Palin Addresses AIP

Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska addresses the Alaskan Independence Party at their state convention.

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  1. Dave Williams Says:

    Wow, that’s easy on the eyes…

  2. Red Phillips Says:

    BTW, Palin recently announced she is pregnant. Due in May. This will probably keep her out of the VP contention. I know Eric Dondero considered her a good choice for McCain.

  3. Eric Dondero Says:

    Thanks Red. I still consider her the absolute best choice for McCain. Even with the pregnency.

    Did you all know that Palin attended at least two Libertarian Party meetings a year before her election to Governor? And she received the tacit endorsement of the Libertarian Party of Alaska three days before the election. She returned the favor, by very publicly thanking the LP in front of thousands at the Egan Center upon her win. I was right there when it happened. An amazing event. She went up to LPA Chair Jason Dowell and gave him a big hug.

    There’s more to this video than meets the eye. This was a very deliberate move on her part. I don’t want to go into detail. But let’s just say I seriously doubt that this was accidental.

    Hint: The Alaska GOP just had a rough and tumble state convention last weekend. Perhaps she’s sending a signal to a “certain” old boy faction of the Party??? With her near 90% approval ratings she can afford to take such “Independent” risks.

  4. Eric Dondero Says:

    If you think she’s “easy on the eyes” right now, you should see her sans pregnency.

    I waved signs right by her side 2 days before the election in 2006, on a very busy Anchorage street corner. Ms. Palin and I dodged an oncoming Bronco at one point. The media was very narrow.

    She is even more beautiful and poised in person. And what’s wierd, as one of the “Pretty People,” she doesn’t make an issue out of it. She’s extremely friendly with all. Though, she’s got a tough streak with opponents. She can fight back when needed. She stood up to Dem Tony Knowles her opponent, as she’s doing now to Don Young & Crew.

  5. Eric Dondero Says:

    I think this video, and Palin’s presence in the GOP, bust wide open that urban legend that some partisan LP Libertarians push, that Ron Paul is a “fluke” an exceptionally libertarian Republican, and that he stands alone.

    Notably, these partisan LPers, avoid any talk of Jeff Flake, Tom Feeney, Mark Sanford, Butch Otter, Tom McClintock and Sarah Palin.

    It’s a very uncomfortable position they’re put in to acknowledge that one can be a strident principled libertarian, and still be active in the GOP, beyond Ron Paul.

    Thanks Stephen Gordon for being fair and balanced in this reporting.

  6. Trent Hill Says:

    Thanks goto myself Eric—I posted the video and article. And there is nothing to “skew”. All I did was post the video and where it was sent. You’ll notice that it was NOT sent to the Alaska-LP, it was sent to the AIP,which has a flirtascious relationship with the Constitution Party.

    As for your note about Ron Paul not being the only libertarian, this is partly true. Ron Paul is,by far, the most libertarian Republican. He’s also one of only two constitutionalists. Butch Otter, Tom Feeney, and Jeff Flake are decent libertarians. Palin, McClintock, and Sanford are the second tier of libertarian-republicans.

  7. Stefan Says:

    Eric, you mean to say Sarah did NOT give you a hug??? How can that be?:-) IMHO John McCain would never consider he: she is not blond (if you look at his wife and girlfriends, they are all blond), he would chose someone that thinks more like him and that is older than her, he would also have to chose someone from a state that is decisive to win. But then again with the newest polls saying 40-41 % of McCain supporters being against the Iraq-war (remember earlier it was 33% of GOP supporters), one wonders whether the majority of his delegates would not vote for someone against the war come September… He also has to face to fact of the LP and CP, that can draw more support away from the GOP and Independents, so he is in quite an ackward position.

  8. Sean Scallon Says:

    This is amazing! A sitting GOP governor giving a message to a party dedicated to taking Alaska straight out of the Union. She did not have to do this. What’s in it for her? Other than she’s someone who views’ party labels for they are, conviences and means to an end, rather than ironclad chains, and stick to her views of decentralization and cleaning up Alaska from the GOP criminal gang that runs it. This alone means she won’t be McCain nominee and I love her for it! This means the nationalist McCain and his neocon vermin won’t touch her nor contaminate her with their disease and filth (sorry Mr. Rittberg!). They’re not going to have a secessionist on their ticket. They’ll look someplace else and Sarah Palin will stay pure.

