George Phillies on the potential of Bob Barr jumping into the presidential race

From Libertarian Party presidential contender George Phillies:

“If Barr had said that he will not be a candidate, there would be no reason for me to comment. However, weak celebrity candidates often postpone declaring their candidacy until the last minute, to avoid having their weaknesses exposed. At some point, other candidates are well advised to interpret the lack of a ‘no’ as a ‘yes’ and act accordingly. Having said that:

It would be totally inappropriate for Bob Barr to be the Libertarian Presidential candidate.

A legitimate Libertarian Party Presidential candidate supports Libertarians and libertarian positions. Mr. Barr fails this legitimacy test, no matter that he currently sits on our Libertarian National Committee.

Phillies provides the specific details about his complaint here.

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  1. Roscoe Says:

    Who were these “weak celebrity candidates” who waited until the last minute? The three celebrity candidates who come to mind were Gene Burns, Russell Means and Michael Moriarity. All three of these were in the race really early. I think Ruwart finally jumped in when a substantial number of Libertarians decided the ten or whatever choices so far left something to be desired.

  2. life member Says:

    First Phillies complains about Ron Paul not being a Republican (although he’s a life member of the LP) now he bitches about Barr—who is also a life member but no longer a Republican.

    I know what Phillies wants—the only people who should be able to run as a LP candidates are those who were born into the party. Baptism into the party isn’t enough.

    He should take a look in the mirror if he’s going to talk about weak candidates, and he has no room to ever bring up the word celebrity.

  3. Robert Capozzi Says:

    More to the point, to imply that Barr is a “weak celebrity candidate” does not speak well of Dr. Phillies’s judgment and temperment. Instead, Barr is a former member of Congress, making him a politician, not a “celebrity.”

    I don’t support Barr, nor Phillies, nor anyone as yet, but Phillies has developed a reputation as a smart man, generally sound on the issues, but one who alienates others. I can see why he has this reputation.

  4. [email protected] Says:

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home [whom CAN legally give a veterans group endorsement to a specific candidate or party] has tried to co-ordinate with Kubby and or Phillies for many months.

    We were totally ignored by Kubby and Company, and dismissed by [I just let a fart in the elevator] Phillies.

    If other candidates are endorsed [especially in the last days of a race] by a traditional veterans group [VFW, American Legion, AmVets, Purple Heart] they can not LEGALLY broadcast said endorsement. [Often these ‘endorsements’ are fabricated by the candidate[s]’ office thugs….]

  5. Paul Adams Says:

    For anyone, let alone Mr. Phillies, to call former Rep. Barr a “celebrity” is laughable. How many times has George Phillies run for or talked about running for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for president? Anyone who runs for public office is on some level seeking celebrity.

    Don’t be fooled, every candidate running for public office wants to see his or her name on the ballot and tell their friends that they are running for office and be seen on television and heard on the radio as read about in the newspapers. Now adays we include blogs in that mix.

    Bob Barr is an American hero who retreated from public life to spend time with his family and focus on building a career in the private sector. Additionaly, he has chosen to continue to fight for the causes that were important to him as a private citizen. There is a movement building around him in an effort to convince him to offer himself to run for our party’s coveted nomination as a private citizen, who happens to be a fomer member of the United States Congress. By the way he was also a United States attorney and officer for the Central Intelligence Agency.

    This makes him uniquely qualified to lead our party…not a celebrity.

    I think that everyone should put their issues aside and get behind the one man that at this crucial time in our nations history can propel our party to the nation’s forefront.

  6. Robert Milnes Says:

    Once again I agree with Dr. Phillies. & on a personal note, after the FBI surveillance & opportunistic prosecution in the service of covert political persecution of me, the case was zealously prosecuted by what I came to call the vicious U.S. attorneys. Either they were on board with the FBI or all too easily duped by them.

  7. Robert Milnes Says:

    Therefore, Bob Barr as former U.S. attorney leaves me not necessarily favorably impressed. & CIA. Now ACLU & MPP different story.

  8. Alex Peak Says:

    Mr. Roscoe:

    Dr. Ruwart’s husband told me last summer that the reason she hadn’t entered the race was that she wanted to wait and see what happens with the Ron Paul race.

    Alex Peak

  9. Brent Burk Says:


    FBI+US Attorney+YOU+?=Barr

  10. Alex Peak Says:

    If Barr wishes to run, I would recommend he wait until 2012.

    A) His fame will attract attention to his candidacy, and he would be well-advised to use this to his benefit by starting early.

