Nader on Iraq

From the Nader campaign:

The tragic marker of the 4000th U.S. Soldier to fall in Iraq is now before the American people - with no end in sight. During the vigils, marches and Winter Soldiers’ heartfelt testimonies on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the invasion-occupation of Iraq, there was a common expression of public frustration over the rabid intransigence of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney to end their cruel and costly war crimes.

Frustration comes not only from a dictatorial regime in Washington regarding the war in Iraq, but also from a sense of powerlessness and lack of access to the corridors of power, especially those of the Congress and the White House.

It is difficult for those who opposed the war’s drumbeats in 2002 and early 2003 to forget that thirteen organizations that opposed the war each requested a meeting with President Bush. These groups represented many millions of Americans. They were church, labor, business, students’, women’s and even former intelligence officials’ and veterans’ organizations. President Bush did not even have the courtesy of responding to any of these patriotic Americans - even to say no. Among these pleaders were citizens recently back from visiting Iraq and men and women who had fought in hostile conflicts as members of the armed forces.

There is a group of distinguished Americans who have spoken, written, testified, and acted against the invasion of Iraq or who have opposed the war-occupation, now in its sixth year - longer than World War II.

These Americans, numbering in the hundreds, have one common characteristic: they are retired after serving in the federal government under both Republican and Democratic administrations, including the present one, as military, diplomatic and national security-intelligence officials. They include four-star generals, admirals, ambassadors, cabinet secretaries, top national security advisors and a former president. Never in our nation’s history have so many such professionals at so many levels opposed a war involving the United States. For that matter, never before was there so much muzzled opposition to a war inside the Department of Defense - up to the four-star general level.

Their opposition was based on strategic, tactical and logistical considerations that subsequently found their way into the media, but to no avail. The two pro-Vietnam War draft-dodgers in the White House prevailed.

I call on these stand-up Americans, who are already on the public record with incisive, analytical opposition, to come together into a powerful force for ending the Iraq war-occupation, both military and corporate.

They can focus on Congress and the White House - with their immense credibility - and intensify the focus of public opinion (what Abraham Lincoln called “public sentiments”). Already, more than two-thirds of the American people oppose continuation of the war as mistaken, costly and not worth the price in casualties and dollars.

These experienced, free-to-speak Americans can press members of Congress to directly face their responsibilities to the American people to end this destruction of a country and its populace, which never threatened the United States, to end the consequential perils to our country and bring our soldiers home without further casualties.

These outspoken retired public servants can get their calls returned. They are widely respected for their service to their country in past years. They have or could have more than usual access to reporters, editors and producers. They do get published and interviewed. Some have direct field experience in Iraq or in various federal agencies since March 2003. Various groups such as Veterans For Peace or Iraq Veterans Against the War no doubt will vigorously support such high level initiatives, as will many other local and national organizations that have so faithfully waged peace all these years.

I have spoken to some of these retired professionals in the past few months. They were enthusiastic about the prospect of working together on an action agenda. They expressed the hope that their busy piers were not too occupied to consider devoting the time needed to band together for this fundamental patriotic initiative.

Most Americans, I believe, will be grateful for their latest service to their country and the cause of world peace. These leaders need to envision the greatly expanded impact they will have if only they band together, organize and present a unified drive forward.

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  1. First Says:

    4000 dead is just the tip of the iceberg. 30,000 injured with blown off arms and legs, brain injuries, and PTSD will haunt those men and our nation for years as the medical costs continue to mount.

    Additionally, each disabled veteran who is unable to work will pose a burden and strain on our nation’s economy. They should be covered for their costs, but who should pay? All those conservatives and neocons billionaires who received 90% of the windfall tax breaks from the Bush administration. There needs to be retroactive taxes on those overwealthy individuals and corporations who’ve received unneeded and unnecessary tax breaks at the expense of our nation and economy.

    Fortunately, Ralph Nader is running and is the only one who will really end the Iraq Holocaust. He is America’s undisputed champ when it comes to his superb record of public advocacy and service.
    No living American: not Barack, not McCain, not Hillary holds a candle to his successful legislation.
    Clean Air Act
    Clean Water Act
    and many watchdog organization including Public Citizen.
    If ever there were a time and need for greater transparency, accountability and truth made available to the American public, the time is now. Justice can only be subverted for so long before grave and terminal consequences come due for our nation.
    If Ralph is not elected, the bells of time may be tolling prematurely for the closing days of USA. I imagine the future historians saying It was evening in America. Why didn’t they change course when they were warned about what was to come?

  2. Steve Says:

    Dito to the ab ove post. I think Nader is the only hope to restore democracy and if US and nato capitalism can be given an honest face lift after the lies and manipulations they have pulled behind closed doors to assault left movements then it would take some one like Nader to do it. The two party system is just two growths off the same tumor. Sounds harsh but the lives of the foriegn countries innocent , who welcomed us , then see we are maybe not leaving, have become targets of the divide and conquer rules. One has to wonder why new goverments have so much turmoil or turn into dictators, as they even start to fear their own people or any who oppose them. To stop corporatism will cost us but athey other change the two partys offer to protect american interests over seas means constant corparations in polititians back pockets, and constant military expantions both feeding each other off war challenges and more phoney and feed elections. Ralph is sthe man. If they see him gaining they will all seek to assasinate him, not media driven as to boost Obama, not that racism is not an issue. Wall Street loves McCain, Obabma and Clinton.

  3. Morgan Mghee Says:

    Thank you for your coverage of the Third Parties.

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