Free Soil Party presidential candidate

I wonder if anyone knows (without cheating) who the presidential candidate for the Free Soil Party is? I’ll tell you a little bit about her, but hold off on her name until after the jump.

Short platform (longer platform here):

  • Peace in the world and in our nation, an end to war;
  • An end to rape and an end to violence against women;
  • Justice for all people of all ages, races, ethnicities, abled and disabled, and without regard to who people love or how they look;
  • An end to poverty and with it, insuring that all citizens have good food, adequate shelter, clean water, decent housing, health care, education and sufficient income for all of their lives;
  • Building a society which is friendly and hospitable to children, animals, and the earth, where the lives of human beings and animals really matter;
  • Protecting and healing the earth we live in.
  • A government that is truly of the people and by the people and interested, first and foremost, in people.

She’s Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff, and her site is located here.

H/T to Angela Keaton.

6 Responses to “Free Soil Party presidential candidate”

  1. NewFederalist Says:

    Chief Wana Dube for VP!

  2. DonLak [email protected] Says:

    No telephone, no street address or mail box!

    Five miles wide and half and inch deep!

  3. Alex Peak Says:

    To my knowledge, the original Free Soil Party was more libertarian in its approach than this new one. The original tried to combine the free-market leaning policies of the Democratic Party with the anti-slavery leaning policies of the Whig Party and the Liberty Party. (The Liberty Party had been more of a one-issue party.)

    On their “missing bill of rights” page, they write, “Whereas, the original bill of rights permitted slavery of Blacks and women…”

    I would have thought the Free Soil Party would be holding the position that slavery was never constitutional, the position advocated by Lysander Spooner and adopted by the Liberty Party.

  4. Eric Sundwall Says:

    I’ll stop by Martin Van Buren’s grave tomorrow and see if there’s any evidence of soil disruption from within.

  5. Ghoststrider Says:

    Wow. Guess I have to update my listing of alternative parties again.

  6. David Gaines Says:

    What’s the point? What makes this person’s views so different from the Green Party that she thought it was necessary to form yet another party that is essentially indistinguishable from the GP, which already has a very strong feminist bent? Did I overlook something here? Why didn’t she simply run for the GP nomination instead of reinventing the wheel?

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