

  5. Trent Hill Says:


    Agreed. With the LP picking up Barr and Gravel and the CP picking up Keyes and possible Bob Smith—it is quite a coup.

  6. Jerry S. Says:

    Don the advance man for Ron Paul’s debate appearances seems to have the same opinion of Keyes as I do…

    The CP would make a major blunder nominating Keyes.

  7. NewFederalist Says:

    I have voted for the LP national ticket almost exclusively since 1976 but this year I thought I might vote CP if Ron Paul is not involved in the general election. A Keyes nomination will probably change that thought process. While he is an excellent speaker, his war position is just too much.

  8. G.E. Says:

    A Keyes nomination will destroy the CP.


  9. Ronald Monroe Says:

    The Constitution Party, on course needs to have ballot access on as many of the 50 states we can get. We need Allen Keys to support us in getting ballot access. “Conservative voters have made it clear they no longer buy into ‘party loyalty’ being more important then loyalty to our country.

    I am impressed by the interest in the Constitution Party in the news of late. We in Michigan have been getting new members on a daily biases. I am hoping we hear more from Alen soon.


  10. Sean Scallon Says:

    Here is a plank of the CP platform under the subheading foreign policy:

    “The Constitution Party has consistently opposed American involvement in conflicts in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Central and South America. The United States has no interest in these areas which would justify the sacrifice of Americans on foreign battlefields - nor is our country properly cast as a merchant of death in international arms races.”

    Now CP members and delegates, ask yourself, do you think Alan Keyes believes in this? Do you think that will support’s the party foreign policy plank or is he going to want it to be changed? Would you vote for any candidate that didn’t believe in this plank or just those that are “celebrities”?

    Or would you feel so flexible if this about abortion rather than foreign policy? (Oops, maybe we shouldn’t mention that issue).

    Or how about this platform plank on the national security/privacy issue:

    “We deplore and vigorously oppose legislation and executive action, that deprive the people of their rights secured under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments under the guise of “combating terrorism” or “protecting national security.” Examples of such legislation are the National Security Act, the USA PATRIOT Act, and the proposed Domestic Securities Enhancement Act (colloquially known as “Patriot II”).”

    I don’t think Keyes has a problem putting federal agents in your home to “combat terrorism”. Again are you going to give keyes a pass on this because of some thinking that he’ll provide with more votes?

    I feel there are better candidates out there that can 1). Get votes and 2). adhere to the party’s platform. The CP has had platform issue divide it in the past. Do you really want to go down that road again with Keyes and his supporters?

    The choice is yours but so are the consequences. Choose wisely.

  11. David Says:

    keyes will distroy the constitution party - look at his past history of campaigns - a long list of failures, high debt, questionable campaign finance activity - he is a great speaker just like obama - but he has no history of accomplishment. His campaigns have no grassroots organization - they are basically one man speaking tours. After the disaster (including several of his policy stands) that was his last senate campaign against obama how can anyone take him seriously

  12. Guy Garofano Says:

    Any chance of Stockman arising as a compromise candidate at the CP Convention?

  13. Ben Says:

    Darren, you have little to worry about being chosen as a national delegate since you are a CD chairman. If you are concerned about Keyes delegates going to KC (and you should be), may I suggest that the CPMN limit delegates to those that have a history of past CP activism going back to at least 2006.

    I think it better that delegate slots not be filled rather than filling them w/ yahoos that just show up at the convention on Saturday. You may want to have some wiggle room for those that have demonstrated a real interest in the CP and its platform in recent months prior to Keyes being bandied about, but you should be very leery of unfamiliar folks showing up on Saturday wanting to be national delegates. The option of leaving slots unfilled should be an option for voting state delegates. The decision, of course, is that of the CPMN Ex. Comm. In 2004, we almost sent a hostile homosexual to Valley Forge just to fill an empty slot.

  14. SovereignMN Says:

    Ben, I’ve brought up the same points to the ExComm myself. I’d rather send a partial delegation to KC than a full one filled with newbies. My district is the only one in MN that has by-laws requiring state convention delegates to be pre-selected. We had our nomination convention a few weeks ago. I can assure you that the 10 delegates from my district going to state on Saturday are longtime/legitimate party members. Unfortunately the other 7 districts have no such by-laws and anyone who has paid their dues 10 days prior to the convention can show up and be seated on Saturday. I haven’t heard of any large numbers of new donors this month so I hope we don’t have to worry about that.

  15. Ben Says:

    At the risk of opening old wounds, a lot of CPMN CDs closed up shop about a year ago. I am glad, for your sake, that there hasn’t been a big influx of new donors expecting to attend as voting delegates. You will have to be vigilant that newbies don’t show up on Saturday and are given delegate slots for lack of a CD chairman. I know I was allowed to be a delegate (much to my surprise) at my very first CPMN state convention in 2003 by merely paying my convention fee. We had no dues back then and the dues were instituted as a way of setting a concrete membership date. I argued for $1 dues. I believe $10 was chosen since that is the cost to produce and mail the newsletter for one year.

  16. Gene Berkman Says:

    With all due respect, if the Constitution Party nominates Alan Keyes for President, it is an indication that the CP has very low standards. He has failed as a candidate, and embarrassed himself. He has used his campaigns to pay himself a salary. And his stands on issues show little concern for freedom or limited government.

    If the CP nominates Alan Keyes, they better rent their meeting room for an extra day so he can get through his acceptance speech.

  17. Red Phillips Says:

    Trent, make sure the CP leadership sees this thread. Make sure they see all the Keyes threads.

  18. Richard Winger Says:

    Alan Keyes was on the ballot in 18 of the 30 Republican presidential primaries that have already been held this year. He polled 40,855 votes in those 18 primaries. His share of the total national popular Republican primary vote in the 30 primaries held so far was .23%.

    Ron Paul was on the ballot in all 30, and polled 803,825 votes, or 4.50%.
    I’ll have the state-by-state breakdown for all major party presidential candidates in the April 1, 2008 paper Ballot Access News.

  19. Daniel Says:

    Get over yourselves on the war issue and actually read into Keyes’ positions on the other problems facing society. Very much in line with the CP. Alan Keyes is certainly not a neocon. Quite far from it.

  20. SovereignMN Says:

    Get over ourselves? Some of us believe that the following are serious issues not to be dismissed.

    A) Spending over $1.2 Trillion of our children’s money on a war
    B) Spending another $500 billion annually occupying Europe, Korea and other Middle East
    C) The killing of serveral hundred thousand Iraqi civilians since the invasion

  21. Red Phillips Says:


    How dare you bring up lost Iraqi lives. Don’t you realize that those people don’t count? Besides, they are all blood-lusting homicidal maniacs anyway.

  22. jr Says:

    Dear SovereignMN,

    It should have been obvious too you, as it was the rest of us, that Hussein was about to invade us and impose Sharia law on us all, unless we invaded his country. Your children will no doubt thank this generation for bankrupting the nation. At least they will still be able to eat pork (as long as they can still afford it). Get over it.


  23. hugh Says:

    The Keyes-ers are using the CP party as a desperate attempt to get more recogniztion about AK:

    “In that respect, they’re useful idiots for spreading the word about Alan. All we need to do then is add our comment to direct people to Alan’s website.”

  24. kerwin Says:

    And this is from a different guy over there:

    “Do you want to have the CP grow and become something it has never been before? Or not? ‘Cause it’s nothing now except in the exaggerated imagining of some of its members.

    Practically speaking, you don’t have anyone else except some local yokels willing to run for president on the CP line. Every political figure of any credibility isn’t interested, save only for Keyes”

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