    B) Barr is still looked upon with suspicion by many in the party. Over the next four years, he can show us that he is sincere about his reform, and garner a lot more LP support than he can right now.

    C) Dr. Mary Ruwart is the best thing since sliced bread. A best-selling author, a remarkable speaker, and she’s a woman. A Ruwart/Bennet ticket will attract lots of attention this time around, and we can use that attention to get our message to a wider audience.

    Alex Peak

  11. Robert Milnes Says:

    Brent Burk, what do you need, a road map? Barr=former U.S. attorney U.S. attorneys = on board with FBI OR easily duped by FBI FBI domestic covert surveillance of political radicals=YOU, moron.

  12. Robert Milnes Says:

    Alex Peak, when I was a kid I used to like sugar sandwiches. Spread warm butter & sprinkle gently. Fold in half. But then I grew up.

  13. Robert Milnes Says:

    Interesting little story: After I got out of prison on probation my father told me he got a threatening phone call. Since the caller mentioned me & my case he called the FBI. They came over & got his cooperation in an investigation. Caller never found or identified. I thought about this for months. I finally realized. Those bastards must’ve got some schmuck to make that call. Then like Big Heroes sat back & waited for my poor old scared father to call them. Then by getting him to agree to an investigation, maybe sign something, they cover their asses for their previous illegal, read: unconstitutional, for all you liberty lovers, domestic surveillance of ME & him coincidentally.

  14. Richard Says:

    Does it matter???

    Supposing it does matter, I think it is totally inappropriate for any one man to decide who can and who can’t run as a Libertarian.
    It reminds me of the Republicans fighting over who was the true conservative. Stand up for yourself, and present yourself to your constituency … that’s the only litmus test you need to pass.

    This is why political parties are stupid. One guy gets on top and thinks everyone should fit his mold, and he tries to define the party by the individual—himself. A party (if they should exist at all) is a compromise, a medium of various degrees that fall within a chunk of the political spectrum.

    This Libertarians is a loser because he just wants to form another powerhouse party. Try learning from the failed R and D parties.

  15. Dave Williams Says:

    Yeah! Does it matter Richard?! Do you feel like giving up?

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  16. Jerry S. Says:

    Did anyone bother to check the full article ? What about the site poll ?

    Or Phillies interview earlier this month ?

    He did a good job. I don’t know much about his poll numbers he’s using, but overall a good job on this interview.

    Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t George the first openly gay to seek the LP nomination ?

  17. Steven R Linnabary Says:

    I’ve never heard of Phillies sexual orientation, nor do I care. It certainly would not effect my vote one way or the other.

    But, FWIW, John Hospers (‘72) was said to be gay.


  18. Robert Milnes Says:

    Just for the record, I am not gay. If I was I would say so.

  19. George Phillies Says:

    I am going to treat Jerry S’s inquiry as a legitimate press inquiry.

    I’m sorry, Jerry, that I have to disappoint you, but honesty really is the best policy.

    Since it is a matter of inquiry, I am straight, not gay. Period. Full stop.

    In the words of one of our prominent Libertarian gay activists, I am ‘not even a blip on the gaydar’. While it might generate all sorts of press if I were to say what Jerry S. asked about, it would be a lie, and honesty is the best policy.

    Having said that, while I am straight, I am also completely in support of equality in marriage, adoption rights, child custody, and access to military service.

    Returning to the ‘legitimate press inquiry’, when Steve reproduced here the MillerPolitics column seen above, he failed to reproduce its opening part, which radically changes the meaning. The omitted part was

    “Phillies Reacts to Possible Barr Candidacy 03/23/2008
    Libertarian presidential candidate George Phillies’ exclusive statement to Miller Politics on the possible presidential candidacy of Bob Barr:”

    The significance of omitted part was that I was responding to a legitimate press inquiry. I was asked about the Barr rumors, so I needed to respond. If I had not been asked, I would not have said anything.

  20. Alex Peak Says:

    Mr. Milnes:

    Do you mean to say that I am childish for hoping for a Ruwart/Bennet ticket?

    Alex Peak

  21. paulie Says:

    A Ruwart/Bennett ticket would be awesome.

  22. Don Ho Says:

    Bob Barr would do wonders for the LP Presidential race. Too often the LP comes up with a crop of nutballs on thier slate. If the LP is to grow up and become a major party they need respected, credible candidates. I will be writing in Ron Paul or voting for Bob Barr but I would never vote for any of the current LP hopefuls at this point including sour grapes Phillies…

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