    She’s going to be a big player someday and she’ll have a lot of Ron Paul, LP and CP supporters right behind her.

  9. Dave Williams Says:

    “They’re not going to have a secessionist on their ticket.”

    She can become a Trojan Horse like Osama …being that he’s been directly associated with elements of the ‘Black Liberation Army’ for 20 years and will not denounce them.

  10. Richard Winger Says:

    I’m glad she says she is for political competition. Of the 10 states that use registration data to determine whether a group should be a qualified party, Alaska has the most difficult registration test. There is a bill pending in the Alaska legislature to reduce it. The sponsor is a Democrat, Rep. Max Gruenberg.

  11. Ishmael Says:

    Our governor transcends party lines, that’s why even liberals like me love her, her policies and her message. Personal freedom is what all Alaskans want, whether we be Rs, Ds, AIPs or whatnot.

  12. Eric Dondero Says:

    Sean, I think Vouz mistakes Moi for a McCain supporter. I hope McCain does well. I hope he brings up the GOP ticket with him. But I’m supporting Wayne Root (or some other compatible Libertarian celebrity) for President.

    That could all change if McCain picks Palin.

    BTW, I don’t think you’ll like the Gov. on Military matters. She’s quite a hardcore Pro-Defenser and very Pro-Military. Her son is in the Army in Iraq.

  13. Trent Hill Says:


    She’s courting 4% of the electorate,probably nothing more than that.

  14. Stefan Says:

    Eric, the real word should be “pro-interventionist”, not “pro-defense”. In any case, I do think Palin will change her view radically if her son becomes one of the 4000.
    Pro-defense means to project your country against foreign invasion as well as internal aggression. There is NO knowledge or information on any planned invasion for the US, it is simply ridiculous. However there are internal dangers to individual security, like wire-tapping, email-espionage, gun-grabbing etc. and this enemy (govt. bureocracy) should be combatted to achieve freedom again.

  15. Sean Scallon Says:

    There’s no mistake Mr. Rittberg. If the chips are down and it was close between McCain vs. Obama/Clinton you’d support McCain in a heartbeat regardless if you are warm and cuddly to WAR, who also, like you, supports the war. That’s all you really care about and you’ll support any candidate that supports the Administration’s foreign policy. So if you were honest with yourself (which you are not) you should be organizing the the “Libertarians for McCain” group instead of posing as some third-party activist.

    I do not know what Sarah Palin’s views on foreign policy are and as a governor they really aren’t all that important. The fact of the matter is she’s taking on the right-wing social democratic crooks who run Alaska and shining the light of truth on these corrupt little cockroaches who steal our taxpayer money. It may very well be Trent, that’s she’
    s only speaking to 4% of Alaskan voters, but the fact that she is doing so legitimizes them and shows she’s become, as Ishmael says, a transcedent figure superseeding these arbitrary party boundaries. That’s why he approval rating is 90 percent, because she is a true independent. Hopefully this will the model for politicians in the future.

  16. Laine Says:

    As an Alaskan I can say she is not as bad as Murkowski as far as her job as Governor and I respect her decision to not interfere with the Supreme Court Ruling on Gay rights in state jobs but overall I can’t say I would ever support or vote for her.

  17. Andy Says:

    “Sean Scallon Says:

    March 26th, 2008 at 9:14 am
    There’s no mistake Mr. Rittberg. If the chips are down and it was close between McCain vs. Obama/Clinton you’d support McCain in a heartbeat regardless if you are warm and cuddly to WAR, who also, like you, supports the war.”

    We all know that when November rolls around and it is down to John McCain vs. Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama that Eric is going to support John McCain, even if Wayne Root is the Libertarian Party’s Presidential candidate.

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